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Crime: 29 June 2012


I am receiving reports from across the entire RBWM of men in cars stopping people as they drive by and after a brief chat, offering them items for sale.  These range from clothing – leather jackets to power tools (in Old Windsor ).  If this happens, please note the make, model and colour of car, plus index and phone the PEC immediately.


I am working closely with Anne Chalmers the TVP Crime Reduction Advisor for this area.  As you will have seen, we have a problem with bikes being stolen.  These are being stolen not only from prominent bike racks in full view of passers by – who – as we can see on CCTV, look and do nothing, but also sheds and garages.  We have put posters up in targeted areas, but it does not appear to have made much difference.  So – it comes down to those of you that own bikes, to protect them – even, when in your sheds.  The offenders go equipped with Bolt Croppers to cut through chains and combination locks.  D locks are preferable, but you need to buy quite an expensive one.  The thieves are walking past bike racks, looking for the types of lock, they know they can force.  So – a solution.  Anne has trawled through all sorts of initiatives being used elsewhere and has come up with an padlock alarmed.  It is sold by Red Line Security, the retail end of the wholesaler, from whom I purchase all our security equipment:

Red Line Security

You will see the ‘padlock alarm’ there on page 1.  You will also see the ‘Garage Defender’ on the same page.  If you look in the left hand column and select ‘Garden and Shed’, you will see simple to install shed alarms and ‘prikka strip’ to go along the top of fences and walls.  On the – ‘alarms and chimes’ – page, there is also a motion sensor bike alarm, which would be ideal for bikes kept in sheds.  An alarm on the shed door and then another on the bike, may make a real difference !


Anne says – if you have been broken into and have to replace glass in windows, French doors or patio windows – please replace it with laminated glass.  There are British Standards for enhanced security – any questions, or for further advice, contact your Neighbourhood Team on their email below.





1/10/2011 – 27/6  Stable Cottages, Temple .  Communal gate installed by residents is continually being broken.



27/6  Wednesday 8 p.m. / 9.50 p.m.   Westborough Road .  Shed break – lock and hinges forced – bike stolen.

28/6 – 29/6  Thursday 11 p.m. / Friday 6.40 a.m.   Smithfield Close, Woodlands Park .  Car index plates stolen.











28/6 – 29/6  Thursday  5 p.m. / Friday 7 a.m.   Farm, Upper Bray Road .  Theft of ‘Red’ diesel from the tank of a digger / excavator parked in a field.  Locks on gates forced and an attempt to break into a store room.




27/6 – 28/6  Wednesday 5 p.m. Farm Road .  Car index plates stolen.

26/6 – 27/6  Tuesday 7 p.m. / Wednesday 8.30 a.m.   Marlborough Road .  Car index plates stolen.

26/6 – 27/6  Tuesday 6.40 p.m. / Wednesday 7.45 a.m.   Highway Avenue.  Car index plates stolen.




I am really grateful to Alan for sharing this experience with us.  Many, will think such deliveries are an accident and do nothing about them.  This shows why you should act immediately – particularly doing the search to see if your name / property has been searched recently !!!!


We have just had goods delivered by courier (today).  Far from being a ”late” father’s day present, it turns out they were clothes from an online catalogue company.  I contacted them to let them know that the account was fraudulent and to find out how it had been set up.  It appears, anyone can set up a new account, with just your name, address, date of birth and an email address (which in this case was just a new yahoo account).  This means anyone can do this, using information freely available on the electoral role.  Once set up, the account works to a credit level, based on your credit worthiness with Experian. The first order must go to the account address, but thereafter, any subsequent orders can be sent anywhere in the UK, including a PO box number, or “drop box” address. The goods are delivered by an ordinary people carrier (not DHL or the like) and no signature, or any other proof of delivery, is taken.


This appears to be a common scam with fraudsters using catalogue companies, as they carry out minimal identity checks when setting up new accounts.  You also incur the cost of premium calls to their customer service department, to sort out the mess. The risk to you, if you don’t act quickly and cancel the order, is that further deliveries can be made anywhere in the UK  and you will have to prove that you did not set up the account. Meanwhile the more serious consequence for you, is that your credit rating with Experian, will have been compromised.


When we checked with Experian, we found that someone had searched other names at our address, presumably in preparation for the fraudster setting up further accounts. To resolve our situation once and for all, we requested that the address be blocked, not just names at the address.  Another preventative measure, as advised by Experian, is to remove your date of birth from the Electoral Role, as name/address/DOB, are usually required as a minimum, to set up new business accounts.


I have sent this, as the people carrier was stacked with parcels for the Cox Green area – and I can’t believe that many people are using that particular online shopping catalogue, all in the same area.


Best regards


I have forwarded this to RBWM Electoral Roll Department.  They say that Experian have given the wrong advice.  Age does not appear.  They are producing a sheet for me, which I will circulate as soon as it arrives.

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