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Crime: 8 April 2014 


A 35-year-old man has been charged, following six burglary dwellings in Windsor and Maidenhead.
Rueben Butler, of Moreland Avenue, Colnbrook, was charged in connection with the six offences on Friday (4/4).
He was remanded in police custody overnight, to appear before Reading Magistrates’ Court on Saturday (5/4), where he was further remanded.
Three of burglaries, relate to alleged incidents at static caravans in Windsor Marina, Maidenhead Road, Windsor, between December last year and February this year.
The other three charges, relate to a burglary at an address in Walgrove Gardens, Maidenhead, on Saturday 1 March 2014 and burglaries at two properties in Old Ferry Drive, Windsor, on Friday 7 March 2014.
Butler has been remanded in custody, to appear before Reading Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday 23 April.
From Trading Standards:
Avoiding buying a flood damaged car!
• Written off cars are those with water damaged engines; they have literally been destroyed by the floods.
• It only needs a couple of tablespoons of water destroy an engine and there may well be other water damage.
• Be very suspicious of a car with a price tag below market value.
• Check the V5C document for the owners address - this will tell you if the car has come from a flood zone.  This also applies if buying from a dealer - check the previous owner.
• Ask a straight question - "Is this a water flooded car?" and watch their response time. A slow answer could indicate an issue, but a quick firm ‘no’ without hesitation is always a good sign.
• Smell the car for mould residue as any car that has been water logged will have a strange odour. Suspect
that overpowering fragrant smell.
• Double-check the whole length of the seatbelts, carpets, doors, roof and upholstery for water discolouration.  If anything looks out of place, blotchy, water stained or notably brand-new, the car could have  been water damaged.
• Check for re-sprays, touch ups and bubbling paint inside and outside - including latches and brackets for rust. Flood damage can corrode materials long after re-spraying a car.
• Electrics are complicated so if in doubt call a professional. Check by listening to the stereo and operating wipers, ignition, lights, indicators, horn, cigarette lighter, air conditioning, heated seats, brittle wiring and anything else.
• Check the oil (which will be a milky brown colour if affected), and for condensation in the lights, air filter, wheel wells, doors, boot, glove compartment, spare tyres, under the seats and seat tracks.
• If in doubt take a mechanic with you to inspect the car.
Vehicle fraud costs victims £17.8 million
Buying and selling used cars has never been easier but new figures show an alarming increase in dodgy deals.

According to Get Safe Online and the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) thousands of motorists reported internet vehicle fraud in 2013.
For the article - CLICK HERE
Kate Bush Fans Warned of Fake Ticket Sites

With Kate Bush’s tour having sold out in minutes, disappointed punters have no doubt been turning to alternative sources to try and lay their hands on those coveted tickets.
There is an interesting article from The Metro - see it here...
For the article  - CLICK HERE
Research from the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) reveals that one in 12 ticket buyers has been caught out by scam ticket websites, with victims losing an average of £80 each.
Scammers often promote their websites on social networking sites, creating a user group with a link to their site, and posting positive feedback.
We are advising those buying tickets online to beware of sites selling tickets to events that haven’t gone on sale, to put website names into a search engine like Google to see what people are saying about the sites, and to use to find out more about the seller.
Ticket fraud happens when you buy tickets from an official looking website, but the tickets fail to arrive or turn out to be completely fake.
It is easy for fraudsters to set up a legitimate looking websites and even use similar URL’s to dupe you. It is important to remember that if you use unofficial ticket outlet websites, ticket re-sale outlets or touts you take the risk of being scammed.
Protect yourself against ticket fraud
· Always check with the event organiser for official ticket distribution lists.
· Pay for tickets by credit card – the card issuer is jointly liable for a failure for goods or services to be provided as long as the price of a single ticket is over than £100.
· Only make purchase from sites encrypted for payment. Look for the closed padlock and the web address in the browser should begin “https”.
· If you are unsure about a website, run a quick online search and check ticketing forums to find feedback from others.
· Look out for telephone numbers starting 070 or 004470. These can be set-up on the Internet and answered anywhere in the world.
· Check sellers’ privacy policy and returns policy.
Email Money Laundering Scam - Businesses Beware!

