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Crime: 12 May 2014


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9/5  Friday 7.15 p.m. – 9 p.m.  Grenfell Place.  The owner returned to find their parked had a dent in the rear door, about the size of a fist.
8/5 – 11/5  Thursday 9.30 p.m. / Sunday 5.30 p.m.  Burghley Court, Kingsquarter.  Bike stolen from underground communal bike shed with a keycode pad.  A very valuable, gents, grey, Specialized FSR mountain bike
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9/5 – 11/5  Friday 7 p.m. / Sunday 1.30 p.m.  The Pound Cookham.  Electric gates forced open.  The owners had parked a farm vehicle against the stables’ doors to prevent entry.  Offenders have smashed the passenger window in an unsuccessful attempt to push the car out of the way.  Nothing stolen.
8/5 – 9/5  Thursday 9 p.m. / Friday  6.40 a.m.  Sandringham Road.  Truck left INSECURE – sunglasses stolen.  There had been an unsuccessful attempt to remove the radio.
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9/5  9.50 a.m. / 2.15 p.m.  Cox Green Road.  Burglary.  House rear patio window smashed, Untidy search of the whole house – business equipment and Sony Playstation stolen.
9/5  Friday 10.53  Sandringham Road.  A car was parked up.  The owner saw a man walk up to his car, remove a metal wrench from his clothing, hit the car causing damage and then made off.
10/5  Saturday 7 p.m. / 8.50 p.m.  Pub Car Park, Cox Green Lane.  Silver Ford Transit index no. LM ** YHT stolen from the car park.
11/5 – 12/5  Sunday 1.30 p.m. / Monday 7 a.m.  Northumbria Road.  Superglue poured into garage lock.  A neighbours garage may have been damaged similarly.
11/5 – 12/5  Sunday 5.30 p.m. / Monday 6.45 a.m.  St. Northumbria Road.  11/5 – 12/4  Sunday noon / Monday 8 a.m.  Superglue poured into garage lock. 
Chads Road.  Car possibly left INSECURE searched  SAT NAV stolen from the glove box.  The garage may also have been searched.
12/5  Monday 5 a.m.  St Chads Road.  The owner awoke to find a man in their rear garden.  It became clear he was trying to force a rear kitchen window.  He immediately made off across a garden fence.  He was wearing a black hoody with a red bandana across his face.
11/5 – 12/5  Sunday 6.50 p.m. / Monday 6.50 a.m.  Seymour Close.  The owner believes someone has entered the house via an open bathroom window.  A plant pot was moved and a towel is missing.  There is mud on the floor in the living room.  Exit via the rear door – where the key had been left in the lock.
9/5  8.30 a.m. / 5.45 a.m.  Braywick Road.  Burglary.  The owner returned to find their front door open.  Offenders had accessed the house via a rear first floor window using a ladder.  They exited via the back door and a garden side gate.  High value electrical items left behind – loose change stolen.
11/5 – 12/5  Sunday 3 p.m. / Monday 7 a.m.  Tithe Barn Drive.  2 cars broken into.  The owner says both were locked, but both had been entered BY UNKNOWN MEANS – Full set of golf clubs stolen.  Possible use of Jammers !  Everyone must check their car is locked before leaving it anywhere, by trying a car door handle.
Thanks you to all the hundreds of you that answered my question, re the format of these messages.  The overwhelming response was – leave them as they are !  Many thanks.
Two points did emerge:
  1.   Full Text of members email experiences.  Do I have to use the full text of a members email to us all, rather than a brief summary of their point, was raised by several people ?.  I did consider this.  I felt on a balance, it was better to include the whole text as it would familiarise you with the wording and format used.  If I just said, members have been receiving scam emails from ‘Nice’ about scurrilous blood tests, you would not be familiar with the actual words used in the emails.  Once you have seen and read them, if ever a similar email arrived in your inbox, you would recognise it immediately and know exactly, how to deal with it.
  2. Repetition.  A tricky point.  Often, I do have to repeat the same message – time, after time, after time.  I have 2 points here – (i) If the same offences occur for the same reasons, people not locking houses and cars, the message is not getting through and it needs repeating – the – it will never happen to me syndrome.  I dread INSECURE burglaries, as I have to repeat the ‘lock your doors and windows’ message !  (ii) We are signing up 100 new members each and every month – who have not heard these messages before – to them.  It is new to them and it is vitally important to keep them safe.  When I hold ‘Start Up Meetings’, you would be amazed how little knowledge general people out there – not involved as we are – have about crimes and how & why they happen.

The one message to take away, is that my messages are not volumes of ‘War and Peace’ (though they sometimes feel like it), literary masterpieces, to keep and treasure.  They are for you to skim, and be aware of, to share and discard.  The attachments, such as Mrs. Chalmers top tips and fliers, should be saved somewhere in your computer, in case you need them at a later date.
I am grateful for the feedback.

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