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Crime: 25 June 2014


We have had dippers – pickpockets – in the town centres over and since, the weekend.
A good start to the week, unless you live in the Rural Beats.  Additional police patrols have been allocated to those areas – we call it additional High and Low Viz ‘Tasking’.
The teams responsible have to report back every day at our morning Briefing Meeting with the area Commander and full management team.  They have to report how many times they visited which areas and supply full intelligence reports about everything they saw while out and about, as well as who they made contact with.  These ‘Taskings’ are adjusted on a daily and weekly basis depending upon need.  If crime increases in a particular area, ‘Taskings’ can be adjusted and  allocated accordingly
Can everyone be more aware of their security – purses and mobile phones – particularly, if you have a Smart Phone, which are the ones being particularly targeted.  We are obtaining some more purse bells, and I will let you know when they have arrived.
I have been researching in the police computers and so far this month, there have been 6 Courier Frauds across the Thames Valley, with a total of over £112,000, taken from vulnerable residents.  Much more profitable than burglary / car crime !
4/6    3.45 p.m. – 5.45 p.m.  £11,000     Aylesbury
4/6    2 p.m.                            £8,500       Wendover
9/6    3 p.m.                            £90,000     Stowe
16/6  2 p.m.         -  8 p.m.     £2,500       Amersham
18/6  8.30 p.m.                      £500          Amersham
20/6  2 p.m.                            £6,150 asked for, but bank refused to hand over                                                   Windsor
First, they go through the scam – Hello I am DC Gibbs – they use several names, working out of Hammersmith Police Station.  We have arrested 2 lads who have charged items to your card.  They have usually been arrested in one of the large London shopping malls, trying to buy expensive computer equipment.  They panic you, by saying large amounts of money have already been placed on your card, and more appears, as the conversation progresses - to make it more urgent !  They obtain all your card details, PIN numbers and security questions, by asking you to phone the number on the back of your card – IMMEDIATELY.  They can only hold the line open for a limited time now.  You think you have dialled and are speaking to your bank / credit card company.  In fact the scammer, has merely passed the received to a colleague.
The second part of the scam then takes place.  The victim withdraws large amounts of cash from their bank / building society and hand it over to the courier.  The scammers say they are investigating counterfeit currency being passed over by a bank teller.
As the victims have given them all their bank details, the scammer can check exactly how much is in their accounts and consequently ask for all their money.  The victims then dutifully go and collect the cash – or in the case of large amounts (as with the Windsor case, to remove large sums of cash, you have to give notice to the bank) transfer the cash into numbered accounts, from where of course, it disappears within minutes.
In the case of the £90,000 above.  This was done in 2 transfers; one of £40,000 and another of £50,000.  The money went into a numbered account and was withdrawn within seconds of its arrival and has become completely untraceable.  It has gone and cannot be recovered.
There the scam ends.  Victims may have been in contact with DC Gibbs for as much as 5 hours to several days.
Please do more to circulate this scam.  Lives are being destroyed.
Is it any wonder thieves are moving away from traditional crime if victims hand their money over willingly !
I have received a very handy Child Safety Booklet from Surrey Police:
I estimate it relates to children under the age of 5.  Please click on link below and take a look at the booklet.  It has some great advice and tips.
I have also attached an ideas booklet.
I have had an email in from Helen, to say the Chinese Scam letters are still arriving, or this is the beginning of a new onslaught !  If you get a letter from China saying someone with a similar name to you has died in China, leaving millions to which you may be entitled – BIN IT !
We have had several building development sites targeted over the weekend right across the Borough for tools.  If there is a development in your road, can you please make contact with the site manager and make them aware.  Most builders / site managers, will not live in the borough and won’t be aware of current crime trends.  If the development is visible from the road, anyone driving around looking for possible targets could have seen it.
Nitrous oxide – no laughing matter
Following a number of calls to the Royal Borough’s Young People’s Drug & Alcohol Team (YPDAAT) from worried parents who have found nitrous oxide cartridges in their children’s clothing or bedrooms, the team is keen to increase awareness about this ‘legal high’.
The small (approx. 10cm long) silver or blue cartridges referred to as whippets (because they are used in the catering industry to whip cream) are easily bought in bulk over the internet for as little as 30p each. The gas inside is usually released into a balloon and inhaled. 
A nitrous oxide information postcard aimed at young people was produced by the YPDAAT and widely distributed to schools and youth clubs last year when discarded cartridges first began to be found in the borough.
Cllr David Coppinger, cabinet member for adult services and health, said: “Nitrous oxide isn’t illegal to possess, but that doesn’t mean it is safe to use. It is not a harmless gas and it’s important that parents are able to recognise the cartridges and know what they are used for.”
