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Cookham Twinning Celebrates Christmas

(1 December 2001)

Cookham Twinning celebrated their Christmas Party on 30th November in the beautiful surroundings of the Odney Club.  Everyone was met at the door with a glass of Pineau des Charentes, a popular French aperitif made from wine and cognac. This gave a warm glow to the evening although the weather was amazingly warm anyway.

Serious business of ensuring that there is enough wine

The food had all been arranged by the Odney Club, but Jill Cruse was there with helpers to plate things up and serve the wonderful spread. The helpers had to have a one hour trainign course in Health and Safety and Food Management before they were allowed to work in the magnificent kitchens.

   Jill and helpers having been sterilized to conform with Health and Safety rules

The tables were beautifully decorated for a four course meal, including Christmas pud and an unforgettable chocolate roulade followed by coffee and chocolates.

  Getting ready for the four course meal

The First Course is served

Crackers and party poppers, along with silly jokes and hats were soon apparent.  People reminisced about the smell of part poppers being like the caps they used in their toy guns as children!!

Have a sniff!!

There was of course a raffle.  The prizes were interesting Christmas presents in beautiful containers, although there was a bottle of French wine included and some French chocolates. 

Choosing a Raffle Prize

It was a wonderful evening and everyone felt very privileged to be allowed to enjoy the hospitality of the Odney Club.  Next year there is a planned joint party at the Chartered Institute or Marketing at Moor Hall on 30th November.  

Good time had by all

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