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Crime: 23 July 2014


A crime that occurred in Windsor, but which has a really useful message for us all:

22/7  Tuesday 3.30 p.m.  Tilstone Avenue, Eton Wick.  A courier made a delivery.  Later the owner found their mobile phone was missing.  They activated the find my phone tracker software, which placed the phone at the delivery companies offices !  The delivery man was challenged and the phone was recovered !  Then the owner phoned the police !!!  They had tracked the phone recovered it and had the offender dealt with, before we were even involved !  Modern technology for you.  IF YOU HAVE A SMART PHONE / TABLET CAN YOU FAMILIARISE YOURSELF WITH THE TRACKING SOFTWARE ?  YOU NEVER KNOW WHEN YOU MIGHT NEED IT.  The police handout is attached.

A message from one of our members in Ascot – but the message is a useful one for us all.....:
Hi Jeff,
At around noon on Friday 4th July someone (I presume a tree surgeon with a badly loaded flat-bed truck) dumped a load of tree branches at the bottom / A30 end of the A330 Devenish Road, Sunningdale SL5 9SH blocking the road and the exit from my drive.
I cut up the bigger branches and moved it all onto the pavement - thus totally blocking it to pedestrians, but at least cars could get through and I could get out of my drive.
Two weeks later, the branches are still there blocking the pavement !
I'd clear it myself but I have no space left on my land, to dump the branches.
So over to you to do something about it before some innocent pedestrian gets run over !
Kind regards,
Many thanks Tony.  Andy Aldridge the Senior RBWM Community Warden was in my office this morning for the daily 8.30 a.m. Police Briefing.  I mentioned this to him and he is taking it back to the Borough to get Highways / Environmental Services to get it cleared.
This is the result of someone locally having garden work done, by people going door to door offering cheap services. 
It’s cheap, because they do not dispose of the waste appropriately, just dumping it anywhere, for the rest of us to pay to clear away.  When someone calls at your door offering to chop trees, hedges etc., please think about the likely outcome – what are they going to do with the waste !  Please remember out NHW motto
May I remind everyone:
It is the responsibility of every householder, to check that anyone removing any form of waste from their property, is properly licensed by RBWM.  If you use an ‘unauthorised person who simply calls at your door, and they dump your rubbish illegally somewhere, environmental services go through it to see if you can be identified.  If you can be – you will suffer a heavy fine !  It only needs an envelope or a piece of paper someone has picked up with the rubbish and put in the waste !
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21/7  Monday 4 p.m. – 5.30 p.m.  Train Station Car Park.  Rear car index plate stolen.
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19/7 – 21/7  Saturday 11 a.m. / Monday 2 p.m.  Harrow Close, Furze Platt Halt.  Attempted burglary.  Rear patio doors yanked and damaged, but no entry gainedAs I said on Monday – it can be done.  The old adage – they will get if they want to – NO LONGER APPLIES !
22/7  Tuesday 3.15 p.m. / 6.30 p.m.  St Mark’s Crescent.  Attempted Burglary.  Offenders have entered the rear garden and moved various garden tools.  We believe they used one of these in an attempt to force a dining room window.  They got it open about 4 inches, but not enough to get in.  No entry gained and nothing stolen.  Again – the old adage didn’t apply - they tried, but did not get in.
The security measures taken by the owner, defeated the Opportunist Thieves.
Please do not leave garden tools accessible.  Our local prolific offenders are so well known to the police, they are often stopped and spoken to.  They do not carry anything on them that could be used for burglary / theft purposes, or they could be arrested for ‘going equipped’.
If they find a potential target, they will look for tools there.  SO – garages and Sheds need to be properly secured to protect your home !
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20/7 – 21/7  Sunday 3.30 p.m. / Monday 12.45 p.m.  Wessex way.  Car ENTERED BY UNKNOWN MEANS iPOD, gym card and orange juice carton stolen.
22/7  Tuesday 9.30 a.m. / 1.30 p.m.  Monkey Island LaneAttempted Burglary.  Glass in rear door smashed – no entry gained and nothing stolen.  Were they disturbed ?  We are aware, there seems to have been an increase in crime occurring in this area over the last few weeks.  It was discussed in detail at this morning’s daily management briefing with the Area Commander Supt Kate Ford  and Local CID.  Additional police patrols both overt and covert have been organised right around this area.  If you live there – and I have some really good NHW schemes in the area - is there anything happening locally, we should know about ?  have new people moved in recently ?  We allocate our resources and time the additional patrols, on previous crime patterns.  It would help us enormously – and you – if you phone through any suspicious activity as soon as it happens.  Cars, people, whateverDescriptions of anyone out of place, car makes, models, colour and index plates please.
As we have additional patrols in the area, we could be there within minutes of your call.
Direct our resources more economically and effectively – please.
22/7 – 23/7  Tuesday 11.10 p.m. / Wednesday 6.50 a.m.  Shoppenhangers Road.  Burglary.  Entry to property over a fence from a public footpath via INSECURE side patio door.  Living room searched.  Laptops X 2, handbags X 2 (a mulberry handbag has been recovered) A Calvin Klein hat – also recovered, Rayban sunglasses – recovered, a Mulberry wallet, a Panasonic Lumix camera and cash stolen.  The items recovered were found on the footpath beside the property.
22/7 - 23/7  Tuesday noon / Wednesday 8.45 a.m.  Priors Way.  Front and rear car index plates stolen.
Hi Jeff
Did you hear about the cheques destined for RBWM (initials only) somehow diverted to another account using the same initials ?
Can you please warn everyone, when paying RBWM, to write out the name in full "Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead” in full - a lot to write, but it could save you money in the long run.
Excellent advice John – many thanks
Hi Jeff,
Another cyber crime to report.
I have just had an email from so called ‘Paypal’ to tell me that I have authorised a payment to Skype for £51.99 for a 3 month subscription.
I have used Skype recently, so was a little concerned. It stated that if I have not authorised this payment, click on the link to let Paypal know.
Now obviously, due to receiving your emails, I am aware of what to do, so I hovered my curser over the link that I was supposed to click on, to see where the link would take me.
Clearly not Paypal!!
People be warned!!
If in doubt, hover over the link. That will tell you where the email is going! Do Not CLICK on it!!
Many thanks for keeping us up to date.

