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Cookham Twinning 2014

30 October 2014

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(with thanks to Keith le Page and Stephanie Diggon)


2014 was the year that the French from Cookham's twin village, St Benoit, cam to visit us in Cookham. They arrived on Saturday 25th October for a get together at Pizza Dreams. There was one glitch in that they arrived two hours early, but that was no problem the hosts rushed down to pick them up and to have an evening together, although some hosts got together with others for a special dinner.
Sunday morning with the clocks going back so allowing everyone an extra hour in bed, the Catholic Church St Elizabeth welcomed the French with a special service and a chat over coffee afterwards. The back to the hosts for lunch. In the afternoon there was the opportunity for them to visit the Stanley Spencer Gallery with a guided tour.  

Stanley Spencer Gallery Guided Tour

The evening offered a reception at Winter Hill Golf Club  The Mayor, Richard Kellaway, who was one of the hosts, was there in his full mayoral regalia and the French were given presents by Cllr Fiona Hewer, chairman of the Parish Council. 

Reception at Winter Hill Golf Club

Monday was a particular special day with a trip to the Guildhall in Windsor  and the French were able to also visit the Windsor Guildhall Museum and the Mayor's kind invitation of Richard Kellaway. This was followed by a sandwich lunch at the Guildhall. 

Visit to Windsor Guildhall

In the afternoon there was a visit to Windsor Castle, some people went to Legoland and there was also the opportunity to shop. 



In the evening there was an informal event at Cookham Dean Cricket Club with music, Richard Kellaway had changed from mayor to musician. There was also a delicious Indian buffet. 

Boule at the Cricket Club

Food and Music at the Cricket Club

Only too quickly it was Tuesday morning and time to say goodbye to our French visitors. Next year Cookhamites will be visiting France.

Au Revoir

Cookham Twinning has French classes you may like to join. Also there will be a visit to France next year, so if you want more information about Twinning call 01628 525130 or email

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