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Crime: 1 November 2013  


First Meter Readers !
I have received this:
Hello Jeff,
I receive your regular alerts and wanted to highlight something that has happened today.
I have an account where I submit readings online, but today, I’ve had someone calling at the door today, alleging to be reading meters, for my energy provider.  Whilst this caller may be genuine, my supplier, has never notified me that anyone will call and I’m always a little sceptical, to let anyone in.
Anyway, he was wearing a G4S t-shirt, but the car he was driving, was totally unmarked.
When I refused him access (as I wasn’t sure I should have anyone calling), he became a little angry, (not really bad) and insisted, he be let in !  I refused.  He was able to provide my name, but I replied that he could get that off the Electoral Register.  He then replied ‘why would I do that’ !
I didn’t let him in, and shut the door.
He may have been completely genuine, but from my point of view, I’m not letting anyone into my home, unless I know who they are, or they have made an appointment.  In this case, I would expect to be notified.
I just wanted to raise it, as whilst I’m happy to tell people to go away unless I’m certain, he was very insistent to come in.  I live on a street with lots of elderly vulnerable people.  They would have just let him in.
Many thanks
Thanks Karen, this raises a useful point, for our newer members,
You did exactly the right thing.  If you are not sure:
You never let anyone into your home, unless you know them, or they have made an appointment !
You cannot even phone your service provider, to establish if they are genuine.  Your service provider will not know who these people are, because these services are now contracted out to sub contractor companies, who employ local staff and it would be difficult to track them down.  No-one knows - who they are – where they will be, or – when they will be out in a community reading meters.  That will be down to their own preferences.  Presumably, this was the reason for the unmarked car.
Phone the service provider back, on a number from a previous bill / internet and ask to set a password.  That will end all future uncertainty.  The meter reader will then knock at your door and immediately explain that you have set a password and give it to you – problem solved.
I have no idea why all service providers do not ask you to do this on their bills !  It would save an enormous amount of time and worry !  They would also benefit, by getting the meters read !
Since sending a similar warning to Ascot this morning, Duncan has emailed me from there, to say that his meter reader has just rung the doorbell – ‘Hello sir, I have come to read the meter – I see that you have set a password.  Its **** *****’.  The system works.  It is there to protect us.  Please use it ?
From November 18th 2013, there will be a number of changes to the classification and processes in relation to Anti Social Behaviour.
ASB incidents where an individual, or group, causes trouble, annoyance, inconvenience, offence or suffering to people in the local community in general, rather than, being deliberately targeted at specific individuals, or groups.
ASB incidents and actions, which have an impact on the surroundings, including the natural, built and social environments.  Incidents that should be recorded as ‘ASB Environmental’ will include unlawfully abandoned vehicles, unlawfully exposing vehicles for sale on a road, light pollution and noise from private and licensed premises.
The ACPO definition of ASB, will be used by TVP:
Behaviour by an individual, or group that results, or is likely to result in:-
  •  Another party feeling threatened
  •  Creates a public nuisance
  •  Has a detrimental impact upon the environment, or:
  •  Has a detrimental effect upon the quality of life of an individual, or the community as a whole.
A ‘repeat victim’ of Anti Social Behaviour is defined as:
  • An individual, or household, who has suffered 3 cases of Anti-Social Behavior, or a signal offence, within a 3 month period - (whether reported to Police/other agencies or not).

I will circulate more information, as the due date approaches.