Emails are sent to various companies or product providers ask recipients to reply with details of the available products with a view to a future order.
If the recipient replies with the requested details, the scammer will subsequently place an order and request to pay via credit card. They will ask to pay substantially more than the agreed price and request that the recipient wire the extra money to a 'shipping agent' or other third party provider. The credit cards used in the transactions will be stolen. This scheme is a means of converting the proceeds of crime into untraceable cash.
For the full article - CLICK HERE
Rogues - by phone, or on your doorstep!
 Doorstep sales of mattresses in the area !
 Reports of Nottingham Knocker style door knockers (groups of people dropped off in a location that try to sell goods such as dusters and ironing board covers- at often vastly inflated prices, claiming that they are enrolled in some sort of offender rehabilitation scheme.
They may try to apply pressure to easily swayed residents, or request glasses of water, to gain entry to properties.
 Unsolicited scam phone calls trying their luck in getting access to your PC by saying they are from Microsoft / Windows.
 Local business reported an unsolicited phone call from a 'publisher' claiming association with the Police and offering advertising in a magazine, then calling back to confirm details and demanding money.
We – the Police are not the only ones trying to protect you – we do not work alone   .  We work very closely with all our Partners including Trading Standards, covering all sorts of different aspects, to keep residents safe !
Same advice as always – if you have a car with an external spare wheel – please check that it is still there, before and after, every journey and particularly, if you have been parked in a public car park !
Your Neighbourhood Page on TVP's Website - Click Here
5/4  Saturday 11.15 a.m. / 1 p.m.  Park Street Car Park.  Car badly damaged – dents in the boot, rear driver’s side panels.
3/4 – 4/4  Thursday 6 p.m. / Friday 8 a.m.  Bell Street.  Car badly keyed.  This is a repeat victim.
6/4  Sunday 2 a.m. / 4 a.m.  Derwent Drive.  Burglary.  The owner went to bed.  When a family member arrived home later, they found the conservatory doors open and the ground floor lights on.  Loose change stolen.
2/4 – 5/4  Wednesday / Saturday  Church, Marlow Road.  Church window smashed
Your Neighbourhood Page on TVP's Website - Click Here
5/4  Saturday 6 p.m. / 8.30 p.m.  Nat Trust Car Park, The Pound, Cookham.  Car rear windscreen smashed – HANDBAG and contents stolen from the boot.
7/4  Monday 11.25 p.m.  Farm, Halls Lane, Waltham St. Lawrence.  Burglary – Entry via forced kitchen window.  They were disturbed and immediately made off.
5/4  Saturday 12.30 p.m. / 12.55 p.m.  Cookham Road.  Car rear passenger window smashed – nothing stolen.
4/4 – 5/4  Friday 9.30 p.m. Saturday 8.45 a.m.  Murrin Road X 2.  1.  3 tyres let down on a car.  2.  Car left outside house – paint stripper poured over it.
5/4  Saturday 3.20 a.m.  Farm, Lee Lane, Pinkneys Green.  The owner was awoken during the night by their dog barking.  They thought it was just a wild animal.  In the morning they found part of their fence had been removed to allow a person to squeeze through into the farm.  Dog stolen from the kennels.  The kennel was opened the dog removed and then re-secured.  This happened last year when the same dog was removed one night and then returned a month later !  The owner believes the dog is taken for company by someone living rough in the area.  A black Labrador bitch, 9 years old called Dina.
Your Neighbourhood Page on TVP's Website - Click Here
5/4  Saturday 8.30 a.m.  Clare Road, Boyn Hill.  Glass panel in porch smashed.  This would not have granted access to the property.
7/4  Monday 3.45 p.m. / 4.35 p.m.  Clare Road, Boyn Hill.  Burglary.  House entered possibly via a front door LEFT INSECURE – sitting room entered and searched.  Passport, air tickets and Euros stolen.
6/4  Sunday 4 p.m. / 4.30 p.m.  Grenfell Road.  Locked up bike stolen from communal area.  A gents black bike.
5/4  Saturday 3.30 p.m. / 7.55 p.m.  Altwood Road.  Car driver’s window smashed – 2 bags removed from behind the driver’s seat.  The thief ignored the SAT NAV, left on the front seat.  LAPTOP and bag, school booksa and a wheelie bag stolen.
5/4  Saturday 4.40 p.m. / 6.50 p.m.  Larchfield Road.  Car rear window smashed 2 bags stolen from the rear.  The 2 offenders made off on a motorbike.  Clothing, MOBILE, LAPTOP, hard drive, briefcase and tote bag stolen.
3/4 - 5/4  Thursday 5 p.m. / Friday 10 a.m.  Ross RoadUNSECURED bike stolen from the rear of the property.
7/4  Monday 2.45 a.m.  Windsor Road.  The owner of a car saw a man standing beside their car with the door open.  They shouted and the man made off.  Nothing stolen.
1/10/2013 – 5/4  Ascot Road, Holyport.  Index plates stolen from 2 cars

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