COOKHAM PARISH VILLAGE DESIGN STATEMENT GROUP                                                                                Sustainability Appraisal Draft Scoping Report (July 2009) – Summary of responses to public consultation




Name of respondent







Natural England

Questions 1 and 2

The VDS Group should consider including (1) Bisham Woods SSSI and (2) Chilterns Beechwoods Special Area of Conservation (SAC) in the list of Policies, Plans, Programmes and Initiatives (PPPSIs) and, so far as (2) is concerned, should include reference to the Habitats Regulations.


Question 3

Insufficient space has been given to Green Infrastructure; e.g. street tree planting and ‘green roofs’, and to the South East Green Infrastructure Framework, which should be included as a reference document.


The Royal Borough is urged to consider climate change in terms of the regional guidance document: Climate Change LDF guide.





Private Respondent 1




(1)     There is no mention of the impact of Heathrow.

(2)     PPG2:  The impact of the proposal to build 400 dwellings between Cookham and Maidenhead will be serious.

(3)     Will the VDS address the effects of commercial development in Bourne End and the resultant traffic and pollution?

(4)     PPG15:  Should some special form of heritage status be sought for Cookham?

(5)     PPS25:  Suggests the concept of an identified zone of undeveloped land, to be retained for the purpose of absorbing rainwater run-off.

(6)     Cookham Bridge: The introduction of one-way working has reduced capacity and increased waiting times and pollution.

(7)     SA Objective 15: There is serious pollution from vehicles at Cookham bridge, the traffic lights are incorrectly phased and there is increased use by overweight vehicles.  These are symptoms of increased traffic pressure, which needs to be addressed.

(8)     ‘Heritage-type’ signage at the approaches to the village would underline its historical attributes and encourage people to drive more slowly.




Private Respondent 2



Question 1

The list of PPPSIs appears to be comprehensive.


Question 2

Section 3.2.2 should include under Population and Geographical Area a reference to sites of conservation interest.  The current list does not include SSSIs or nature reserves, although there is a reference later to at least





one SSSI in the area. 

The number of Grade 1 listed buildings should be clarified.

Information on flora and fauna should be referenced and dated, for use in discussion about individual sites.


Question 3

Is the amount of housing association properties significant?  Provision should be made to ensure low-waged people are able to stay in the village.

There is no reference to the types of business in the village and how this has changed.

The railway is vital to reducing car usage; a more frequent service would be beneficial.

Maintenance of the existing bio-diversity is importance and a management plan is needed to effect this.


Question 4

The following Objectives from the list in the Appendix should be added to the list set out in Table 2: Nos. 1, 16, 21, 22 and 23.  In relation to Objective 23, the emphasis should be on energy efficiency.  Should communal solar panel systems be allowed in the village’s conservation areas?





Cookham Parish Council



















Question 1

On page 13, ‘Draft Cookham Parish Plan (January 2008)’ should be replaced by ‘Interim Report of the Review of the Cookham Plan (March 2009)’.

A reference to the development brief for the Cookham Gasholder Site in Whyteladys Lane should be added.

A list of the Listed Buildings should be included in the table on page 13.


Question 2

The baseline data should include an outline description of the local waterways, local marshes and the river floodplain.

The baseline data should include details of properties on the English Heritage At Risk Register.


Question 3

The following should be added to the list of Key Sustainability Issues: prevention of air and waterway pollution, the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, footpaths as an important local recreational resource.  There should be more detail about natural environment issues, with reference to the Habitat Survey (Martin Townsend, April 2007) and the Green Way Stream Corridor Management Plan, 1994.


Question 4

The following Objectives from the list in the Appendix should be added to the list set out in Table 2: Nos. 1, 16, 21, 22 and 23. 


Question 5

The Report should have an increased focus on natural environment concerns, climate change and water quality objectives.


Other comments

The role and responsibilities of the Parish Council should be made clearer. (Para. 1.1.6)

The final sentence of para. 1.2.1 should be deleted.


Sub-paragraph 2 of para. 3.2.1 appears to conflict with the objectives of the Sustainability Appraisal and should be re-phrased for consistency.




Environment Agency










Question 1

The South East Plan and the RBWM Strategic Flood Risk Assessment have been completed. References to: The River Thames Catchments Flood Management Plan, the Royal Borough’s Design and Construction SPD and the draft River Basin Management Plan should also be added to the list of PPPSIs.


Question 2

The issue of the setting of the Thames has been omitted as have references to other watercourses in the locality.

The Baseline Data include no reference to the extent and impact of flooding, particularly on retail and service premises.

A large proportion of Cookham lies within a Source Protection Zone 2, which should be referred to accordingly.


Question 3

The inclusion of guidance on flood risk will be imperative in this VDS.

The settings of watercourses in village and rural environments are important and should be considered as a sustainability issue, especially in Cookham. 

The inclusion of references to biodiversity is welcomed and guidance aimed at enhancing bio-diversity in the vicinity of watercourses and green infrastructure generally in the Cookhams would also be welcomed.


Question 4

Objective 22 from the list in the Appendix should be added to the list of Objectives in the SA.