Photo Gallery - Poundfield
Poundfield covers the area bordered by The Pound, Terrys Lane and the railway line. It includes a conservation area, several attractive small fields and some fine buildings. Sir Stanley Spencer featured parts of Poundfield including Englefield in his paintings.

Poundfield Ponies
Visitors arriving at Cookham via Maidenhead Road are greeted with this pleasing view. Actually they are rescued Dartmoor ponies and happy to graze in the lower field next to the nursery school.

Barry Weare MMI
Poundfield Spring Barry Weare MM

From Poundfield Lane
looking to
Terrys Lane, Marsh Meadow and The Village

In Bloom
The fine old Lebanon Cedar on the left is in the garden of Englefield and is a landmark visible from much of the village.

Poundfield in Bloom
Barry Weare MM
Poundfield Morning
Barry Weare MM
Morning I
Morning II
Poundfield Morning
Barry Weare MM
Poundfield Footpath
Stile and Footpath
off Terrys Lane
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