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Crime: 19 February 2014 


First a message re the Floods from Supt Kate Ford:
Thames Valley Police and other partner agencies have now relocated one of its operational bases back to Windsor police station.
Wraysbury Primary School has now been handed back to its management to allow them to prepare for the return of their pupils next week.

Representatives from the police, fire service, local authority, military and environment agency have collectively worked from the school since last Tuesday (11/2), allowing them to swiftly respond to any issues regarding the floods as well as providing local residents an opportunity to pop in for advice or to talk through any questions or concerns and provide community reassurance.
In addition, three multi-agency community hubs have been set-up to provide temporary points of contact for residents in the most affected areas of the floods.

The hubs, which can provide helpful information and advice, opened to the public this morning (19/2).
They will be initially staffed by representatives from Thames Valley Police’s neighbourhood policing teams and Local Authority, as well as Environment Agency ambassadors. They will be joined by other key partner agencies with the aim of helping residents’ lives return to normal following the severe flooding in the area.

One of the hubs is operating from Datchet Parish Council offices, in Allen Way, with a second hub situated within Wraysbury Baptist Hall, in High Street.

A third hub, which will serve people living in the Bisham/Cookham/Hurley area, has been set-up in Cookham Parish Council, High Road, Cookham Rise.

All three hubs will be open from 9am to 7pm.
The water levels in Windsor and Maidenhead are now stabilising and will be dropping slowly over the next 24 to 48 hours. No further river flooding of properties is expected. We are not expecting any heavy rain over the next five days which is also good news as the local authority and partners starts the clean-and-repair operation across the borough.
For the very latest information about the floods, please go to the Borough’s website where the situation is updated regularly:
Loads of calls over the last few days, to say you have been receiving phone calls from a security company offering to come along to your home, carry out a Home Security Survey and then discuss security possibilities, with you.  The first two questions are – do you own your own home and do you live alone / do you have a husband ?
They go on to say their agents will be in the area walking about, making appointments.  The answer should always be the same – I am not interested and simply put down the phone !
If you are worried about your security, simply email the Neighbourhood Team at their group email below.  They will be happy to come along and carry out a Security Survey, completely free of charge.  They will leave you with a list of any recommendations they make, which will be practical and fit your personal circumstances !!!
I have been receiving calls and emails, to let me know that there have been ‘dodgy builders’ out and about cold calling and saying that they have seen damage to roofs, chimneys, or flood damage they can sort out.
Please remember out NHW MOTTO:
I am sorry, I do not buy goods and services at the door.
Close the door, firmly but politely and call the police, with a full description of the person, any van they were driving and what was said.
I have had a flier from a resident in Ascot – a man offering to clean out drains.  The only telephone number on the flier is a mobile number.  Don’t touch any tradesman with only a mobile number.  Same for the phone number on the side of a van.  No local number – no deal !
If you are of pensionable age, or in receipt of any form of benefit and you need any work done on your house, please contact Louise Tyson at ‘Repair With Care’ at Housing Solutions.  She has a list of checked and Insured builders/ contractors of all kinds.  Her leaflets are attached.  It is a brilliant service and should always be your first port of call for any work you need done:
Tel: 01628 545 000
‘It can be hard to find a good, reliable tradesman today. But if you live in the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead, there is help at hand. If you are over 55 and a home owner, private tenant, or have a disability, our Repair with care service can help you find a reliable tradesman to repair and improve your home.
Repair with care can take care of those small jobs around your home, major repairs or any improvements you may want to make. Our aim is to make sure the whole process from start to finish is simple and stress free for you and that the work is done to a high standard.
The Repair with care Service is operated by Housing Solutions. For a small hourly fee our Handyperson Service can take care of your small jobs around your home. For those larger jobs, renovations and home improvements, we have a unique Contractor Service, taking you from start to finish with trusted contractors at competitive prices.’
PC Michelle Race has been to see me with a photo of a stolen bike.  It is quite distinctive.  If you see it, please phone it through to the PEC for the attention of PC Race. – photo attached
Car clocking leads to community order for Maidenhead man
A Maidenhead car dealer who fraudulently sold a vehicle knowing it displayed a false mileage has been sentenced to 90 hours of community payback.
Shakeel Awan, who traded as Valley Trading, was sentenced at Slough Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday 18 February. The 90 hours penalty was reduced from 120 due to Mr Awan’s guilty plea at an earlier hearing.
In addition he was ordered to pay £2,495 compensation to the car buyer, prosecution costs of £1,400 and a victim surcharge of £60.
Mr Awan, owner of Valley Trading, Malvern Road, Maidenhead, had already pleaded guilty to three trading standards charges, all under the Fraud Act and all committed in November 2012:

