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31 October  2012 

Liz Kwantes and Paul Braithwaite of EMAG meet at Cliveden to discuss compensation for Equitable policyholders

25 October  2012 

25 October 2012 -  APPG this afternoon with King's College Prof Richard Roberts (with Fabian Hamilton, Bob Buckland and Chris Wis)

25 October  2012 - EMAG Westminster Rally

Paul Braithwaite - EMAG

Paul Weir - EMAG

9 October  2012 - Pension Protest at Tory Party Conference Birmingham 

21 June  2012 - EMAG Members' Meeting in Corby 

22 May  2012 - EMAG Board Meeting 

Paul Weir and Jeff Worsley

 Jeff Worsley

Alex Henney - Chairman

4 May  2012 - EMAG Colchester Meeting and New Forest (1 May 2012) meetings - with 200 attendees

 1 May 2012 Botley, New Forest meeting - with 200 attendees

25 April 2012 - Equitable Life APPG 

     EMAG's chairman, Alex Henney, with the Executive of the Equitable Life APPG

20 March 2012 - Alex Henney - EMAG's New Chairman

7 March 2012 - Parliament Protest

7 March 2012 - A dozen hardy EMAG annuitants braved the rain to protest outside Parliament today

5 March 2012 - EMAG Croydon Meeting

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5 March 2012 - Beth Legge's excellently attended EMAG Croydon meeting

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28 February 2012- EMAG's Paul Braithwaite delivered a data disk to the Financial Secretary to  The Treasury, Mark Hoban, with a letter admonishing him for refusing EMAG's up-to-date address data file back in April 2011, thus causing unnecessary delays to the compensation scheme.

8 December 2011 - EMAG Oxford Meeting

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  8 December 2011- Chris Harlow addresses EMAG Meeting at Oxford with over 100 in the audience

7 December 2011 - EMAG Norwich Meeting


1 December 2011 - Tunbridge Wells Meeting



1 December 2011- EMAG Meeting at Tunbridge Wells

15 November 2011 - Swindon Meeting

15 November 2011- EMAG Meeting at Swindon with Chris Harlow

APPG 10 November 2011

10 November 2011- AGM of the Justice for Equitable Life Policyholder Parliamentary Group. Re-elected  Executive left to right Bob Blackman MP, Fabian Hamilton MP, Stephen Lloyd MP

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Andrew Jones MP, who chaired the re-election of officers 

3 May 2011- David Adams OBE Equitable Life Director, Liz Kwantes Equitable Life Members Help Group and Paul Braithwaite EMAG at Cliveden for a pre AGM discussion

25 March 2011 

Sharon Bowles MEP and Paul Braithwaite EMAG

1 December 2010 - Brussels Parliament

Michael Cashman, the consistently supportive MEP for the West Midlands who once again spoke up passionately in the Petitions Committee review in the Brussels Parliament on 1st December, in response to Paul Braithwaite speech to update to the European Parliament.

Michael Cashman MEP and Paul Braithwaite General Secretary EMAG

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David Lowe, the English secretary to the European Parliament's Petitions Committee, 

who has kept the issue on the Committee's agenda since 2005.

14 October 2010 - PASC Meeting

APPG group (Parliamentary group for justice for Equitable Life policyholders - 11 members at meeting)
Joint chairs Bob Blackman (Tory) and Fabian Hamilton (Labour) with Stephen Lloyd (Lib Dem photographed) as Secretary.
22 MPs attended the meeting.

Chris Wiscarson CEO Equitable Tessa Munt MP and Paul Braithwaite General Secretary EMAG

Stephen Lloyd MP (Chairman-APPG) and Paul Braithwaite 

Jonathon Lord MP Equitable and Paul Braithwaite 

6 October 2010 - The Conservative Party Conference - Birmingham 

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14 September 2010 - Chris Harlow (EMAG's regional co-ordinator) and Paul Braithwaite  meet with joint-chair of the APPG on Equitable - Fabian Hamilton MP in the Commons 

