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Crime: 23 April 2014


Neighbourhood Return no longer available
Neighbourhood Return was an innovative scheme, operating under the auspices of Neighbourhood Watch, which used local volunteers to search for people with memory problems who have gone missing, typically a person with dementia who had forgotten where they live.

The scheme had been covering the Thames Valley area for more than a year. However, Neighbourhood Return has failed to secure the long-term funding it needed. Therefore, the scheme has been closed down and its volunteers are no longer available to assist with searches for missing persons.

Many of you have registered to be volunteers for this excellent project and I am sorry to see it’s demise.

I made a presentation last night to the Lions in Maidenhead.  Can I thank them for the opportunity.  It was another brilliant evening, very well attended and I hope they learnt a lot.

The lions lead on a brilliant project which has been running for many years, but may have slipped from the limelight – MESSAGE IN A BOTTLEI would like to remind everyone that the project is still very much alive:


Do you live on your own, or take regular medication ?  If the answer is ‘Yes’, then the Lions ‘Message in a Bottle’ scheme is for you.

What is Message in a Bottle ?  It is a surprisingly simple idea, which encourages elderly / vulnerable people, e.g. those living on their own, to keep a record of all their personal and medical details.  Many people take medicines and often, tablets are found around the house. 

It helps the Emergency services, if they can see the actual prescription forms which explains doses and has the name of a doctor.  The form lists everything in a standard format, which is really useful.  This way, everything the emergency services need to know is in one place everyone knows about.  They can easily be found, in the unfortunate event of an emergency.

Often elderly or vulnerable people are worried about pets, if they are taken to hospital.  A cat may be out when an accident occurs and a patient may be worried, that they will be overlooked.  The form also has a space for such details and who to contact in an emergency.  This is often very re-assuring for them.

The standard location - Your fridge.

When you receive your container, it contains two very bright Message in a Bottle stickers.  One is placed adjacent to handle on the inside of your front door.  The second, is stuck on the fridge door – or if you have a built in fridge, on the outside of the door.  All the Emergency Services called to your home, will see the sticker beside your front door and know to go immediately to your fridge, to look for the bottle. 

Why the fridge ?  Every home has a fridge and it is always in the same - the kitchen. Also, in the event of fire, the contents of the fridge are protected for longer.
How much does it cost ? 

Nothing –
IT IS FREE. All the costs are borne by the Lions Club and our sponsors.  It is just part of Lions Caring for our Communities.

How do I get a bottle? Most local pharmacies and doctor’s surgeries have a stock of them.  Inside, are all the relevant forms and stickers.

For more details see the attached fliers or follow this link:

I don’t know what has happened out there, but when I opened my in-box this morning, it was absolutely full of emails from members, which had been quarantined by our virus protection software.
Dozens upon dozens of you, must have been infected over the weekend.  These are the kind that send messages, to everyone in your contact list.  We have all been advised to change our passwords in the last week, perhaps everyone should ‘run’ their virus protection and change all their passwords !

21/4  Monday  11 a.m. / noon.  London Road.  Car fuel line cut and petrol stolen.  We haven’t had a case like this for a couple of years.  If it is starting again, can everyone be alert to sudden changes in their fuel levels.  If they cut the cable as soon as you start the car and move fuel could be leaking out from underneath which could be dangerous.  Be alert to pools of liquid under, or around your car.
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21/4 – 22/4  Monday 6 p.m. / Tuesday 10 a.m.  Bell Street.  Car body panels badly keyed.
20/4  Sunday midnight / 1.15 p.m.  Railway Station Car Park.  Bike stolen from the bike rack.  The lock has been taken too.  A gents, blue Apollo Outrider – WITH FRAME NUMBER.
13/4 – 19/4  Sunday / Saturday  Tyrells Car Park, Provident Place.  Two bikes stolen, both locks forced off.  1.  A green bike.  2.  No details of the second bike.
19/4  Saturday 2 p.m. / 3.30 p.m.  King Street.  Bike stolen along with its lock from a bike rack.  A gents, silver & red Trek 3700 bike.
17/4  Thursday 8.45 p.m. / 11 p.m.  Leisure Centre, Holmanleaze.  Bike locked in a bike rack stolen along with its lock.  A gents, black & silver Specialized Cross Trail Pro bike.
20/4  Sunday  3.45 a.m. / 4 a.m.  Grenfell Island.  Barrier and parking signs damaged in the car park.
17/4 – 18/4  Thursday 11 p.m. / Friday 8.30 a.m.  All Saints Avenue.  Four hubcaps stolen from a Fiat 500.
19/4 – 20/4  Saturday 7 p.m. / Sunday 11.30 a.m.  Blackamoor Lane.  Front index plate stolen from a car.
17/4  Thursday  8.10 a.m. / 4.30 p.m.  Business, Blackamoore Lane.  Two cars badly keyed.
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17/4  Thursday 5.30 p.m. / 9.30 p.m.  Station Road, Cookham.  Bike stolen from a bike rack – the lock was removed.  A gents, black & white Carrera.
17/4 – 22/4  Thursday / Tuesday  Boyn Grove Community Resource Centre, Courthouse Road.  Free standing path light kicked over and damaged.
19/4  Saturday 3 a.m.  Lincoln Road.  Car window smashed.
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17/4  Thursday 10.30 p.m.  Westborough Road X 4.  1.  Car tyre stabbed in the wall.  2.  Two rear tyres slashed.  3.  Rear tyres slashed and punctured in the side walls.  4.  Tyre stabbed.
13/4 – 20/4  Sunday / Sunday  Norreys Drive.  The owner returned home to find the locks had been filled with superglue.
18/4 – 19/4  Friday 7 p.m. / Saturday 11 a.m.  Monkey Island Lane.  Double doors to Edwardian marquee forced open.  Sack barrow removed along with alcohol and the hard drive from the CCTV.
Hi Jeff,
My wife lost her car key in Braywick Park last Wednesday and after an extensive search which produced nothing, placed a ”lost car key” notice around the area.
Yesterday, after the grass was cut, I received a call from a lady to say she had found it, which was very good news.  In the meantime, I had visited Maidenhead Police Station and looked through the box of keys which had been handed in.
I was amazed to see so many bunches of keys, all waiting to be reunited with their owners.  The point of this email, is to remind everyone - that people do hand all sorts of things, into the police.  A lot of people, would not think to contact the police as their first option.
I wondered if a reminder to your readers to do this.  It would result in some very grateful people and relieve the station, of unwanted keys.
Keep up the good work
Just to, re-enforce Bob’s reminder.  People out there are much more honest, than we are lead to believe, in this cynical age.  We have dozens of sets of fob car keys / sets of house keys, behind each of the front desks at our various police stations.  If there is anything to identify them, we try and get them back to their owners, otherwise they just sit here – much like the recovered bikes in the back yards, dozens upon dozens of them, that no-one ever bothers to report as missing / lost / stolen !

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