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Crime: 24 February 2014 

More Courier Frauds – FOUR - over the weekend since Friday – All in Maidenhead.
If you search for Courier Fraud online, Wikepedia detail another MO.  Fraudsters use and automated version.  You receive a computer voice simulation to tell you there had been fraudulent usage of your card, can you pump in your card details, PIN number, Expiry date and date of birth etc. 
Don’t fall for this version.
Several people may have received and fallen for this type of call, rather than the PC Peter Read version from Hammersmith Police Station and not checked their account and let us know.
Hello Jeff
Passwords ?
Anyone making a bogus call whether purporting to call from a bank (‘fraud on the account’) or from the police (‘there has been fraud on the account’) or even from an IT company (‘there is a problem with your computer) could be asked for the ‘password’.
There does not have to be an actual password, the caller only has to think that there is a password and he/she, can’t give the password.
The person being called would just say that without the password they cannot continue the call and put the phone down.
I think it is a great idea !
Next from Mike re Courier Fraud:
Hi Jeff
Received your Courier Scam document on Friday’s Alert, thanks.
One way of helping spread information is through those who use Facebook and other social networks.
However it is not possible to post ‘Word’ documents onto Facebook. I have no idea if this applies to Twitter and the like.
I have managed to post the entire two page leaflet on my Facebook page, by converting it to jpeg format, and asked my contacts to ‘share’ it on their pages and at least print a few copies off each to pass to people who may be vulnerable and probably don’t use the internet social networks.
I have attached the two pages in jpeg format for you to pass on if you so wish. They are not perfect but hopefully may assist in spreading the word if people who use Facebook and suchlike would post them.
Thanks Mike, the pages are attached for everyone else to do likewise !!  Another TVP Handout has been produced.  Can people convert this one into a ‘jpeg’ and circulate it via Facebook please ???  This problem is countrywide and the fraudsters are stealing millions from people’s accounts.
Three out of the four Maidenhead offences, were reported to us around, or just after midnight.  I am checking if that is shortly after the calls were received from the Fraudster, just after the courier had collected the cards, or just when the penny dropped.  If the times are close to the first phone call it is something to be aware of, if you receive a call late at night.
If you ever get a phone call like this – just put down the receiver.
22/2  8 p.m.  Saturday Someone in the Windsor area was shining a laser up to aircraft endangering their safety.  The authorities take this really seriously !  It was a green laser and the plane was at 3,000 feet !
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22/2  Saturday  4 p.m. / 7.30 p.m.  Summerleaze Road.  The owners went out for a short time.  When they got back they found the rear patio doors had been forced.  The whole house searched as well as the shed in the garden – perhaps for tools to force the patio doors.  Laptops X 2 and cash stolen.  The thieves had entered the rear garden via a side garden gate left INSECURE.
21/2 – 22/2  Friday 5.10 p.m. / Saturday 7.25 a.m.  Shifford Crescent, Furze Platt.  Someone has kicked the rear of a car very hard leaving an indent and a footprint.
20/2 – 21/2  Thursday / Friday  Laggan Road.  2 tyres have been punctured – a repeat offence.
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21/2  Friday 7.30 p.m. / 11 a.m.  Lester’s Road, Cookham Rise.  First floor sitting room window smashed with a stone / pellet.
21/2  Friday Guide Camp, Knowl Hill Common, Knowl Hill.  Attempt to break into the Guide hut.  2 windows smashed with a tent pole and remaining glass knocked out with a canoe paddle.  The offenders could still not get in, but did reach in and remove a camp fire lighter, which they then discarded.
20/2 – 21/2  Thursday / Friday  Gloucester Road, Furze Platt.  House egged – ongoing situation.
22/2 – 23/2  Saturday 11.30 p.m. / Sunday 6.30 a.m.  Larchfield Road.  Attempted Burglary.  Jemmy marks found on living room window frame.  No entry gained and nothing stolen.
21/2  Friday Avondale, Furze Platt.  The Aggrieved received a call to say his bank cards had been compromised and asked him to call his bank immediately, which he did.  He spoke to someone from his bank who asked him to key all his card details including his PIN number into the phone – which he did.  A courier was then arranged to collect the cards.  A man dressed in full motorcycle gear then arrived and took the cards.  Money has since been removed from his account.
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22/2  Saturday Underhill Close.  The aggrieved received a call from a Met Pol officer advising him that his card had been cloned and there was fraudulent usage of his card.  Could he please immediately phone his bank to cancel his cards.  HE DID NOT DO THIS – AND GAVE NO CARD DETAILS, but phoned the police immediately.
21/2  Friday 5.15 p.m.  School, Altwood Road.  Someone has walked into the open school and set off fire extinguishers, causing minor damage.
17/2 – 21/2  Monday / Friday  Clare Road.  Metal nail pushed into sidewall of a tyre.
21/2  Friday  St. Chads Road.  The Aggrieved received a call from a man who said he was a PC from Barnet Police Station.  He asked various questions about the usage of her cards and then explained that someone had used one to the value of £5,000.  She was unhelpful and the man put the phone down.  The number was withheld.
21/2  Friday 7.45 p.m. / 10.30 p.m.  Homestead Road.  Both car index plates stolen.
23/2 – 24/2  Sunday 9 p.m. / Monday 6.30 a.m.  Braybank, Bray X 4.  1.  Garage handle damaged in an attempt to force open the garage.  Additional security has been installed since a previous garage break.  2.  Garage break – handle / lock forced off.  3 bikes stolen.  1. A gents, blue, Scott GT Avalanche bike.  2.  A gents black & yellow, Scott Speedster 60 bike and 3. A gents red, white & black De Rosa Athena 838 bike.  3.  Electronic garage door forced using bodily pressure.  Bike stolen.  3 other bikes taken from the garage ready to go, but left behind.  A gents, red, Cannondale Quick CX2 bike – Frame Number RM00563 !!!  4.  Garage door lock forced.  Nothing taken as garage empty.
21/2  Friday Hearne Drive, Holyport.  The Aggrieved received a telephone call from PC Ross, from Barnet Police station.  They had 4 people in custody from fraudulent use of the aggrieved’s credit cards.  Could he please immediately ring his bank as a matter of urgency.  He did this and spoke to a woman called Rachel.  She asked him to key in his card and PIN numbers into the phone – which he did.  They also asked for his wife’s mobile number etc.  His cards had been cancelled – would he please go to his bank the next day.  A courier was then sent and collected the cards – a motor bike Courier with a full helmet covering his face.  When he went to his bank he found £600 had been withdrawn from his account and possibly more.  There had also been attempts on his wife’s M&S card.
Hi Jeff,
This has just arrived in my inbox from someone I know:
I just arrived in Cyprus, I'm in a fix and I need your help. Can I get a loan of £1,200? You 'll have it as soon as I get home next week. I lost my cell phone and my bank card.................

Thanks John
Just bin them.  Your friend is not in a desperate situation, they are probably sitting quietly at home.  This is a virus infection, which attacks the personal address book, sending these emails.  The sender needs to run a virus scan and change all their passwords.

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