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Crime: 9 April 2014


I made a presentation last night to a group of Catholic Wives in Maidenhead.  Can I thank all those that attended, for a brilliant evening, which was very enjoyable ?  I hope everyone learnt a great deal and we did laugh a lot !
Though most, were very computer literate, many had not heard about current scams – the Courier Scam included.  We – touch wood – have not had a courier scam in over 2 weeks and that scam will be severely disrupted next week, when phone lines will only stay open for 10 seconds.
One couple, had been victims of the Windows scam, completely unknowingly.  They had no idea it was a scam.  They thought the chap on the other end of the phone was really helpful.  Apparently he could tell from his office in the USA that their computer was running slowly ! The person at the meeting, wanted to know how he knew this and could access their computer remotely – if it wasn’t genuine.  He could apparently see what they could see, on their screen.  They added, ‘we could even see him moving the curser on our screen’ !  ‘How could he do that’ ?
I explained that he couldn’t and that they must have granted him access as a proxy, for him to do so.  They didn’t think they had.
After the meeting the woman called her husband to come in and chat to me.  Apparently, he had had a call from ‘Windows’ in America.  The man on the phone explained the computer was running slowly, due to viruses, he could install a much better virus protection – AVG.  The man then loaded AVG for him.  He did not realise that he had handed over his computer to them, in order for them to do this.  The man also cleared up some of his hard drive for which, he paid a life time subscription.
He was very happy with the service he had received and it was difficult to explain to him that it was a scam.  I asked him how much he had paid for this service.- it was a lot of money !
I asked him how he had paid – online with his credit card !
He had been really happy with the service he had received from this unknown, unsolicited person on the phone !  He is now going to have to change every password he has.  I suggested, he take the computer to a reputable computer dealer, to have everything checked and cleared out – more expense.
This scam warning message is obviously not being spread wide enough.  I thought everyone would know about the Windows / Microsoft scam – they don’t.  That is our job – to protect everyone we know.  Unfortunately the couple were not on my Alert Messaging system.  They are now !
Good News – as a result of excellent work done by PC Pete Bullett from the Ascot Neighbourhood team:
Man sentenced to four years in prison for theft - Berkshire
John Gwillim-Jones, aged 60, of no fixed abode, pleaded guilty to six offences of theft and was sentenced on 11 March at Reading Crown Court.

The offences took place in Waitrose stores in Sunningdale, Windsor, Marlow, Chesham and Henley, between May 2012 and October 2013.

Gwillim-Jones entered stores on the pretence of being a shopper and stalked female shoppers until he had a chance to reach into their shopping bags or handbags and remove their purses.

Gwillim-Jones was produced from Peterborough Prison on 21 January to a police station in Cambridgeshire and was interviewed about the thefts.

He was charged with six counts of theft on 22 January.

He also asked for two further offences of theft to be taken into consideration.
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31/3 – 8/4  Flat, St. Luke’s Road.  Bike chained to drainpipe stolen.  A ladies, black, Specialized Ariel Sport Disc bike – with frame number !
9/4  Thursday 1.20 a.m. / 3 a.m.  Ray Lea Road.  Red Ford Fiesta index F 9**YWM stolen from outside a house.
8/4  Tuesday Prince Andrew Close X 2.  1  Garage break – padlock forced.  A witness saw 3 men pull up in a white Ford transit, force entry to the garage by cutting off the lock with bolt croppers – guitar stolen.  2.  Another incident with the same van, lock removed but no entry gained.
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6/4 – 8/4  Sunday 10 a.m. / Tuesday 11.30 a.m.  Bisham Village, Bisham.  Burglary.  Entry via forced rear wooden door.  Whole house searched.  7 very valuable watches stolen along with a ‘watch rotator’ – it keeps automatic watches wound when not being worn !
1/1 – 8/4  High Street, Cookham.  Car index plates stolen from a car.
4/4 – 8/4  Friday 7 p.m. / Tuesday 10 a.m.  Switchback Road North.  Front house window smashed.
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8/4  Tuesday 11.30 p.m.  Bracken Road.  A neighbour went outside to have a cigarette and saw the security lights go on next door and an alarm sounded.  As they knew their neighbours were away, they immediately phoned the police, who attended immediately.  No-one was found at the scene.  Property was found piled up ready to go and other items recovered from the corner of Bracken Road and Cox Green Road.  The only thing taken was an Apple monitor.
Hi Jeff, re the info on 'jammers':
Thursday 27 March my remote garage door stopped working, which I traced as being some failure on the receiving circuit in the motor.
At the same time my 2 vehicles remote locking failed to work properly, which could only be made to happen by holding the remote about 6" away from the drivers' doors. Some visitors I had and my next door neighbour, experienced the same issue with their cars.
Theirs, and mine would work normally, when away from my driveway. On Saturday 29 March, I tested the affected area which was centralised on my driveway and extended about 15 metres either way on the road outside.
Late on Monday 31 March all vehicles and garage door, came back to normal. Could this be a case of jamming I wonder  ?  I would welcome your thoughts.
As I was burgled 2 years ago and had an intruder on my driveway at 4am one morning a year ago - I am a very vigilant person now.

Many thanks – sounds like a jammer to me.  Please also remember, they don’t have to be walking around, they could also be in a car driving around a much larger area jamming cars etc !  Before leaving any car, please make sure it has locked !  It will save a lot of argument with Insurance companies if your car does get broken into as a consequence !!!
Can I add to this.  When I left the meeting last night in the Cookham Road, I was unable to unlock my car using my fob !  I waited a few moments whilst I took all my equipment to the car from the hall, by which time, everything was fine !  I can only presume, someone drove past at that moment with a Jammer activated in their car !

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