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Author Topic: Neighbourhood Watch and Crime Update  (Read 247 times)
Thames Valley Police
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« on: July 05, 2019, 01:59:39 PM »

FIRST: We are trying to map, where all the NHW signs are across the Borough, so that we can see gaps.  The Alert system has a piece of software that can do this !  Colin Meads our NHW MSA - Multi Scheme Administrator - for Windsor & Ascot, is doing this and would like your help.  Can you email him please and let him know, where all your NHW signs are.  Just send him the name of the road and an approximate postcode, or mark the signs on a map and scan it to him
The Alert system, also has a ‘scheme mapping’ facility, so that we can map the extent of all schemes in RBWM and we are encouraging all our members, to go onto to do this.  Apparently it is a very simple process.  Again, this will show us where the gaps are, so that we can work on covering the whole Borough.
John Diack our MSA for the whole Borough, is more than willing to assist anyone with this process.   Can you either try to do this yourself, or email John or Colin for assistance !
This happened in Eton & Wraysbury, but contains useful advice:
2/7  Tuesday 9.05 p.m.  Eton.  The owner was at home, when she heard a noise downstairs.  A neighbour then called at the house to say he had just seen 2 men Two offenders are seen on CCTV climbing over a garden fence and walking into the house via a back door which was open.  They appear to have picked up a handbag from the kitchen and exited via the front door.  One of the bank cards was then used.  This is what our Summer Burglary Campaign is all about –ventilation during the hot weather.  If you are doing any gardening, I am sorry, but you must lock any side / back doors every time you go in and out.  It is a pain, but we get opportunist offenders out there who know we do this.  They walk down side accesses and try door handles – particularly if they hear the sound of mowers / hedge trimmers in a rear garden.  They simply then walk in and look for anything left around – usually women’s handbags / keys / cash on countertops in kitchens.  If you walk back in, they are already prepared.  You will say – ‘What are you doing in my kitchen’ !  Their prepared response – ‘I am looking for Jack / John / Mike’ – whatever.  You will be confused – ‘Who’ !  They respond – ‘Doesn’t Jack / John / Mike’ – whatever – live here’ ?  You again respond – ‘Who’ !!!  They are by then on their way to the door – with your handbag / keys / cash – ‘Sorry, wrong house’ !
You stand there for a few minutes, totally confused, by what has just happened.  Then you gradually come to and start to look around and notice items missing.  That is when the truth kicks in and you feel such a fool – it was obvious, you have just caught a burglar !
Much, much worse, if your children are in the house !!  The real consequences of what could have happened, dawn.  It is never worth the inconvenience of a few seconds to lock and unlock that door several times.  It is the same for windows, during this hot spell.  You can only have windows open, if you are in that room !  If you are at the back in your kitchen, you cannot leave front windows open.  Buy a fan !
We have had cases of people in bungalows leaving ground floor windows of children’s bedrooms open at night. !  DON’T DO IT !
1/7  Monday 3 a.m.  Wraysbury.  CCTV has captured a man walking on the drive and trying the passenger side door.  They then walked around the car to the driver’s door.  They crouch down, then open the door.  Car searched – Sat Nav and a bottle of Joop aftershave, and loose change.  He then made off trying to climb over a neighbour’s wall, then decided against it, climbs down and walks off.  The advice for everyone – please 1.  lock your car.  2.  Leave nothing on display or inside visible at night with a torch.  3.  Get a doorbell video camera to protect the property– the footage is brilliant and goes directly to you mobile phone.
This happened in Datchet – it may give you a little giggle !
3/7  Wednesday 11.25 a.m.  Datchet.  House being renovated – An unusual case.  The owner visited the property and could see someone had broken in, so called the police.  The police attended immediately and searched the house ……… finding the burglar fast asleep on a bed upstairs !!!  A man was arrested upon suspicion of burglary dwelling.
3/7  Wednesday 6.30 p.m. / 9.30 p.m.  Sheephouse Road.  At least 7 cars in the road keyed.
3/7  Wednesday 10 a.m. / noon.  House, Ray Park Road.  3 CCTV cameras have been stolen from the building.  The offenders left 2 behind.
4/7  Thursday 5.45 p.m. / 8.15 p.m.  Camp Car Park, Quarrywood Road.  Car front windows smashed – two bags and contents stolen.  Including, an RAF wristwatch, clothing, red rucksack and Apple iPod Nano
2/7 – 3/7  Tuesday 10.30 a.m. / Wednesday 12.30 p.m.  Wessex Way.  Car badly keyed.
4/7  Thursday 1.45 a.m.  Restaurant, Braywick Park Entrance.  Attempted burglary.  The alarm sounded and a white pickup was parked in the car park which left immediately.  No entry gained and nothing stolen.
3/7 – 4/7  Wednesday 11 p.m. / Thursday  Windsor Road.  Car badly damaged with a stone – scratches and dents.
4/7  Thursday 1.45 a.m.  Hotel car Park, manor Lane.  Offenders caught on CCTV looking into cars with a torch.  No thefts reported but a car window was smashed.

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