Cllr Phill Bicknell, cabinet member for children’s services, said: “It is very concerning that nitrous oxide is so easily accessible. I am glad the YPDAAT is working to educate young people of the potential dangers of the drug.”
Theresa Allen, young people’s substance misuse worker, said: “Nitrous oxide produces a very brief high or head rush which results in euphoria, followed by giggling, dizziness, slurred speech, difficulty walking and confused thinking. The main risk is physical injuries such as concussion as a result of falling or bumping into objects.”
She added: “However there is always the risk of asphyxiation, especially if the gas is inhaled through a mask, and long-term use can result in nerve damage to the fingers and toes.”
Chief Inspector Lee Townsend, deputy local police area commander, said: “If we see nitrous oxide cartridges being misused we will look at seizing them for safety, and to assess the safeguarding of those involved, but education is the big thing for us. Anyone distributing them for unlawful purposes could be looking at other offences.”
Anyone with concerns should contact the YPDAAT on 01628 796518 or at
23/6 – 24/6  Monday 10 p.m. / Tuesday 5.30 a.m.  A flytipping incident at the Blacknest Gate Car Park.  More than a transit laod of household items tipped out and dumped.  It includes greenery and a boiler.  The Borough will be going right through the waste to see if there is an identifiable address to indicate where it is from.  If anything is identifiable, the resident will receive a very heavy fine.  Please only use licensed refuse collectors.  If you just pay someone who calls at your door, the consequences could be dire.  The Borough will never find them – but they may find you !
24/6  Legoland Car Park.  Spare wheel stolen from underneath a Landrover Discovery.  This is obviously still happening.  Please check any vehicle that has a spare anywhere on the outside before and after every journey.  Sometimes the only time this is noticed is on a service and the wheel could then have been stolen anywhere.
Your Neighbourhood Page on TVP's Website - Click Here
Your Neighbourhood Page on TVP's Website - Click Here
20/6 – 23/6  Friday / Monday  High street, Hurley.  Petrol tank on a Landrover Discovery deliberately punctured., sometime over the weekend.
23/6 – 24/6  Monday 8 p.m. / Tuesday 11.50 a.m.  Horsham Reach, Lower Cookham Road.  Burglary.  House entered BY UNKNOWN MEANS – possibly letterbox method.  Car keys, wallet and Silver Alfa Romeo Spider index WP ** DME stolen.  The car was captured on an ANPR camera driving through Slough at 3.18 a.m..
24/6  Tuesday 7 p.m. / 7.15 p.m.  School Lane, Cookham.  Car rear passenger window smashed – LAPTOP and laptop bag stolen from under the seat
Your Neighbourhood Page on TVP's Website - Click Here
I have had this in from Tony re the TPS service in response to David:
He's right that the TPS doesn't screen international calls, but despite what many people think, there are simply not that many calls originating from abroad. I've subscribed (a misnomer, actually, as the service is completely free!) to the TPS for at least 10 years, and in that time, I've had only a handful of calls from Microsoft Bangalore, who I hang up on immediately without even speaking. And ONE call from the UK who immediately hung up on ME when I pointed out that I was with the TPS.
So, well worth signing up!
Hi Jeff
HMRC have sent me an Email offering me a refund of £469.
HMR&C do not owe me anything. It is the second time I have received such an e-mail. The first time I thought it was just an error but obviously not.
The email goes on to say - that ‘to claim your refund, you need to create a ‘gateway’ account’ – there is then a link.
Kind regards
Hi Jeff,
just to say the scam emails re- “HM Revenue & Customs tax refunds” are coming thick and fast again.
You might want to send out a reminder not to respond.
Thanks Gordon & Malcolm – a useful reminder. 
We all know what to do with these unsolicited emails – BIN THEM – AND – NEVER CLICK ON THE LINK !
I have just received the scam email – I am writing this with tears in my eyes.....I have been robbed in Istanbul and have no money....etc.  into my police email.  This means that someone who has my email in their personal address book, has a virus !  Please never respond to these – BIN THEM.
Hi Jeff,
For the last few weeks, I have had so many e mails demanding I attend court taking all my paper work with me.  I get 4 or 5 a day.  They go in my spam box, which I always check as some genuine e mails end up in there.
Best wishes
Best place for them I say !
Royal Borough students are being asked to put on their creative hats and design a logo for the ever-popular Adopt-a-Street scheme.
The competition is open to children aged between five and 16 years who attend borough schools. It closes on Monday 7 July. The winner will receive a High Street voucher worth £50, second prize of £30 and third prize £20.
Adopt-a-Street encourages residents to volunteer to care for their communities and local environment by collecting litter from their local streets and areas and complements the council's regular cleaning schedule.
Designs can be submitted as hard copy to Debra Beasley, community and voluntary development officer, Town Hall, St Ives Road, Maidenhead, SL6 1RF or emailed to

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