Thanks kirsty, This is what the Alert system is all about – protecting people !  Every single person who becomes aware of how to avoid a problem – is one less victim of crime !
Hi Jeff,
I had quite a long call this afternoon, from caller with a heavy Asian accent, enquiring about my “Windows PCs”.
It was very difficult to deter him,  so I kept him talking.  He eventually volunteered a number, so that I could call him back. I called that number, prefixing with 1470, and another similar voice answered, asking if I wanted “Free Lloyds Bank shares”.
I called again.  It rang, but there was no answer.  An answerphone eventually clicked in.
Checking with 1471 to find original number calling, it came up as 99900010054000, which surprised me.
Many thanks Roger.  It looks like they organise several scams from the same number !  1471 does not work for these calls, nor does the screen on your phone.  These look and sound like UK calls, but are in fact International calls.  They use similar fake UK numbers, to the fake websites in the email scams.  Talking to them may sound like a good idea to get more info, but please don’t.  A computer dials random numbers in the hope of finding a ‘live’ telephone number which actually rings.  It then saves those live numbers on a database – for sale and use later.  If the phone is answered, it is saved on another list automatically – as it is much more valuable to scammers.  If you enter into conversation – your number is saved on yet another list – you have engaged – possibly more likely to be talked into falling for the scam and therefore, one of the most valuable numbers to sell on.
So – the minute the spiel starts – whatever it is, simply replace the receiver and terminate the call, without speaking if possible.  You will be recorded as a live telephone number, but not as someone that can be engaged.
Hi jeff,
I note that fraud is more and more widespread in this area.
I have been the victim (like many others) of a fraud concerning timeshare release. I have reported it to actionfraud.
I had approached a company in London, to see if they could recommend a resale agency for my timeshare points with a Timeshare abroad.
I wanted to leave the timeshare company.  A member of the company immediately told me that it would be impossible for me to do this personally.  He then went on to give me a lot of misinformation and accompanied me to the bank to transfer a large sum of money to his company, to effect a release for me.
Not only did they do nothing to release me, they refused to return my money, despite the fact that I had signed a contract stating that if they failed to fulfill their obligations, I would get my money back.
They never reply to emails, phone calls or letters. I appeared on You and Yours on BBC Radio 4 last week, and the response from the company to the BBC was that their 'consultant' could not be expected to know what he was talking about !
There are people out there blatantly defrauding people all the time and there seems to be nothing anyone can do to stop them.
This is absolutely true.  Fraud is enormously lucrative and very difficult to prosecute – hence the increase.  Everyone should be very careful whenever they hand money over to anyone.  Not even the BBC could sort this one out.

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