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Equitable Life have a help line NUMBER 0800 408 0097 you can also access their web site at www.equitable.co.uk



The Equitable Life Assurance Society

Walton Street


Bucks. HP21 7QW

For those interested the Memorandum and Articles of Equitable Life  can be seen using Acrobat Reader.

have general information about the Financial Services industry on their website including various brochures etc.

We recommend, if you do not know what to do, that you contact an Authorised Financial Adviser (FSA website or useful numbers above) or your Company Pension's Manager if you have AVCs.  The FSA say you can Fax them on 02076 760017 if you would like them to give you information about Financial Advisers in your area. The FSA switchboard number is  020 7676 1000, but they will not give out names over the phone. You can also phone the FSA Consumer Help Line on 0845  606 1234 for general information and leaflets. The FSA also have up to the minutes news on Equitable.


The Society of Financial Advisers are offering half an hours free advise with an Independent Financial Adviser. Tel: 020 7417 4442 or visit their website www.sofa.org

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Halifax (HBOS) look after Equitable's administration, all the Equitable buildings and sales force were takne over in 2001.



The guide offers practical tips on how to compare prices for different financial products and services, and sets out the relevant questions to put to providers of financial products. It is available from main post offices or by calling the FSA's Consumer Helpline on 0845 606 1234.


1. You will need a transfer form from Equitable. You may also require a transfer form from your new pension provider which will have certain boxes which need to be completed by Equitable too. We have suggested to Equitable that their forms could be put on their web site and they are considering this proposal.

2. It is a good idea to get the form from your new provider first and phone Equitable to request a form at the same time. Equitable now has the transfer forms on their website too
Equitable Life. Then send all the forms to Equitable as they tend to get a bit confused if you send them separately.

3. If part of your fund relates to protected rights, make sure you tell Equitable this when you call as you will need a different form for this. The Inland Revenue form is called an APP3. 

4. Currently Equitable say it is taking approximately four weeks following submission of correctly, completed forms.

5. Get as much information from people on the phone as possible and use this to complete the forms yourself. If you send people forms to complete certain boxes you will inevitably have to wait around until they finally send them back.


NB It is estimated that the average delay is currently close to nine weeks.  We have heard that if you personally visit Aylesbury you can hurry things on though.


If you are transferring out on a non contractual date you will be subject to the MVA.  This is currently 20%.



1. You can theoretically do the transfer immediately on the phone, although some people now say that EL are insisting on it being in writing, but they will accept a fax.  It must backed up in writing.  It is a good idea to send this recorded delivery.
2. You will lose the 5% MVA immediately.
3. You will get the fund prices within hours (even though the transfer will take some time).
4. There will be no further bonus cuts from your WP fund until transfer is completed.
5. In the past we understood that your money will buy slightly more units than the offer price, however Equitable now state this is for new money coming in only.  


NB  It should be noted that in the case of a Liquidation Unit-Linked holders become Unsecured Creditors.  They are still part of Equitable Life.


The FSA have written: Technically, if Equitable Life became insolvent you would become a creditor of Equitable.  As such, the liquidator of Equitable would be required to deal with any claim you had in the same way they would deal with a claim from any other creditor.

However, Halifax Life have confirmed that, whatever the legal position of the unit linked funds, if Equitable's with profits fund were ever to become insolvent, Halifax Life would stand behind the unit-linked funds and policies and would be paid in full.


Claims for mis-selling are now out of time unless you have already claimed. The only possible compensation outstanding currently is from the government based on the Parliamentary Ombudsman's report.


The Motley Fool  has a lively discussion board running on Equitable.

  Also visit their Pensions Discussion Board on the Motley Fool for some really good points and suggestions.


If your employer's pension scheme is a final salary scheme managed by Equitable the benefits should not be affected, but check the position out with your employer. However, if your employer's pension is a money purchase scheme or you have Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVCs) with the Equitable, these are invested directly with them and you will be affected in the same way as other policyholders. Occupational pension funds are represented by the National Association for Pension Funds.


We have been asked about the Halifax writing to Equitable Life policy holders offering support and many people feel that they have not authorised this and are protected under the terms of the Data Protection Act. They also object to having to call a premium rate line 0870  9061762 to stop the mailings. 

You can E-Mail Data Protection at mail@dataprotection.gov.uk, if you wish to complain about this or any other issue pertaining to Data Protection. Also the European Convention on Human Rights, Article 8 states 'Right to respect for private and family life'?

  E-Mail: contact@equitablelifemembers.org.uk Please let us know of any help or information you can give us that you may not wish to be made public.  
  NB The Equitable Life Members Help Group is unable to offer individual financial advice.   

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