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Sun3 Feb 2008 
Mail on Sunday  Don't allow SIPPs to be next scandal 
The Post  Spend a bit but make sure to start a pension 
Sat 2 Feb 2008 
Telegraph  AXA halts property fund withdrawals 
Fri 1 Feb 2008 
Channel 4  Record volatility in pension funds
FT  Pensions proposals attacked
FT  Is it worth deferring my state pension?
Thu 31 Jan 2008 
FT  Pensions proposal faces opposition
Reuters  Accounting watchdog proposes pension fund changes
Evening Post  Pension issue will not be forgotten
Accounting Web  Pension accounting rules meaningless
Wed 30 Jan 2008 
Evening Post  MPs' pensions disgrace
Daily Mail  The gender divide in retirement
Metro  £5,000 black hole in your pension
BBC  Tax relief magic for pension savers
Reuters  Pension funds lose billions in share slump
Tue 29 Jan 2008 
NEBusiness  Perks being put before pensions
Mon 28 Jan 2008 
Channel 4  Pensions rejected for shares
FT  More risk hedging seen for pension funds
Money Observer  Beware - the black holes are back in your pension 
Scotsman  City police cash used to plug pension gap 
Express and Star  Buffy Brown - pension slayer 
Sun 27 Jan 2008 
Observer  Beware the black holes are back in your pension 
Scotsman  Swinney urged to pull plug on drain of public sector final salary pensions 
FT  Financial turmoil puts pension deficits back in the in-tray
Sat 26 Jan 2008 
Guardian  Our pension plan is the one where I leave in a canoe and only the canoe comes back
Scotsman  Top Scots firms' pension gap hits £3.5bn 
Yorkshire Post  Two million face pension poverty, say group 
Fri 25 Jan 2008 
Guardian  James Purnell
Telegraph  Taxpayer money funding MPs' pension pot
Independent  Pension funds are ignoring social issues
The Herald  Rebuke for ignoring Equitable Life report
Thu 24 Jan 2008 
Telegraph  Plague of the zombie funds
Telegraph  Northern Rock in talks to sell £355m pension scheme
Wed 23 Jan 2008 
European Parliament  Stinging attack on UK government for "discourtesy" over Equitable Life report
Reuters  Savers despair for jobs and pensions
The Times  BT retreat continues on pension fund fears
Scotsman  Holyrood pension perk
Citywire  Surging bond yields lift FTSE 100 pension schemes
Daily Mail  Pension funds feel stock market pain
Tue 22 Jan 2008 
Motley Fool  Pensions for beginners
The Herald  Small firms eye up pensions holiday
First Rung  24% of Brits who hope to retire at 62 have no pension provision
IFA Online  Pension schemes lose 2007 gains as markets plummet
Money Marketing  Largest hit to pension schemes in one day
The Times  Pension worries weigh on BT
FT  BP takes pension fund break
Mon 21 Jan 2008 
FT  MPs' pensions fail transparency test
Telegraph  MOD pension error costs taxpayer £1.7m
Channel 4  Regulation alert for pension firms
FY Adviser  Pension providers must up service levels on annuities
Defaqtopensions  Government sets dangerous precedent by underwriting Northern Rock Bonds
Sun 20 Jan 2008 
Independent  Pensions pensions everywhere but what will I have to live on
Independent  Our politicians must sacrifice much more on pensions
Sunday Times  Pension plans derailed by the property slump 
Sat 19 Jan 2008 
Scotsman  Fifth of Scottish pensioners too skint to afford holidays 
Fri 18 Jan 2008 
Telegraph  Persistence pays off in pursuit of cash to fill pension gap 
Thu 17 Jan 2008 
Scotsman  Pension funds see 2007 returns dip 
Daily Mail  Brown throws down gauntlet to money hungry MPs 
The Sun  Gord gives up £500k pension 
Legal Week  Lovells secures big ticket mandate as long standing client Equitable prepares for sale 
The Herald  Europe loses patience over Equitable Life
Wed 16 Jan 2008 
My Finances  Pension fund returns worst in five years
Tue 15 Jan 2008 
Telegraph  David Cameron wants MPs' pensions scrapped
Money Marketing  Cameron pledges to cut MPs' pensions
FT  Pension deficits treble within a month
BBC  Leaked memo suggests MP's pension deal
Mon 14 Jan 2008 
The First Post  Leaked memo suggests MP's pension deal
FT  Pension schemes return to surplus



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