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Crime: 14 April 2014


12/4  Saturday 10 a.m.  Tudor Way.  4 or 5 men called at the door to say the owner had some slipped tiles and the chimney was about to fall down !  He allowed them access to the roof and they said there was some lead work that also needed to be replaced.  They suggested £5,000 for the work – which they could do that day.  After negotiation, they agreed a price of £3,000.  They went up on the roof and ‘started working’.  An hour later they came down and said they needed the paying.  The owner said he did not have that much money in the house and would have to go to his bank.  The ‘builders’ told him to say – if asked at the bank – that the money was for a new car.  He left, obtained the cash and handed it over.  The men continued to work for 2 hours, then left.  He has not seen them since.  He has checked the roof and believes nothing has been done other than painting some of the lead.
I have been giving out warnings about ‘bogus builders, please keep an eye on your elderly / vulnerable neighbours.
Don’t let it be you, or someone you know.
NEXT a call has just come over the Police radios that Nottingham Knockers have been seen in Burchetts Green Road, Burchetts Green.  Many thanks to those that are reporting them.  Police are being immediately dispatched.
THE TPS – (Telephone Preference Service)
I do get mixed reviews, but I have had this in from Bob – another of our members that send me really useful information, to share with you.
Hi Jeff,
Some positive info, for you to share.  I normally get 3 to 4 nuisance calls a day, displayed as either international, or number withheld.  Most claim to be from UK based companies, regarding car injuries, PPI, etc.
On 30 March, there was a BBC News item, about the Government clamping down on UK companies abusing TPS rules, by using overseas call centres.
Since then, I have had only one such call, in almost two weeks.
Maybe the new focus, is causing these UK companies to think twice, as they will be held responsible and fined heavily according to the BBC !
Many thanks Bob, some members said TPS wasn’t that effective, I hope it has improved and this will encourage more to sign up – FOR THIS FREE SERVICE.
For other enquiries and questions not covered by the FAQ's
Registration Line 0845 070 0707
You can call this number to register your number or request a complaint form.
Address Telephone Preference Service (TPS)
DMA House
70 Margaret Street
Preference Service Helpline 0845 703 4599
You can call this number to hear about other Preference Services such as the Mailing Preference Service (MPS) or Fax Preference Service (FPS), if you are a company or for any other queries.
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11/4  Friday 8 p.m. / 9.30 p.m.  Restaurant Car Park, Windsor Road.  Car passenger window smashed – glove box searched sports bags X 2 removed and searched.  Items scattered everywhere.
11/4  Friday 2 p.m. / 4.15 p.m.  Blenheim Court, Kings Quarter.  Underground car park entered – bike store forced open – a black, gents Orange bike stolen.
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11/4  Friday 6 p.m. / 10.15 p.m.  The Pound, Cookham.  Car passenger window smashed – no attempt to steal anything.
12/4  Saturday  9.30 a.m. / 3.30 p.m.  Hurley Park, Mill Lane.  Pellet fired at a window in the park.
11/4  Friday 9.20 p.m. / 9.45 p.m.  Pub / Restaurant Car Park, Bath Road. Littlewick Green.  The owner was going in and out of the building.  On the last occasion she found her rear windscreen smashed – handbag tucked under the driver’s seat and contents stolen.
11/4  Friday 10.45 p.m.  Sunderland Road.  Attempted burglary Front window smashed.  Police attended immediately and a man was arrested. 
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13/4  Sunday 3 a.m.  Boyn Hill Road.  A Police Officer was out on patrol, when he saw a man acting suspiciously.  The man immediately made off on a bike, down an alley in Rutland Place.  The officer went back to where he was first sighted and found a second bike – a gents, Boardman Urban bike, along with John Lewis bag containing dishwasher tablets and a De Walt power tool in its box.  A containment was put in place.  The dog team was called and very quickly found the man, hiding nearby.  A search was then carried out and a forced garage door found.  The owner was called who confirmed it was a new break and the items recovered, were from his garage.  The man was arrested.
11/4  Friday 2.30 p.m. / 9 p.m.  Norden Farm, Altwood Road X 3.  1.  Car window damaged, but no entry gained – SAT NAV left on display.  2.  Car rear driver’s side quaterlight smashed.  LAPTOP stolen from the footwell behind the driver’s seat.  Paperwork from this car was later retrieved from Cannon Lane.  3.  Car rear windscreen smashed – parcel shelf lifted and a, Blackberry charger, LAPTOP and laptop bag stolen.
17/3 – 12/4  Copthorn Close, Cox Green.  Garage break – padlock removed.  A gents, blue and white Giant Revel bike stolen.
14/4  0.30 a.m. / 7.40 a.m.  Fetty Place X 2.  1.  Car ENTERED BY UNKNOWN MEANS – paperwork from the glove box has been strewn in the car.  The fuse box has been opened and wires exposed in an attempt to steal the car – a Silver Hyundai Getz.  2.  Car ENTERED BY UNKNOWN MEANS – tidy search, nothing stolen and passenger door left open.
11/4 – 12/4  Friday 1.30 a.m. / Saturday 10.15 a.m.  Norden Road.  Car window smashed - subwoofer and radio unit stolen from the centre console of a car.

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