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Crime: 13 November 2013  


The Fake TVs !
Hi Jeff,
Following the advice in your recent communication, we bought a "fake" TV.  We are extremely impressed by it and it certainly gives the impression of someone watching TV - in an upstairs room.
We bought the one with a dusk sensor, so it comes on just as it gets dark, which is really useful as we don't get home from work till 6 or so.
It’s so easy to use and such a simple idea.  Many thanks for telling us about it. 
My pleasure – We inside the police station, are really impressed with them as well.  We need to thank Mrs Chalmers - our Crime Reduction Advisor - who recommended them !
Dear Jeff,

Just a quick note to say we had a gentleman (young, Irish accent, shiny grey suit with no tie) door knocking around Woodfield Drive and, I presume, the other roads around Sandisplatt Road, yesterday afternoon.  He was offering to do the driveway.  I quickly sent him on his way, advising that none of the houses in the road would be interested, nor would they do such business with door knockers and I watched until he left the close.

We are now keeping a close(r) eye on each others' houses.

My grateful thanks.  This is exactly what we should all do.  We don’t live in isolation.  I can help a neighbour whilst they are out and hopefully they will help me while I am out.  That way – we protect each other !  It is worth the effort.
Can I also add.  After any encounter like this – Close the door, firmly yet politely and phone the PEC on the 101 number ???  We will always send someone out.  That way an elderly or vulnerable neighbour in your or another street, will be protected
Friday 8/11 7 pm to  Saturday 9/11  2.30 pm in Norfolk Park Cottages, offenders  walked through a side gate to a shed at the bottom of a garden, removing a pane of glass, to gain access.  They forced the door open from the inside, to leave.  They then threw paint from the shed all over the rear of the house and pushed fireworks through the letterbox, which ignited curtains behind the door.  The fire worked its way out, only causing minor damage.
Police are asking for anyone with information or who may have witnessed this incident to contact the PEC on the non-emergency number 101 number
12/11  Tuesday 4.35 p.m. / 4.40 p.m.  Business, Lexham Court, High Street.  Walk in theft, offender walked through the building and stolen a mobile phone, which had been left on charge.
12/11  Tuesday 11 a.m. / 12.45 p.m.  Tennis Club, Nicholson Centre.  Bike stolen from bike rack outside.  CCTV caught a man described as white, 6’, 13.5 stone, wearing green gym kit taking the bike.
12/11  Tuesday 4.25 p.m.  Shop, High Street
Two men with middle European accents, entered the shop.  One distracted the assistant, while the other stole the Poppy Charity box. Which was in the window
1/11 – 12/11  Church Hall, St Luke’s Road.  Graffiti sprayed on the rear wall with a tag.
11/11 – 12/11  Monday / Tuesday Hotel, Craufurd Rise.  Graffiti sprayed on the front wall with a tag.
11/11  Monday 6 p.m. / 6.50 p.m. Ellington Park.  Car rear windscreen smashed and the wing mirror vandalised.  Nothing stolen.
Hi Jeff,
Sergeant Blades and I attended the Cookhams / Walthams NAG meeting yesterday evening.  The area covered by that NAG, also incorporates Furze Platt and Pinkneys Green, however, there are no representatives from those two areas on the NAG.  Members of the Nag wondered whether there is anyone from those areas who might be interested in joining and attending our Nag on a regular basis ?
We need ‘dooers’, people with ideas and projects which would help and support the police in tackling the three priorities set by local residents.  To find out what they are residents can follow the above link to the neighbourhood Page on the TVP website.
Kind regards
Simon Eziashi PC2943
Neighbourhood Officer
Cookham, Waltham St Lawrence & Hurley
Maidenhead Police Station
Tel: 101
10/11 – 11/11  Sunday 6 p.m. / 2.30 p.m.  Cadwell Drive, Cox Green.  Garage break.  there is a mark on the top of the garage door to force it open.  Sports bag stolen and filled with tools – Electric drills X 3 and fishing tackle stolen
12/11  Tuesday 7.20 p.m. / 9.30 p.m.  Pub, High Street, Bray.  Car rear windscreen smashed – LAPTOPS X 3, keyboard, wireless mouse, iPad, and calculator.
More scam phone calls:
Hi jeff,
Whilst I was out of my office, a colleague fielded a call for me from someone saying that they had found my wallet.  They wanted my phone number and my address, to get in touch, so that they could deliver it back to my house  !!
The caller went on to say that he had used my details from ‘Linked in’.
I have never joined that group, but I see my details are on there.  Fortunately, my colleague did not provide either my phone number, nor my address.  He did manage to contact me and I advised him that my wallet, was safe in my pocket.
I have reported the incident to the PEC on the 101 number, as I suspect a scam of some sort, but what sort of scam  ??  Any ideas  ?
New to me.  The only thing I can think of is – ‘when will you be home for me to deliver the wallet ?  If you are at work will there be anyone there I can hand it to ??????

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