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Crime: 25 October 2013  


We have located 2 cannabis factories in the Maidenhead area, in the last week.  Both were in rented high class properties - in nice areas.  That way, suspicion is avoided.  If you let out properties and someone offers you a year’s rent up front in cash – you should be suspicious.  It may sound like a good deal, but – if you have let to a cannabis factory, when you get the property back, it will have been virtually destroyed, internally.  The first thing they do, is bypass the electricity meter and connect directly to the mains – the size of the bills, would be enormous and show up an illegal, or at least unusual, usage, which would alert landlords and electricity companies.  The way they do this, is very dangerous and increases the risk of fire.  If you do have nice 3, or 4 bedroom rental properties near you, keep an eye on them.  Is anyone going in and out ?  Does whoever lives there, generate a average amount of rubbish, or do full black bin liners, only appear outside once a month or so, on the wrong bin day ?.  You won’t generally smell anything untoward, as the houses will be lined and extractor fans used, to expel any hot air through filters, via a chimney.  Fake window settings may well be constructed, so that you cannot see that hot bright lights enhanced with silver foil are on, for nearly 24 hours a day.  Just be aware of the normal, or usual usage of the other homes in your area.  If you have any suspicions at all, simply email the address to your local Police Neighbourhood Team at the email addresses below, phone the PEC on the 101 number, or contact Crimestoppers in complete confidence on 0800 555 111
I have received loads of emails from members with scam email and attachments.  Can you pass them through to:
That way they can assess the range and numbers, of scam emails being sent.  They can also prioritise the most common.  You can send a report online from the front page.  There is even an online Chat Advisor (simply click on the red box) who can assist and advise you.  They have a page listing the types of Fraud – an A – Z of Fraud – individual, corporate, online and advance fee – along with practical advice on how to prevent yourself from becoming a victim - 15 minutes reading, could save you thousands of pounds and years of worry.
We have had an internal document prepared for ‘Courier Fraud’.  This is where a fraudster cold calls a victim on their landline, claiming to be from the bank / police / delivery company.  To gain your trust, they ask the you to phone them back – without disconnecting the call.  You redial and get back to them !  If this happens always use your mobile to make the second call – or hang up for at least 3 minutes – the length of time the call can stay connected.  They keep you on the phone so that you cannot phone anyone else – and they cannot phone you.  The line remaining connected for 3 minutes is historical – and is interesting !  When phone were first installed, they were placed in hallways with extensions in various rooms.  You answered the call in the hallway – and could then put down the receiver to take the call in another room, by simply lifting the receiver !  I can remember doing that, but had completely forgotten that technology has moved on – but that part hasn’t !  The police are working with the telephone companies, to shorten the connection time.
Finally the fraudster send someone to collect the bank / credit cards / phone.  This could be an innocent taxi driver !  They then keep you hanging on, ‘until the cards arrive at their office’ – sometimes half an hour – while they empty your accounts !  You of course cannot contact anyone to verify what is going on while they do this, because you are sitting on the phone being told that another chunk of money has just disappeared from your account, but they will sort it, as soon as the cards arrive !
We have had 26 offences this year.  Essex, have had 325, Kent - 60, Herts. - 133 and Met Pol.....5,000 !
Please alert all your elderly and vulnerable neighbours, relatives, friends & work colleagues.  Neither your Bank nor the police will ever ask you for PIN Numbers and they will certainly never send anyone to collect anything from your home.
Once you know about the scam, if you get a call, you are unlikely to be panicked into sitting there and handing over your card details and then your cards !
There is a strange report on this morning’s All Crime printout for the last 24 hours from Maidenhead High Street.  Offenders unknown, have convinced an elderly woman to withdraw £2,500 from her bank and building society accounts, on the promise of purchasing.........a winning lottery ticket !  They also persuaded her to collect another £1,000 from her home, along with a gold necklace and her mobile phone.  They would then all go and collect the winnings !!!  One of the 2 men then claimed he felt unwell and asked her to get him some medication from a nearby chemist.  Are you ahead of me ???  When she returned, they had vanished.  The men are described as:
  1.  Male, Nepalese, about 50 years old, 5’8’’, fat build, black short hair, clean shaven, black nose, wearing a black short jacket and carrying a small brown leather bag.
  2. Male, Asian, English accent, 35 / 40 years old, 6’, slim build, clean shaven, wearing a brown baseball cap and a brown suit.

