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Crime: 4 October 2013  


Can I first express my thanks to our police Volunteers, without whom, many of the services we provide might be very challenging.  I have 5 volunteers that work with me all the time, to enable me to manage 12,500 message recipients across the Royal Borough.  Brenda prepares all our Cocooning and Rural Crime packs, Jenny comes in whenever I need her and does whatever I ask her do, Andy concentrates on burglary and reports stolen valuable watches to their manufacturers and tries to trace stolen bikes and get them back to their real owners, Tom works with the Thames Valley Alert system, managing the database and adding new people to it.  He also tracks down those who have been suspended or have communication issues – a very time consuming job.  He also created the database, of all rural properties, farms, stables, golf courses, hotels etc we have been using to service the Rural Crime Initiative.  Jacqui works with the Licensing team organising and attending Pub Watch meetings and dealing with a lot of the continual paperwork.

I mention this, because I attended a Borough wide event last night at the Eton Rowing Centre– Volunteer of the Year 2013.  It is very humbling, to attend such an event.  To sit with 200 people who give of their time completely selflessly, to look after others less fortunate than themselves.  Tom won Volunteer of the year in the Community Safety Category and we are really proud for him.  Everyone in the room received a certificate, but every single one of them, really deserved an award and recognition, for the silent service they provide to us all.  When this time comes around next year and I circulate the paperwork, think about making a nomination.  These people do not do it to achieve recognition, but it is a way we can say thank you.

I have attached a photo of Tom and the others who won the Volunteer of the Year title in their fields, along with the Mayor Cllr Andrew Jenner and Timmy Mallet who presented the awards,– congratulations to them all –.  I have also attached a photo of Andy, Tom and Jacquie at the beginning of the evening sitting nervously !  You can see how many people were there !
I have received this message from your new Neighbourhood Inspector Mike Darrah:
I have decided to launch live twitter forums, which will be run monthly, and will involve people being able to log onto our twitter page and pose questions, or raise concerns directly with the team live.
The first one, will be next week – Wed 9 Oct 7 p.m.-8.30 p.m..
We will focus on Anti Social Behaviour.  Both myself and PC Michelle Roberts – our ASB Officer, will be live and available directly with the community and anyone that Tweets.
The reasoning behind it, is that a very specific cross section of the community tend to use twitter, and hopefully by running these live forums, it may reach out to yet another section of the community that until now, have not engaged with us.
Many thanks
Inspector Mike Darrah
Maidenhead Neighbourhood Policing Team
Tel:  101
Address Maidenhead Police Station, Bridge Road, Maidenhead, SL6 8LP.
This incident happened in Windsor yesterday.  If you work in a shop, please be aware and on your guard:
3/10  12.15 p.m. / 12.45 p.m.  Shop, St Leonard’s Road.  An assistant was dealing with a client when she saw 2 or 3 women enter the shop and act very suspiciously.  When she had finished with that customer, she found the women had left the shop suddenly and her mobile phone was missing from the counter.  They are described as of Middle European appearance with head scarves.  She then locked the doors to assess the situation and 2 younger men of Asian appearance continually pushed at the door.  When she spoke to nearby businesses, the owners said they had caught 2 similarly described men in their shops and had prevented them from stealing a phone.  It is believed they were all working together, targeting local shops.  Can you please let any small shops you visit know to make them aware.
Neighbourhood Page:

3/10  Thursday 3 a.m.  Magnet Leisure Pool.  Graffiti sprayed all over the building and the skate park in red / orange.  There is CCTV showing a white lad, 6’ tall, late teens, wearing a grey hoody doing the spraying.
3/10  Thursday 2.40 a.m.  St. Cloud Way.  A young lad wearing a black beanie hat and a green hoody was seen to graffiti the walls 
4/10  Friday 3.45 a.m.  Kidwell’s Park, Marlow Road.  3 men were seen pushing a commercial waste bin from the main entrance of Kidwell’s Park to the back of the Park.  The police were called and attended immediately.  They found the bin at the start of the alleyway leading to bailey Close.  It contained a safe ! An abandoned car was also found nearby.  3 men had starburst and made off from the police.  WE HAVE HAD NO REPORTS OF BURGLARIES WHERE A SAFE HAS BEEN STOLEN.  CAN YOU SPREAD THE WORD PLEASE ?
2/10 – 3/10  Wednesday 9 p.m. / Thursday 7.50 a.m.  School, Bath Road.  3 tags of graffiti have been sprayed on the walls of the school in red.  The tag is the same as has appeared in the underpass at the Magnet leisure centre.
2/10 – 3/10  Wednesday 9.30 p.m. / Thursday 6.30 a.m.  Belmont Road.  Front and rear index plates stolen.
Neighbourhood Page:

Maidenhead Neighbourhood Policing Team, carried out a High Visibility policing Operation, during the last two weeks of September.  The aim was to reduce car crime and ‘thefts from’ sheds and garages, in the Cookham area.
During the operation, PCSOs and police officers patrolled on foot, bicycles and in cars.  Patrols were based on crime hotspots and intelligence. PCSOs gave out crime prevention advice during two road shows held during the operation.  Automatic number plate recognition equipment was also used to identify vehicles of interest coming into the village.  A number of people were stopped and searched. Three people are currently on police bail having been arrested as a result of work completed by officers engaged on the operation. 
DI Bosley from local CID said “crime took a noticeable drop in Cookham for the period of the operation and I have no doubt that is not a coincidence. I would like to reiterate personally, the success of this operation”.
2/10  Wednesday 3 p.m.  Temple.  A cyclist was going down a lane when he passed 2 men carry large sheets of slate obviously from a slate fence nearby.  He challenged them and they came up with a spurious excuse.  Does anyone know who to whom the fence belongs (I nearly ended this sentence with a preposition – who the fence belongs to  !!!) ?  At the moment we have no victim.
4/10  Friday 1.10 a.m. / 6.50 a.m.  Edinburgh Road, Furze Platt.  Milk stolen from outside a house.  The insulation box for it was also stolen.
3/10 – 4/10  Thursday 7 p.m. / Friday 9 a.m.  Marlborough Road.  Shed break.  Not known if anything stolen.  As we put our garden tools away at this time of year, please email your police Neighbourhood Team on the group email above to ask someone to come out and property mark everything with a CREMarker.
Neighbourhood Page:

3/10  Thursday 5.30 a.m. / 9.30 a.m.  Grenfell Road.  Fence posts cut through causing the fence to collapse.
2/10  Wednesday 7.30 p.m. / 11.45 p.m.  Larchfield Road.  Car parked under a streetlight, badly keyed all round.
Hi Jeff
Please warn everyone about a "14 day trial of ‘Raspberry ****** *****’ capsules that promise immediate loss of fat !  The ads are on-line for a short period, then the name changes, to something similar.
The con is that they say you only have to pay £4.95 for your trial, BUT they continue to take around £95 whenever they feel like it - "under their Terms & Conditions".  These of course are nowhere to be seen, when you agree to the 14 day trial.  The small print says you are agreeing to a subscription, until you cancel it.  There are huge numbers of people who have lost money because the credit card companies say that the company has done nothing wrong and you are unlikely to get any of your money back.  I've heard of some people losing hundreds of pounds, before they realise what's going on.
Kind regards

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