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Launch of the Trinity Festival 2003 

with thanks to Jeremy Wilson for the good (larger) photos!!

(30 April 2003)

The Trinity Festival 2003 was launched with a pre-view of the Cookham, then and now Exhibition. An exhibition in which the camera looks at our village, together with creative imagery from Desborough School. This was accompanied by wine and refreshments provided by the Chartered Institute of Marketing at Moor Hall.  The Exhibition will run over the duration of the Trinity Festival.

Photos of Cookham Over the Century 

The Festival has been master minded by Michael Johnson, who put his not insubstantial organising skills to work to create a varied programme of the arts. Michael welcomed those who had gathered at Moor Hall and pointed out that all those who were attending had in some way helped towards the success of the Festival. 

The Festival Organiser Michael Johnson

There was a Barber's Quartet who then entertained the gathered throng. They said that they had only been together for four weeks, but gave a wonderful rendition of a varied medley of songs which were very much enjoyed by everyone.  Gareth, their leader, was Welsh, so that was an added advantage!! 

Gareth and his Barbers' Quartet

There was also a magnificent selection of food supplied by the Chartered Institute of Marketing, accompanied by an endless flow of wine and soft drinks.  

John Hedger recounts a tale to Molly Hurley, Father Michael and Michael Johnson

The Trinity Festival used to be a regular feature of Cookham in years gone by, but it somehow stopped happening as people became busier and busier.  It was however resurrected by Jonathon Miall in 2001 and hopefully will continue for many years to come.  The next one is being planned for 2005. 

Jonathon Miall or is it Count Dracula?

The Festival starts in earnest on Thursday 1st May and carries on over the weekend, the last day being Bank Holiday Monday 5th May.  There are tickets left for some of the events, although some have been sold out.  Click here for the programme.

Lynda Mallett, Marianne Stork and Wendy Craig enjoy the evening

Timmy Mallett talks football strategy with Colin Robinson both of the Cookham Wanderers

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