Sunday, October 18, 2009

PLEASE write to as many people as possible, particularly your MP, and ask them to support Equitable policyholders and ex-policyholders in ensuring the Parliamentary Ombudsman's Report is accepted by the government. Just a couple of lines in an e-mail asking for their support and perhaps saying how you have been affected is enough. The important thing is to write.


INCLUDE YOUR ADDRESS and postcode and a daytime telephone number.


It is VITAL that we don't leave this to other people, the larger the voice, the more chance we have of making ourselves heard.


The Press - Consider writing to both local and national Press. Also Television and Radio. Local press can be found in your telephone directory.


People are urged to write to MPs about the Equitable Life and the recommendations of the Parliamentary Ombudsman and bring it to their attention. 


House of Commons - website gives a list of MPs. Some E-Mail addresses are included.


Fax Your MP - allows you to E-Mail your MP and this will then be forwarded to them by Fax.


Also you can locate your  MP if you are not sure who they are.


You can also try the Conservative Party website and the Labour Party website if you do not have the information from the above sites.


Letters. You can write to all MPs at: House of Commons, London SW1 OAA.   


The Public Information Office phone number 0207 219 4272 will also give you the name of your MP. 

The House of Commons switchboard number is 0207 219 3000.   The switchboard will connect to secretaries of all MPs, you can obtain their direct telephone and fax numbers from the MP's secretary)

You can also E-Mail the House of Commons Information Office for information. 




Other Useful Government Contacts:

John McFall is the Head of the Treasury Select Committee.

Government Offices (including Downing Street)  0207 270 3000 http://www.number-10.gov.uk/ Possibility of an electronic petition

Department of Trade and Industry, 1 Victoria Street London SW1 0207 270 5000 

Cabinet Office 0207 270 1234 http://www.cabinet-office.gov.uk/index/feedback/enquiries.htm

HM Treasury Parliament Street, London SW1 0207 270 5000 public.enquiries@hm-treasury.gov.uk

Treasury Select Committee TREASCOM@parliament.uk



You can look up your MEP and send them an e-mail or look up their web page.   Contacting your MEP  


EU Banking and Financial Services markt-info@cec.eu.int 

EU Consumer Protection sanco-mailbox@cec.eu.int 

EU Commission BANKING & FINANCIAL SERVICES: markt-info@cec.eu.int 

EU Consumer Protection: sanco-mailbox@cec.eu.int 

THE MEDIA (the following contact numbers are liable to change, if you find that any are wrong or have more information please e-mail info@equitablelifemembers.org.uk so they can be updated, thanks)

Daily Mail letters@dailymail.co.uk Telephone the Daily Mail on 020 7938 6000 Fax: 0207 7937 5560

Daily Star Fax: 0207 922 7960

Express Fax: 0207 922 7976

Sunday Express Fax: 0207 922 7976

Evening Standard Fax: 0207 938 6189

Financial Times letters.editor@ft.com

Sunday Times letters@sunday-times.co.ukmoney.matters@sunday-times.co.uk Tel: 020-7782-5000 Fax: 0207 782 5563

The Times letters@thetimes.co.uk Fax: 020-7782 5046 Letters can be sent on line at http://www.thetimes.co.uk/section/0,,9,00.html

The Guardian letters@guardian.co.uk / editor@guardianunlimited.co.uk/ money.editor@guardianunlimited.co.uk Tel: 020 7278 2332 Fax: 0207 713 4250

Daily Mirror Fax: 0207 293 3983

The Scotsman Fax: 0131 620 8618

The Sun Fax: 0207 782 4335

ThisIsMoney.com editor@thisismoney.com (Mail and Standard on-line)

The Independent : letters@independent.co.uk Fax: 0207 005 2086

Independent on Sunday : sundayletters@independent.co.uk
The Telegraph dtletters@telegraph.co.uk Fax: 0207 538 7640

Sunday Telegraph : stletters@telegraph.co.uk Fax: 0207 513 2504
The Observer : letters@observer.co.uk Fax: 0207 713 4250
Money Marketing: Fax 0207 948 8097

The Business Fax: 0207 628 0290

Press Association Fax: 020 7963 7291

E-Mail Addresses of the World's Press

Letters to the Editor - A brief Briefing

Other Contacts:

FSA (Financial Services Authority)

Sir Callum McCarthy


Financial Services Authority

25 The North Colonnade

Canary Wharf

London E14 5HS

Fax 0207 6761011


Equitable's Chairman

Vanni Treves 

Equitable's Managing Director

Charles Thomson

Equitable Life Assurance Society

Walton Street

Aylesbury HP21 7QW

01296 385200 Fax 01296 385444