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posted 17 April 2017

with thanks to Becky Pinnegar




Cookham Community Allotment March 2017

If you asked any allotment gardener what they value most on their plot, the answer would surely be “the soil”. Ask them then what their greatest gift would be and for most the answer would follow “Manure!” (preferably well-rotted)


Birthday Girl Janina

As we prepare for the new growing season, sorting beds, sowing seeds, turning compost, building new bays for wood chip, manure and rotting compost, we realise how fortunate we are to have such a generous local community.


Fence Making - Needs Concentration!

This year alone we have been given:

  • potash ( from domestic wood fires and an ideal boost for soft fruit) 

  • manure to improve the soil and nutrients within)

  • wood chip from work done locally which makes an excellent mulch for paths)

  • unwanted equipment in the form of sieves, canes, chicken wire etc. from a friend who is moving

  • domestic uncooked food waste to add to our compost heap

  • seeds

  • excess plants

Seed Sewing in March

All of these valuable contributions make the Allotment what it set out to be, a truly Community affair.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed…and whilst we are on the subject we could really do with another wheelbarrow, and a replacement storage box for our tools, which Storm Doris took apart the other week ( it has been mended for the third time…not sure how much longer it will keep together) !

Trevor Knows His Onions!   

Our greatest reward however is the community spirit which continues to thrive, providing a meeting point for people and children from all walks of life. Anyone is welcome to come along on Tuesdays and Saturday mornings from 11.00-1.00, absolutely no gardening experience required.


Cookham Community Allotment April 2017

Last month we acknowledged the generosity of our local community in supporting us with the Project, in so many ways. This seems to have prompted even more people to offer us unwanted items which we have happily accepted-compost containers, a compost tumbler and a wonderful cold frame. What a luxury! Thank you!

Kathy Busy Planting

There is so much to do on the allotment right now but because we have got such a tremendous team of workers we are keeping up with it all (just!) Potatoes, spinach, chard, salad, beetroot carrots, leeks, onions and garlic have either been sown or planted. Sweet peas are ready to launch themselves up the cane supports, and other flowers are opening for the bees and butterflies to enjoy. Our perennial vegetables-Welsh Onion, Skirret, Salsify, and perennial spinach are emerging after their winter rest. Rhubarb is providing source for puddings and jams, and the chard from last year is proving good in soups and curries. The children are growing identical bags of Pink Fir Apple potatoes in a bid to see who can produce the most.

Feeding the Plants

Meanwhile our seating (and eating) area has had to be extended to include our growing group of gardeners and visitors, and optimistically there are plans to include a large sunshade (another gift).


Do come and join us, or join in if you want, any Saturday or Tuesday morning from 11.00-1.00.on the Alfred Major Allotment Site.

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