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Crime: 24 January 2014 

We have had teams of Nottingham Knockers across Central Windsor in the last few days and we were so pleased NHW members reported them immediately, so we were able to go out, locate them, check their ‘Pedlars Certificates’ which were not for this area – and move them on !
They may be in your area soon.  Please remember our NHW Motto:
Close the door firmly, but politely and call the police on the 101 number, to let us know where and when they were at your door, their direction of travel – and – a full description, so that they can be located and identified.
Please also remember – NO CONVERSATION.  We are conditioned to be helpful and answer questions when asked – ‘I tried next door, but there was no reply’?  ‘Oh No !  They are on holiday in Barbados for 3 weeks – they flew first class’!!!!!  ‘Oh No !  They work in the city, often very late and never get home before 9.30 p.m. ‘!!!
This is a scam.  The lads don’t commit crime, they just gather the addresses of the vulnerable, with large sums of cash in the house.  They get an extra payment for each address they supply.  Those addresses are sold in pubs and prisons.  You then get the tarmaccers, roofers, driveway people – you name it.
How do they know if you have large sums of cash ?  You know and they know, that what they are selling is rubbish.  If you buy from them, you get one tick in the box – you are gullible.  Stage 2.  The amount will be a note – usually £10.  How long does it take you to get this amount.  When you hand it over, what is the condition of the note, how does it smell !  If it is scrunched from a purse / wallet, no tick.  If it is a crisp, new, flat note, tick in the box – you have a stash in the house.  If it smells slightly musty – another tick – you have a large stash of notes.
That is why you must phone us, and we check them out.  Most do admit they are straight out of prison, to gain you sympathy.  BUT – they are not the sort of people, you want looking up your hallway at your possessions !
It also gets people used to seeing strange people walking up and down driveways, so they become invisible, as opposed to standing out !
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22/1 – 23/1  Wednesday 8.30 p.m. / Thursday 1 a.m.  College Avenue.  Burglary.  Entry to kitchen via an INSECURE DOOR – iPhone 5, cash and keys stolen.
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23/1 – 24/1  Thursday 4.30 p.m. / Friday 7.50 a.m.  East Cottages, Bath Road, Littlewick Green.  Burglary.  Entry via 2 forced windows.  Proffesional mitre saw and multi tools stolen.
22/1  Wednesday 8.40 a.m.  Malvern Road.  A security guard saw torchlight on a roof and went to investigate.  He distruebed 2 offenders who made off on foot.  They had been attemptiong to steal copper piping and lead from the roof.
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21/1 - 23/1  Tuesday 9 p.m. / Thursday 6 p.m.  Grenfell Road.  Car ENTERED BY UNKNOWN MEANS – front of car and glovebox searched, 2 bags of food shopping stolen from the boot.
22/1  Wednesday  2.45 p.m.  Stamford Road.  The owner received a phone call from DC Whitlow of the Metropolitan Police.  He was told someone had accessed his bank accounts and money taken.  Would he please let them have his card details and then cut up the credit and bank cards, a courier had been sent to collect them.  He ended the call and went to a neighbour for advice.  They phoned the bank and were told no fraud had taken place on the account.  Later the owner’s daughter phoned the bank and they confirmed amounts had been withdrawn.
23/1 – 24/1  Thursday 11 p.m. / Friday 6.30 a.m.  Wessex Way.  Bike stolen from a garden shed.  Nothing else was stolen and the DOOR WAS FOUND OPEN BUT UNDAMAGED.  A gents white bike.
22/1 – 23/1  Wednesday 10.30 p.m. / Thursday 6 a.m.  St. Chad’s Road.  Blue VW Transporter index RN ** PZX stolen from outside a house. 
23/1 – 24/1  Thursday 11 p.m. / Friday 10 a.m.  Cherry Garden Lane.  Garage break – 2 padlocks boltcropped.  Searched, but nothing stolen.
23/1 – 24/1  Thursday / Friday.  Northumbria Road.  Car keyed.
23/1 – 24/1  Thursday 11.40 p.m. / Friday 1.30 a.m.  Aysgarth Park.  Car rear windscreen vandalised.
23/1  Thursday Old Mill Lane, Bray.  Car rear driver’s window smashed – leather briefcase and contents stolen from the rear seat.  It had been covered by a coat.  Some of the contents have been discarded nearby.
22/1  Wednesday 6.30 p.m. / 9 p.m.  High Street, Bray.  Car rear windscreen smashed – 2 LAPTOPS, Ipad and leather briefcase stolen. 
Marion has sent me this:
I had a caller at the house at about 6 pm purporting to be from the British Legion.
I explained I do not do business at the door even if he was from them.
It was very dark. He was very affronted that I wouldn't give a donation.  I explained again that and told him, I donate in November.  I had to insist three times, before I was able to send him packing. I alerted British Legion and 101 but wanted to report it here too.
One thing I should not have done, was open my front door, without checking through the window first, silly me!
Well done Marion.  These are all wonderful charities who all do excellent work.  We must though make our own arrangements and NOT HAND OUR BANK DETAILS TO A COMPLETE STRANGER AT THE DOOR.  Paul Hay at our Ascot Open Meeting explained it extremely well.  Would you write these details on a large placard and place it outside your house for passing strangers to read ??  If not – why would you give them to any other complete stranger ?
Rachel has sent me a copy of an email she has received – purporting to be from the Inland Revenue, confirming she has a tax rebate of £397.50.  The email is all headed up beautifully and looks to be an authentic email from HMRC.  Underneath the message saying she is due a rebate, is a link to the ‘Tax Rebate Form’ they need to be completed, in order to effect the refund.
Rachel has phoned the Inland Revenue direct:
‘Before you even speak to someone, an automated message says you will never receive a notification through e-mail, or telephone.  It will only be by an official letter’.
Just thought I should pass it on.
Many thanks Rachel.  As Paul explained last Wednesday evening at our NHW Open meeting, when dealing with these scams.  If you run your curser over the link, you will see where it will actually take you.  If that is not an HMRC website – you know – apart from the fact that it is an email, that it is a scam. You have been warned ! 

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