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Crime: 28 July 2014


May I start by saying we are going to trial a new Domestic CCTV initiative.  We tried several years ago, but had to stop, because of various legal issues.  These have now been resolved.  It will be in two stages:
  1. Phase 1.  If I report a crime in your road, or anywhere near you, we would like everyone with a domestic CCTV system, to check it for the relevant times.  We would like you to look through it, to see if you have any useful footage.  When we ran this last time, residents came up with some very dramatic results.  What we found, was that offenders may have tried several other properties – unsuccessfully – before, they actually committed a ‘noticeable’ crime.  Many of those that checked their CCTV, were completely unaware that an offender had actually been onto their property.  The offender may have just been looking for an opportunist target, or tried a door handle / unsuccessfully to break in, leaving no evidence that anything had happened.  Once people checked their CCTV because they knew an offender had been in their area, it turned up brilliant footage of people going up and down driveways and attempting to force garage / side doors.  So – no need to check every day, unless you have evidence of some tampering, but definitely check, if I report a crime near you.
  2. Phase 2.  We would like to create a database of all the residents, who have a functioning domestic CCTV system, initially in hotspot areas.  The aim ?  If we are aware of something happening in, or near, your road, for example - preparation for crime / opportunist thieves out and about in a particular area possibly sussing out potential targets – we could look on a map, see if someone in that area has CCTV and we may possibly ask if we can come and view it.
This is now into its second edition and has quite a few new scams, including details about the Courier Fraud.
I went into Nat West Bank this morning and they had dozens of copies lying around.  This is one of the best booklets on the subject.  Please get hold of a copy and have a quick look through – it could save you your life savings.  If you cannot – then a copy is attached – please save it somewhere on your computer for reference.
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25/7  Friday  Laggan Square.  A neighbour has reported to us that two days ago - 2 men rang the doorbell of their neighbour and sold new guttering and fascia boards to him.  Later they then came back and replaced the fascia on the back.  The aggrieved paid them £100, from money he had in the house.  Later when they had finished, they drove him to the bank to withdraw another £500.  The neighbour was concerned it may be a case of Bogus builders.  We are checking it out and are very grateful to that Neighbour.  Can we all try and do the same please ?
28/7  Monday 8.30 a.m. / 4 p.m.  King Street.  Car covered in graffiti made with chalk and something sharp.
28/7  Monday 7 a.m. / 9 a.m.  Stafferton Way Car Park.  Car driver’s window smashed.  There was an attempt to remove the car stereo.  Wash bag and clothes stolen from the passenger footwell.
29/7  Tuesday midnight / 6 a.m.  Portlock Road.  Car ENTERED BY UNKNOWN MEANS – cash, SAT NAV & sunglasses and a Canon printer from the boot, stolen.
27/7  Friday 11 a.m. / 12.05 p.m.  Park Street.  Bike stolen from bike rack.  A man’s, white, Hybrid bike.
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25/7 – 26/7  Friday 5 p.m. / Saturday 8 a.m.  Bisham Road, Bisham.  House being renovated.  Entry BY UNKNOWN MEANS – power tools stolen.
27/7 – 28/7  Sunday 10.30 p.m. / Monday 7 a.m.  Harefield Road.  Garage broken into.  2 very valuable bikes stolen.  1.  Men’s, black, Carbon fibre Ibis Cycle, model – Mojo – with frame number.  2.  Ladies, white ‘Orange model 5 bike – again with Frame number !
25/7 – 26/7  Friday 5 p.m. / Saturday  8 a.m.  Nursery, Henley Road. Offenders got in through a broken gate.  A laurel and bamboo stolen.
25/7 – 27/7  Friday 6 p.m. / Sunday 7.45 a.m.  Pub, Henley Road.  Shed and kitchen are broken into – door forced. Nothing stolen.
23/7 – 27/7  Wednesday / Sunday.  Switchback Road South.  House egged.
25/7 – 28/7  Friday 6 p.m. / Monday 7 a.m.  Heywood Avenue.  Car badly keyed – a repeat victim.
26/7  Saturday 8 p.m. / 11.30 p.m.  Lee Lane.  Bike locked in front garden stolen.  A man’s, black & green, Carrera Vulcan mountain bike.  With Frame number.
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26/7  Saturday 0.30 a.m.  Lancaster Road.  Car set on fire in the road.  The Fire service suspect arson.
26/7  Saturday 00.35 a.m.  Restaurant, Westborough Road.  A witness saw a man walking along the road with a can of red spray paint.  They then saw the restaurant menu board had been covered in red graffiti.
25/7  Friday 4 a.m. – 8 a.m.  Lingholm Close.  Van driver’s side window smashed – money bag stolen.
24/7 – 25/7  Thursday 7 p.m. / Friday 7 a.m.  Napier Road.  Car ENTERED BY UNKNOWN MEANS – WALLET and MOBILE PHONE stolen from centre console.
27/7  Sunday 7 a.m. / 11.30 p.m.  Car park, High Street, Bray.  An offender has scratched an offensive image into the bonnet of a car.

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