They were driving a black 4 door new shaped Ford.
Have you seen these men ?  Has this happened to you and you did not report it ?  Please do so now, so that we can stop them conning another elderly victim, from their life savings ?  Phone the PEC on 101 or CrimeStoppers in complete confidence on 0800 555 111.
This is a really sad tale that seems to happen every day to the elderly and vulnerable – they need our help and assistance.
Hi Jeff,
I just read the latest report for Windsor and thought this set up, may help people
I use it and junk and unwanted mail, has virtually stopped completely
Cheers and keep up the good work
Neighbourhood Page:

22/10 – 23/10  Tuesday 8 a.m. / Wednesday 8 a.m.  Keble Road.  Offenders have unlocked the side gate to the rear of the owner’s house and taken a bike left UNLOCKED outside the back door.  A gents silver Claud Butler bike – WITH A FRAME NUMBER !!!  When I looked this morning, there were about 50 bikes in the back yard at Windsor.  Some in really good condition – nice clean expensive bikes !  There is a black folding bike and several children’s bikes. Maidenhead yard will be the same.  These are bikes we have recovered, but cannot return to their owners, because we don’t know who they are !  If you have not recorded the Frame Number with us, we will never trace a bike back to you.  Think how simple it could be if your bike was stolen and you let us have the Frame Number ?  We recover your bike, check the police computers for the Frame Number – hey presto – your name comes up and you get a phone call !!!
24/10  Thursday 11 a.m. – 11.30 a.m.  Supermarket, Providence Place.  The aggrieved was walking around the supermarket with her handbag dangling from the handle of a shopping trolly.  The bag was open and someone has stolen her purse.  She was aware of a suspicious couple walking very close to her pushing a push chair and they made her feel uncomfortable.  This happens very frequently and we have a similar case in Windsor.  Keep handbags secured and make sure you don’t get distracted – or you mind wanders.  These thieves are professional and can easily see if you are not ‘aware’ of your surroundings and therefore are easy pickings !!!
23/10  Wednesday 2 p.m.  Frozen Food Store, Nicholson’s Walk.  An elderly aggrieved had just finished her shopping and left her trolly just inside the store for a few moments.  CCTV clearly shows an Asian woman in her late 30s / 40s, short and stocky wearing a black coat approach the trolly and push it outside. She then removed some of the bags and left.
25/10  Friday 5 a.m. / 7.45 a.m.  Harrow Lane.  Attempted Burglary.  Offenders have climbed over a rear fence into the garden and lifted the latch on the rear patio doors.  Fortunately it was locked.  They then walked through the side garden gate to the front of the property and forced a fanlight window into the downstairs bathroom.  No entry was gained and they may have been disturbed.
24/10  Thursday midnight / 9 a.m.  Pub, Gringer Hill.  Offenders have tried to lever open a rear UPVC door but failed.  They then tried to forced open a rear window.  Eventually they just smashed the glass in a window and climbed inside.  They removed a large amount of cash from a desk drawer dropping coins in their haste.  While doing House to House enquiries a neighbour did hear noises at about 1 a.m. and then feet running down the road, but she did not report it.
24/4  Thursday 6.30 a.m. / 6 p.m.  Osney Road, Furze Platt.  Burglary.  Entry via a downstairs rear window.  Thorough search of the whole house – Laptops X 3 stolen
A neighbour reported that the day before, two suspicious men had called at her door, to say that they were working for an ‘installation company’ (we do not know which) and:-
not to worry if they saw men walking around, they would be looking at houses suitable for the installation !!!
Another neighbour – during House to House enquiries – reported that a man had come to her door between 4.45 p.m. – 5.15 p.m. on Wednesday evening and told her:
that they would be doing some surveying over the next few days and she was not to worry if she saw men walking around between the houses.
He is described as white, early 30s, short brown / blond hair, slim build.  He did show her an ID, but she did not notice what was written on it and she cannot remember what he was wearing.
I will say nothing...............  Needless to say, the neighbours did think the men were suspicious, but DID NOT REPORT IT TO THE POLICE.
Neighbourhood Page:

16/10 – 23/10  Cannon Court Road, Furze Platt.  Ladder stolen from a garden.
Neighbourhood Page:

11/10 – 24/10  Springfield Park, Holyport.  Attempted garage break.  Offenders attempted to break the hinges from the door and removing the padlock.  Nothing stolen.. 
Hi Jeffrey
I have received a telephone call from the RDA Accident Dept.  Tel: 0800 4546 812 - Name of caller P**** T***** advising me of a road accident my car was involved in and I didn't report it.
He wanted details from me, registration etc which of course I didn't give him.  This must be a scam as neither myself, my husband, nor any of my family, have been in an accident, either minor, or major that I am aware. 
Can you confirm to me if this is another scam.
I can find nothing about this possible scam.  Has anyone else received a similar call ?
Hello Jeff,
I would ask all drivers to think, before speeding through large puddles and shooting the water everywhere.  A lorry did it to me this morning.  I had water running off my head & down my neck.  My wellingtons are squelching and all my clothes are soaked through.  My dog took fright.
Please can all drivers think before the act and drive through those large puddles near the pavements. What is funny to them, is not to those that are drenched.

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