ASB in RBWM, has reduced considerably in the last few years and we hope communities, had found this to be the case and noticed an improvement.  We the Police, the Borough and our partner agencies, including the Housing Associations, have together, put in an enormous amount of work to bring this about.  Attending the meetings I do, I can confirm from the feedback I am receiving that this is the case.  Always more to do – but we have achieved a lot !
 There was a burglary in Windsor yesterday – and the advice is good for Maidenhead as well !
31/10  Thursday 6 p.m.  Eton Close, Datchet.  Burglary.  A witness saw 3 men in dark clothing climbing back out over a garden wall into public pathway and called the police.  The police attended immediately and found that a burglary had taken place – the rear patio door had been forced.  The thieves did not bother to search the ground floor, but immediately made for the upstairs bedrooms looking for jewellery.  As they knew they had been disturbed – they made off - nothing was stolen.  No-one was located.
FOR OUR NEWER MEMBERS – You must never leave any jewellery, in a place it would take a thief less than 5 minutes to find – the average length of a burglary.  So – NO JEWELLERY IN BEDSIDE TABLES, DRESSING TABLE DRAWERS, OR IN A VISIBLE JEWELLERY BOX !  We do not have ‘Professional Burglars’ in RBWM, unless you have a collection of antiques, silver, porcelain, paintings, clocks etc.  If you don’t – it will be an ‘Opportunist Thief’.  They want small portable, hard to identify, valuable and easy to sell items.  Jewellery – particularly gold jewellery - is no. 1 on their list.  They do not have time to select items, they pick up a sports bag / pillowcase from your home and just dump anything they feel might be valuable into it – to sort later.
So – you may have sentimental, perhaps not particularly valuable items in a jewellery box on your dressing table.  They take the whole thing and – you will never get any of it back !  jewellery must be sorted into – Whatever you wear all the time and what you don’t wear, but would never want to lose – hide it securely, where it would take more than 5 minutes to find.  You know your house best, you know where that loose floorboard is !  My aunt had a pocket made in the lining of her full length curtains.  She just dropped her jewellery in, when she was not wearing it.  No-one would ever have found it.  This raises a second point – YOU MUST REMEMBER WHERE YOU HAVE HIDDEN IT !  SOMEONE ELSE IN YOUR FAMILY – THAT YOU TRUST ! MUST ALSO KNOW WHERE IT IS, IN CASE ANYTHING HAPPENS TO YOU !!!

Neighbourhood Page:

31/10  Thursday 9 a.m. / 9.20 a.m.  High Street.  Car entered – POSSIBLY LEFT INSECURE – iPod, mobile and loose change.
1/11  Friday 8.45 a.m. / 10.15 a.m.  Lassell Gardens.  Car passenger side body panels keyed and one of the tyres let down.
31/10   Thursday 2.30 p.m. / 5.30 p.m.  Ray Park Road.  Bike stolen from the doorway of the property.  A gents black / grey Diamondback Stealth bike
Neighbourhood Page:

30/10 – 31/10  Wednesday 4.30 p.m. / Thursday 11 a.m.  The Shaw, Cookham Rise.  Car keyed.
31/10  Thursday midnight / 7 a.m.  Blenheim Road.  Burglary.  Offenders have climbed into the house via a rear WINDOW LEFT INSECURE.  Tidy search of the ground floor.  They left via the front door taking the house keys with them.  Nothing else stolen.
29/10 – 30/10  Tuesday 7.30 p.m. / Wednesday 9.30 a.m.  Havelock Road.  The owner came down in the morning and found the driver’s door of their car, parked on a private driveway, slightly ajar.  It may possibly have BEEN LEFT INSECURE.  A Sat Nav charger and a SAT NAV were stolen.
Neighbourhood Page:

29/10 – 30/10  Tuesday 6 p.m. / Wednesday 1 p.m.  Delta Court, Grenfell Road.  Car POSSIBLY LEFT INSECURE entered.  Car searched, SAT NAV stolen from the windscreen.
31/10  Thursday 9.40 p.m.  Brunel Road.  House window smashed.  The owner saw a young lad running away.  He was wearing a grey hoody – covering his face – blue jeans and a dark coloured back pack.
29/10 – 30/10  Tuesday 5.45 p.m. / Wednesday 7 a.m.  Yard, Green Lane.  Offenders have climbed into the yard over front gate.  They have then unscrewed the fuel line and allowed the fuel to penetrate a cloth on the end of a stick.  It did not catch light and the offenders made off as they got in.
31/10  Thursday 10 p.m. – 10.20 p.m.  Upper Bray Road, Bray.  Batteries stolen from temporary traffic lights.
If you are having difficulty tracking down a fake TV – Consider Redline Security.  This is the retail arm of the security company from whom I buy all our security equipment:

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