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Crime: 17 June 2014


This message covers the period from last Thursday, as I was unable to put out a message on Friday as I was busy bid writing.  We have now submitted 9 bids to the PCC, totalling over £30,000 from the Police Property Act Fund.  There may well be more.  If you have submitted a bid on behalf of an organisation with which you are involved please let me know, so that we can keep track.  We will be notified in August if we have been successful.  You still have until midnight on Sunday 22nd to submit a bid.  If we are unsuccessful in the first round, we will submit them again in October.
Many thanks to all of you out there that have submitted bids.  I am really grateful.
A reminder from Lisa:
Hi Jeff,
I went on a dog first aid course at the weekend.  Under discussion, was ‘dogs being left in hot cars during the summer months’.  This is always an emotive subject among dog lover.  Heat stroke was of course covered on the course.
A lady who works for the National Trust said that they have a number of dogs left in hot cars at some of their attractions over the summer months and that they usually call the Police on the 101 number to report this.   If it is of major urgency, they have to break the car's windows.  They said that if they are given a crime report number, they won’t be prosecuted for the criminal damage to the car.
I just wanted to confirm that this is true and what would be your advice if I do see a dog that looks as if it is in distress in a locked car?
The answer is - you would put yourself at risk of being charged, whether or not, you did it for the welfare of the animal.  There is a defence - that you believed the owner would have given their consent in those circumstances – but, you would have to plead that in court.  The simple answer is - phone us.  A police officer would have the authority to smash the window, under the Animal Welfare Act.  It is unlikely that a pet owner would want you charged for protecting their pet, but you never know.
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12/6  Thursday 8.30 a.m. / 3.30 p.m.  Bridle Close.  Burglary.  Access through forced rear patio doors.  Large amount of jewellery and Blackberry stolen.
12/6 – 13/6  Thursday 6.15p.m. / Friday 8.45 a.m.  King Street.  Black felt tip graffiti all over the windows.
12/6  Thursday  Frances Avenue.  Car windscreen smashed – briefcase stolen.
10/6 – 12/6  Tuesday 9 a.m. / Thursday 5 p.m.  Sperling Road.  Thieves entered rear garden via an INSECURE side gate and stole a bike.  A black, gents, Muddy Fox mountain bike.
14/6  Saturday 4 p.m.  Park Street.  Bike locked in a cycle rack stolen.  A valuable purple Specialized mountain bike.
15/6  Sunday 8.50 a.m. / 9.45 a.m.  Car Park, West Street.  A witness saw a man walking through the car park kicking cars.
12/6 – 13/6  Thursday 6 p.m. / Friday 6 a.m.  Blackamoor Lane.  Car keyed.  Possible parking issue.
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11/6 – 12/6  Wednesday 11 p.m. / Thursday 4.30 p.m.  Winter Hill.  Shed break.  Repeat victim, door forced – Brush Cutters stolen.
10/6 – 12/6  Tuesday 7 p.m. / Wednesday 7.30 p.m.  Jobs lane, Cookham.  Shed break.  Door jemmied – nothing stolen.
13/6 – 14/6  Friday 8 p.m. / Saturday 7.30 a.m.  Choseley Close, Knowl Hill.  Garage break.  Door forced but no damage caused.  Stihl hedge trimmer, Stihl leaf blower and Dewalt builders’ radio stolen.
15/6 – 16/6  Sunday 7.30 p.m. / Monday 7 a.m.  Allotments, Alleyns Lane.  Repeat victim.  Offenders have broken into a chicken run on the allotments and stolen 2 chickens.
16/6  Monday 8 p.m. / 9.30 p.m.  High Street, Cookham.  Car rear windscreen smashed and car searched.  Netscreen 204 stolen from the boot.
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10/6 – 12/6  Tuesday 9.30 p.m. / Thursday 9 a.m.  Boyn Valley Road.  The owner parked their car when they got home.  The next time they used it they found the passenger door open and the rear passenger window smashed.  The Ripspeed DV 740 car CD player had been stolen.
12/6 – 13/6  Thursday 5.30 p.m. / Friday 4 p.m.  Milverton Close.  Car POSSIBLY LEFT INSECURE entered and searched.  TOM TOM and loose change stolen.
14/6 – 15/6  Saturday 9 p.m. / Sunday 11 a.m.  Lillibrooke Crescent.  Offender has damaged both wing mirrors on a car.
14/6  Saturday Vanwall Road.  Offenders have entered the property via the rear fencing .  They then used tools to cut the metal fencing to gain access to the rear yard.  They then cut the metal cladding to the outside of the warehouse and pulled out the insulation.  They then used a sledge hammer to try and brake through the breeze block inner wall.  They were then disturbed and made off leaving tools behind.
A new scam re Holiday bookings, as many people will be booking summer holidays at this time – I HAVE INCLUDED A LOT OF DETAIL AS IT IS A TRICKY ONE WHICH WOULD FOOL MOST PEOPLE.  HAVING SEEN IT, YOU WILL NEVER SUCCUMB.
Just check the English – those of us who can see the mistakes would self select ourselves out and bin it !  Those who wouldn’t notice, might fall for it.
Hi Jeff
My husband received via email a letter saying:
'Due to our new terms and conditions, we must announce you that you will have to complete the payment for your booking’. 
‘Below we have listed your booking details, including the remaining balance you will have to pay'.
We have in fact booked a holiday at the end of August in Devon, so we paid attention to it.
My husband knew that we had already paid this, so phoned the agent, who confirmed that everything had been paid.  We knew then it was a scam.
The scammers were asking for £914.02.  The money was to be paid into an account at Barclays
My husband then received another email re another holiday in Devon, booked through the same agents, saying the same thing, but obviously the second payment was different and made later in the day. He sent another Email to the agents.
The agent replied saying,  ‘Thank you for your email.  I have called the Action Fraud helpline and the fraud department at Barclays.  I will also call the police’. 
I have emailed or contacted all other holidaymakers yet to stay with us and warned them of the issue to try and stop anyone putting any money into these accounts.
Hopefully this will be the last you hear from these nasty people.
On a personal note I wanted to say thank you for calling us as soon as you got the first email.  Hopefully due to you we may well have been able to stop this in its tracks.
Just think how much they could have/have already scammed out of people.  Hopefully the banking system would have flagged up the number of large sums going into a private account.
Everyone really has to be on their guard at all times and not just pay as soon as you read the emails, and think later.  Think first and take your time even if they are asking for the money straight away.
Thanks Janet, It is always the same, the scammers try and panic you into reacting instantly, rather than taking a little time to think.  They always maintain the matter is really urgent or......dire consequences.  Always use your own contacts / telephone numbers to check rather than using anything in the email.

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