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posted 1 May 2016

with thanks to Becky Pinnegar




At last it feels as if Spring has arrived, even if it is a rather erratic arrival. As buds swell and leaves unfurl, it seems that people too emerge from winter hibernation and seek out the allotment to join in with some gardening.

We have had plenty of gardeners of all ages on even the most inclement days. There have been visitors too sharing seedlings, advice and cups of tea. This is what it is all about!

The children have been delighted to find plenty of worms (as are the adults for this indicates a healthy soil) plus woodlice, centipedes, and highlight of the month-a small toad. This was carried lovingly around to show everyone in a small warm hand. No doubt the toad was relieved to be released once more into the damp soil. Letís hope he eats up some of the slugs which are also putting in an unwelcome appearance! In addition we have seen, several times, Tortoishell and Brimstone butterflies.

The daffodils have been putting on an excellent show this month too, thanks to the kind donation of the Royal Borough. Primroses, cowslips and comfrey are also out providing nectar for bees. We have been scattering a mixture of flower seeds along our flowering edge in the hope of encouraging more bees.

The first early potatoes have been put in a bed, plus some others have been planted in a container. They are an experiment. We are going to grow them in the rotting coffee grounds Costa, in the Rise, regularly donate to us. Who knows, they could be the first Arabica potatoes to be tasted?

There is so much to be done in the coming few weeks, everyone will be busy planting out young plants, sowing seeds, and inevitably weeding! But most important of all we will be sharing skills, knowledge and a love of the outdoors.

Do join us even if just for a cup of tea, regularly Saturdays and Tuesdays 11.00-1.00.

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