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(4 June 2001)

A few weeks ago one of's readers, Brian Hopkins, suggested that there should be a Worst Road Poll set up on, so that residents could make their own views felt about the worst road in Cookham.  Many people gave their comments, most of which were a sad indictment of the lack of maintenance to our roads in Cookham.


At the Parish Council Meeting on Tuesday 4 June a copy of these comments was handed to Tony Prichard, Chairman of the Parish Council. Mrs Lewis, a Cookham resident, also spoke at the meeting commenting on Gorse Road. She said that although Broom Hill had been resurfaced Gorse Road had not been and that there were some exceedingly deep potholes there. She went on to say that the contractors were supposed to have resurfaced some or all of Gorse Road, but had not. The Council will be looking into this, as the equipment was all there to carry out this work and extra expense will now be required to bring it back again. 


The Parish Council said that they had been complaining about the state of the roads for fourteen years, with very little support from the Borough. On returning to Cookham from a vsisit away one realises how bad they are compared to other parts of the United Kingdom. Not so much as back in Berkshire, more bucking Berkshire.

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Tony Prichard, Chairman of the Parish Council accepts the Road Poll

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You can see the current list of comments, some of which have been taken from the Discussion Pages, by pressing the button below.  

The Royal Borough have recently introduced a Fix-It facility whereby members of the public can give them information about road repairs that may be required. 

Press the Fix-It button to let the Borough Council know of any repairs that are needed to our roads in Cookham. 

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