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Crime: 16 May 2014


We have had several cases of ‘BOGUS BUILDERS’ reported to us this week !
15/5  Churchfield Cottages, Bedford Lane, SunningdaleBogus Builders.  Two men called at the house and offered to do some plumbing work on pipes under the house – it is possible they said they were from the ‘Waterboard’.  The owner was told that due to the nature of the work, it could only be carried out at night. 
After an abortive attempt to transfer funds to a Nationwide account, two cheques were handed over in advance of any work being done.  One was posted and one handed over from the house.  There is no evidence of any work having taken place. 
There are 2 other cases this week in Maidenhead.  In one case, the day after the owner refused to hand over any more money they received a telephone call from – apparently – ‘Trading Standards’, telling them to pay the builder.  They said no and added that they didn’t believe it was Trading Standards calling !  In another incident another elderly person was contacted by ‘Trading Standards’ who said they would get the police to turn up & have them taken away, if they didn’t pay !
During the week, I have seen several reports of phone calls from concerned neighbours about elderly neighbours, possibly being targeted by bogus builders.  Can I thank those people ?  We have followed up each and every call, very discreetly.  Please keep eyes and ears open, these people are out there targeting the elderly and the vulnerable.  We can only act if we know it is happening.  Please keep those calls coming.
We have been working very closely with Greg Nelson and his Trading Standards team at the Borough, about this issue and he has asked me to circulate the following:
Hi Jeff,
We are aware of these cases and one of my colleagues, is working with the victims.
We have had no previous cases in RBWM where the offenders claim to be from Trading Standards, although it has occurred elsewhere in the country.
It would be helpful Jeff, if you could include in your warning a clear message that Trading Standards would not, under any circumstances, contact people (whether by phone, e-mail, letter or in person), to tell them that they owe money to a builder, or any other sort of business.
Anyone receiving such a call, should contact me directly, so that I can confirm it did not come from us, and investigate further. Anyone receiving such a call, should also contact the police if they feel in any way threatened, or if they feel they have been the victim of a crime.
Many thanks
Greg Nelson
Team Leader – Trading Standards
01628 683561
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8/5 – 14/5  Burnham Court, Fairford Road.  2 secured bikes stolen from a communal area.  1.  A ladies, black, Specialized HR /XC Hard Rock mountain bike.  2.  A ladies, grey, Specialized Dolce racing bike.
13/5 – 14/5  Tuesday 8 p.m. / Wednesday 8 a.m.  Elton Drive.  Car broken into via the boot.  Extensive damage caused – nothing stolen.. 
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14/5 – 15/5  Wednesday 7 a.m. / Thursday 7.30 a.m.  Lyneham Gardens.  Car badly keyed.  May be a local issue.
15/5  9.30 a.m. / 12.30 p.m.  Hambleden Walk.  Rattan Sofa, 2 armchairs and a table stolen from a garden.
13/5 – 15/5  Tuesday 6.30 p.m. / Thursday 9 p.m.  Grafton Close X 2.  1.  Attempted garage break.  Padlock removed and top lock forced.  The door was bent out of shape in an attempt to get in, but no access gained.  2.  Garage break, sliding bolt forced, door found open – nothing stolen.
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A new variant on the Bank Scam email:
Hi Jeff
Anew variant on the banking scam:
‘Dear Customer,
‘As part of our commitment to becoming the UK's most Helpful Bank, we've introduced some great new features that will make Online Banking more convenient.
Click to update your personal account alerts’.
Just a relevant piece of feedback – as sometimes we do forget:
Dear Jeff,

You asked for feedback: please keep on with the excellent service you provide ! I read the incidents in my own area carefully, but also quickly skim over other areas to, because as you say, sometimes they are linked.
All the information about scams, unwanted cold callers etc are extremely useful.

Finally, it was through you that we bought our wonderful "fake TV" which we leave on most nights when if we go out. There is something very comforting coming home to a house with a TV on, especially if I am alone. It is just so realistic - so many thanks for the advice.

Great service, long may it continue.
Kind regards,
If you are going away this summer or as Sara says, just going out for the evening – think about a fake TV !
For information as to where to buy a Fake TV - CLICK HERE
AND – TO ADD TO THIS - from Rachel:
I think now that it is the time for going on holiday that perhaps you should remind people, not to disclose that they are going away on a particular day on internet social network sites. This happens a lot on local social network sites.
A lot of people also disclose what type of car they have, what phone they have and where their children go to school etc.. It makes me very uneasy.
Exactly right Rachel.  Most of my friends – particularly those who are not in direct contact all the time - let everyone know, they will be going away on Facebook.  One, is about to go on a month’s driving trip along Route 66.  Fortunately – none of their ‘friends’ are criminals.....!

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