 (left to right) Paul Braithwaite, Fabian Hamilton MP, Chris Harlow

 (left to right) Paul Braithwaite and Fabian Hamilton MP

23 August 2010 - Oliver Letwin MP and EMAG's Alex Henney in the Cabinet Office

22 July 2010- EMAG emergency board meeting to discuss Mark Hoben MP's statement (regional management team attended)

 (left) EMAG Chairman John Newman with Neil Britten

(right to left) Paul Weir, Chris Harlow Nic Bellord and Alex Henney

2 July 2010 - EMAG with Nick Clegg at his Sheffield Surgery

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 EMAG General Secretary Paul Braithwaite with Nick Clegg 

EMAG regional activist Susan Wood with Nick Clegg 

25 March 2010 - EMAG Meeting with Equitable Life

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John Newman Chairman of EMAG and Ian Brimecome President Equitable Life

Chris Wiscarson CEO Equitable and Paul Braithwaite General Secretary EMAG

5 March 2010 - EMAG Lobbies the Liberal Democrats

Susan Kramer, John Newman, Vince Cable, Paul Braithwaite

Vince Cable MP and Paul Braithwaite EMAG

18 February - EMAG Press Briefing with Honor Blackman

Honor Blackman

Honor Blackman and Paul Weir

John Newman Chairman of EMAG with Honor Blackman before the press briefing 

Paul Braithwaite and Honor Blackman

5th February 2010 in Westminster: EMAG's Paul Braithwaite, John Newman and Colin Slater met the Treasury's director of personal tax, Mike Williams, and his team leader on Equitable Life, Giles Thomson.  They're the ones charged with devising the government's ex-gratia scheme.



4 November 2009 - Paul Braithwaite (EMAG) Equitable Life Policyholder Honor Blackman and Vince Cable MP at EMAG's BIG Rally and Lobby of Parliament. 15 coffins represented the tens of thousands of policyholders who heve died while waiting compensation.

20 October 2009 -Stuart Pole's Group this afternoon lobbying MPs and PPCs on Equitable in Committee Room 10


20 October 2009 - Paul Braithwaite (EMAG) Briefing Vince Cable MP at Portcullis House

7 October 2009 - Paul Braithwaite (EMAG) and Oliver Letwin MP at the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester

12 August 2009 - EMAG meeting Camden, North London, - Neil Britten, Paul Braithwaite (obscured), Chris Harlow and Alex Henney

23 July 2009 -  Royal Courts of Justicey - EMAG's Legal Team for the JR (right to left) -  Dinah Rose, QC, Javan Herberg, 
Stephen Grosz (Bindmans LLP) and Jessica Boyd

11 July 2009 - EMAG Regional Organisers' Meeting

11 July 2009 - More than 60 of EMAG's regional organisers and board members attended a one-day conference at the British Library, St Pancras.

10 July 2009 Havant - Tory MP David Willets with EMAG delegation of six constituent, Equitable Life sufferers.

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26 June 2009 - EMAG Meeting at Exeter  with Richard Younger Ross (Lib Dem) MP and meeting chairman Colin Adams (photos by Phil Allen) - 125 attended

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agm2009b.jpg (34110 bytes)

Equitable AGM 11 May 2009 - Regent's Park Holiday Inn John Newman EMAG Chairman, Liz Kwantes and Paul Braithwaite EMAG 

Tory MP Gregory Barker with Lib Dem parliamentary candidate Mary Varrall, Paul Braithwaite of EMAG and local organiser, Ray Bittan,  at St Augustine's Church Hall, Collington near Bexhill on 1st May, 2009.

Daniel Kawczynski MP (seated), with EMAG directors Paul Braithwaite, Colin Slater and Tom Lake at today' s inaugural meeting of the new all-party group.

(The other joint-Chair is Dr Ian Gibson, with Susan Kramer as the group's secretary)

28 March 2009 - EMAG's Redditch Meeting

28 March 2009 - EMAG's Redditch Meeting - Conservative MPs Caroline Spellman and Julie Kirkbride with Paul Braithwaite

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17 March 2009 - EMAG's Legal Committee John Newman, Nicolas Bellord, Colin Slater, Tom Lake, Paul Braithwaite

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