  • committing fraud by false representation in that he sold a vehicle with an incorrect mileage reading on the odometer contrary to Section 2 of the Fraud Act 2006
  • committing fraud by failing to disclose information about the mileage on a vehicle which was in his possession and sold contrary to Section 3 of the Fraud Act 2006
  • committing fraud by possession of a vehicle with an incorrect mileage indication contrary to Section 6 of The Fraud Act 2006.
The charges all related to the sale of a VW Golf by Awan to a postgraduate student from Birmingham. The car was stated by Awan to have travelled 93,000 miles but it had, in fact, travelled more than 150,000 miles. Although Mr Awan did not alter the car’s mileage, he knew the true mileage of the car when he bought it and failed to reveal this when he subsequently advertised and sold it.
Mr Awan also refused to offer the buyer any compensation, initially denying the car had been clocked and only admitting this when later confronted with the evidence.
Cllr Carwyn Cox, cabinet member for environmental services, said: “This is a great outcome thanks to the hard work and determination of the Royal Borough’s trading standards team.
“It is the culmination of an investigation that began in November 2012 and while car clocking has become less common it is pleasing to note that the bench took the matter very seriously – repeatedly reminding Mr Awan that he could well have gone to prison for the offences concerned. It sends a clear message to all would-be car clockers that this is fraud, you will be punished and you could get a custodial sentence.”
Your Neighbourhood Page on TVP's Website - Click Here
17/2 – 18/2  Monday 6.30 p.m. / Tuesday 6.45 a.m.  North Town Moor.  Grey BMW 530D index YE ** TUO stolen from the driveway.  The owner still has both sets of keys and there is no broken glass.  Was it winched onto the back of a flatbed ?
Your Neighbourhood Page on TVP's Website - Click Here
11/2 – 19/2  Tuesday 11 a.m. / Wednesday noon.  Terry’s Lane, Cookham.  Car keyed and wing mirror damaged – a parking issue !
18/2  Tuesday 7.40 p.m.  Whurley Way, Furze Platt.  Egg thrown at front door.
Your Neighbourhood Page on TVP's Website - Click Here
14/2 – 17/2  Friday noon / Monday 8.30 a.m.  Boyn Hill Avenue.  Front garden gate damaged.
18.2  Tuesday 9.20 a.m. / 12.30 p.m.  Hastings Close, Bray.  Burglary.  Rear patio door forced – house searched – nothing appears to have been stolen.
I get loads of scam emails and phone messages from you. 
Hi Jeff,
Have a look at this one; its about a US scam which encourages mobile users to ring back to find out who called,
Its not here yet, but give it time.........
Hoax-slayer is an excellent site updated twice monthly.
All the best,
I have just had an elderly resident see me, whose 84 year sister from Ascot, has just been fleeced for £1,500.
Groups of shady individuals, are going around, knocking on doors and targeting the elderly, telling them they need urgent repairs to their houses, as a result of the recent storms.
A big burly chap and his 3 other gang members, came to her front door.  She was scared and intimidated by their presence, so agreed to have the work done.  She was quoted £4,000 for chimney repairs, she told me "I got them down to £1,500" !
They completed the so called "repairs". They then took her to the bank, where she withdrew the money.
As you know I am a Special Sergeant with Thames Valley Police and have seen this happen on far too many occasions.  With the recent bad weather, many of these gangs will be out and about, targeting the senior members of our community.
Can I urge everyone to be extra vigilant, if you see a vehicle outside an elderly neighbour’s house, note the vehicle index and call the police straight away.

Excellent advice – Many thanks Clive.
Hi Jeff,
I have received yet another Inland Revenue Scam email:
Refund_Form.html(22.9 KB)
The text of the message is addressed to 'Dear Applicant', and suggests that they have investigated my tax payments and latest tax returns over the last 7 years, and their calculations suggest an overpayment of GBP 281.95.....etc. etc. blah blah.
I printed off the message, rather than indulge their invitation, to download the 'Tax Refund Form' attached to this email.
These are not generally sent to you as a named individual.  If this is from the Inland Revenue to you, offereing you a rebate – you would think they would know who you are – rather than ‘Dear Applicant’ !
Bin them and never open an attachment form – however urgent they say it is.  There is always a reason you should do it immediately or........
Many thanks Celia.
Hi jeff,
I am following an incoming call through out of interest.
I had a phone call on 18th Feb.  “You have won £32,500, in our in-house lottery”.
They had records of all my spending on Lotteries (average £10/month) and knew that my biggest win ever, was £10.00.
They will deliver the money by courier and require an ident such as my card (here we go).
I told them the only thing they will see, is my driving licence.  So far, there has been no demand for money (and they will get none).
They gave me their cheque number and their telephone no 0203 2900941; Post code SE1 1NF.  Head Office in Vancouver.
All very innocent so far. The caller said they did not want money  ! Interesting to see at what point, they will want money, or cards.
I will keep you in the picture.
It does help if it comes from a Bank you don’t bank with !
Hi Jeff
I am presuming this is a scam.  It relates to an email from Barclays (I don't bank with Barclays), informing me that a deposit of over £8,300 has been deposited into my bank account.  Attached to the email is a zipped copy of what they have described as the 'receipt'.
I am not expecting such a windfall, so haven't opened the attachment.  Is this a new scam or am I just a bit late in being targeted?
First – if you don’t bank with Barclay’s, you know instantly it is a scam.  If you do – a phone call should settle it.  In either event – YOU NEVER OPEN THE ATTACHMENT !

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