12 May 2013

with thanks to Josephine Crabb



I am not sure that the audience knew quite what they were letting themselves in for at the KaraOklahoma event led by the Maidenhead Musical Comedy Society and presented by Barrie Scott.


Armed with the scripts containing the words for all the songs in Oklahoma the first hint that everyone would need to ‘sing for their supper’ came from the MD Neil Matthews who announced there would be a ‘workshop’ to practice the title song.


This is where many of us came unstuck trying to spell out the word ‘Oklahoma’ letter for letter and sing at the same time!!


Things soon improved with a chorus of ‘Oh What a Beautiful Morning’ which we returned to from time to time during the evening to keep our voices going.


The pace started to pick up as confidence grew and by the time we got to the ‘People will say we’re in love’ song sung by the characters ‘Curly’ and ‘Laurey’  we were all giving the chorus serious volume.


By Act II we knew what to expect and we sang along with all singers ‘the Farmer and the Cowman’ and ended with an almost perfect ‘O.K. L –A-H-O-M-A!


The noise practically lifted the roof off Pinder Hall and we wanted to start the evening all over again from the beginning.






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