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posted 19 July 2016

with thanks to Becky Pinnegar




Keeping an allotment is not for the faint hearted. If you are not contending with inclement weather, you are pestered with pests. 2016 must surely be officially declared The Year of the Slug!

Strong healthy runner beans were planted one week only to be stripped of every leaf within a few days. The same happened again with the climbing French beans. Having put more of our coffee grounds around the plants they are beginning to make a tentative recovery.



A Little Rest

Little gem lettuce were made to live up to their name by being pecked to their very heart by thieving pigeons. Peas unwittingly peeping out from under their net were likewise eaten by the birds.

Rows of seeds of chard, beetroot, carrot, salad and spinach were definitely showing one week only to disappear by the following week.

But are we defeated? No! we are not!


Where there's Muck

Beautiful bee attracting plants surround the bottom end of our allotment, strawberries are ripening ( those we can get to before those slugs) and broad beans and early sown peas are producing nicely. Rhubarb has been plentiful, and there promises to be a good crop of onions, garlic and potatoes. Our Arabica potato is still growing, but unlikely to win any prizes.

We have a good group of regulars and not so regulars, who enjoy sharing plants and produce, news and natter. All are welcome on our regular Tuesday and Saturday mornings from 11.00-1.00.


Gardener in Training

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