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posted 25 September 2016

with thanks to Becky Pinnegar




So, the “Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness” is upon us. No more so than on the Community Allotment. How we despaired in the early months of summer as the slugs and pigeons took their toll and we thought there would never be any harvest for us to share!


Anne Glover does an Alan Titchmarsh Impression

We didn’t give up hope, however, and have been amply rewarded with an abundance of tomatoes (growing outdoors and thus far, blight-free!), runner and Borlotti beans, raspberries, cabbages, chard, beetroot, squash, and even chilli peppers which are also growing successfully out of doors. Recipes are being swapped and produce shared. We are hoping to enter one or two classes in the Cookham Dean Village Show.

What Do You Want Watered?

It hasn’t all been success. Our experimental ‘Arabica’ potatoes growing in pure coffee grounds, were a complete failure, but made us all laugh. The coffee grounds are so fine they form an almost solid lump which holds on to moisture, so the original seed potatoes almost certainly rotted. However we continue to use the coffee on the compost heap and this is a very useful addition. Carrots have been reluctant to germinate, or were eaten by slugs, and gooseberries and blackcurrants were eaten by the pigeons. More netting to be done in the future!

This is How You Do It

The Cookham in Bloom annual competition saw the Community Allotment picked out for ‘Special Mention’, and we were awarded a prize and a certificate for our community project.

All is Safely Gathered In

Our greatest reward however is the community spirit which continues to thrive, providing a meeting point for people and children from all walks of life. Anyone is welcome to come along on Tuesdays and Saturday mornings from 11.00-1.00, absolutely no gardening experience required.

Shorts Weather

Prize Onions

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