Textiles and Crafts Exhibition

8-19 May 2013

with thanks to Josephine Crabb



Held at The Grove Heritage Centre, Odney Estate, Cookham SL6 9SR from Wednesday, 8 May to Sunday, 19 May 2.30pm to 5.30pm. 


Take a peek into Cookham’s rural past when local outworkers made lace, and boots manufactured in Cookham were recommended to ‘pioneers’ bound for Canada or Australia.


An 1863 directory reported that ‘the whole of Maidenhead and its neighbouring villages are employed in agriculture, and in making boots and shoes which are manufactured here in considerable numbers’. 


'This exhibition is possible by kind permission of the John Lewis Partnership which has also enabled visitors to see the recently relocated John Lewis Fabric archive when they visit the Textiles and Crafts exhibition during the Cookham Festival'







The wall hanging was for the 100th anniversary of Cookham Dean School in 1999. A group of Cookham residents with pupils at the school got together and decided to create something as a lasting memento of the school's hundred years. Chris Roper and Maggie Jackman were the instigators and chief designers of what should be included in the 5 different aspects of the village. Five different teams created the 5 scenes. Kirstie De Salis was part of the memorial scene and the group met at Sue Teasdale's house to decide how this scene should be achieved and spent weeks sewing the result. The school scene was completed by Chris Roper and her team and it includes the then music teacher Eunice Roberts and her daughter Bethany. The headmistress at the time was Mrs Margaret Maskell. Around the edge are the hands of most of the children (or families) at the school at the time. Chris Roper made packs of fabric and templates of hands for the children (families) to put together and asked each one to customise it for their own family.


Judy Faraday JLP Archivist at Grove Heritage Centre John Lewis Fabric Archive at the Grove Heritage Centre
Judy Faraday and David Sheehan with the Titanic Fabric Boot and Shoe Making Maidenhead Heritage Centre exhibit
Bernadette Clark views the JLP Fabric Archive JLP Quilt Exhibit 
RBWM Museum exhibit  The Lace Guild exhibit 
Conservation at the Fabric Archive Cookham Festival Textiles and Crafts Exhibition
JLP Quilt exhibit Odney Pottery Exhibit loaned by Maidenhead Heritage Centre
The work of Harry Wearne at the JLP Fabric Archive

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