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Crime: 13 August 2014

NO CARS ‘BROKEN’ INTO.  Think how our car crime level would be reduced – IF PEOPLE LOCKED THEIR CARS AND LEFT NOTHING OF VALUE INSIDE ???
Over the last 2 days in Windsor and Maidenhead, several cars have been ‘entered’, searched and items stolen.
If you see any crime / suspicious incidents, reported in your road / close by, please check your CCTV if you have it.  They may have targeted you, unsuccessfully and you are completely unaware.  You may have footage of the offenders in action !
We have people from outside the area in Datchet.
They are likely therefore likely to hit the rest of the Borough soon.
If possible – don’t even answer the door.
If you do, say – ‘I am sorry, I do not buy goods and services at the door.
Firmly, but politely, close the door – without further conversation.
Phone the police to alert them on the 101 number and be able to give a good description of the lad and particularly what he was wearing and his direction of travel.
You must avoid entering into any conversation.   It is inbuilt in us to be courteous and polite – if asked a question we respond.  ‘I tried the house next door, but there was no response’ – ‘Oh No – They are on holiday in the Caribbean for the next three weeks’ !  ‘Oh No – they work in the city and never get home till after 9 p.m.’ !!
They use the notes you give them in payment, to assess if you have a ‘stash of cash’ in the house.  A crisp new note - means more money inside, particularly if it took you a few minutes to get it.  A musty smelling note means a lot more money in the house.
The purpose of the whole thing is not to sell you cheap defective cleaning products, but to obtain the addresses of those who are elderly, vulnerable and who part with cash easily and who may have a ‘stash of cash’ in the house.  They create lists, which are sold in pubs and prisons of easy potential future targets.  Once on the list, you will receive visits from ‘tree surgeons’. Gardeners. Roofers. Double glazing salesmen, tarmaccers etc etc etc.  Once on a list, it would be very difficult to get off as they just get sold and circulated !
Suspicious flatbeds / vans driving slowly up and down roads.  There has been a change in the law relating to mobile scrap collectors.  They must now obtain and visibly display a licence from each Council, where they operate.  Here is the link to the Act itself:
The occupants of the vehicle must be licensed to collect the scrap metal in the Local Authority area where they are operating.
The mobile collectors licence must be displayed, so that it can be clearly read from outside the vehicle.
The collectors need a separate license for each Local Authority area, in which they are operating.
Mobile collectors cannot pay cash for any metal they collect.
Mobile collectors must keep records of all the scrap they receive (whether they were paid to take it away or not) including;
  • a description including type, form, condition, weight, any marks identifying  previous owners or distinguishing features
  • the date and time
  • the registration mark of the vehicle it was delivered in or on
  • the full name and address of the person received from
  • the full name of the person who makes the payment acting for the dealer
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10/8 – 11/8  Sunday 10 p.m. / Monday 8 p.m.  Danes Court, All Saints Avenue.  Break in to garage block – more reported to us – nothing taken.
13/8  Wednesday 1.20 a.m.  Belmont Road.  Garage block at a research company.  3 garages broken into.  They immediately made off when the security lights came on.  Caught on CCTV.  Nothing stolen.
11/8  Monday 4 p.m. / 6 p.m.  Portlock Road.  Car ENTERED BY UNKNOWN MEANS – they slid down the rear passenger window reached in and stole a Man’s bag and contents, including wallet & contents, mobile phone and cash
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11/8  Monday 1.45 a.m.  Pub being re-furbished, Henley Road.  Offenders have broken into the property by forcing the front gate.  A window at the rear has then been smashed along with internal doors.  They have stolen the CCTV system and damaged the roof, trying to steal lead flashing.  The property was alarmed and the owners alerted by the monitoring company.
12/8 – 13/8  Tuesday 9 p.m. / Wednesday 7 a.m.  Pinkney’s Road.  Shed broken into LOCK FORCED – Stihl hedge trimmer and a Hayter lawn mower stolen.  The owners have no idea how the property was removed – and heard nothing – as the garden has a 6 ft fence and a locked side gate.
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12/8 – 13/8  Tuesday 10 p.m. / Wednesday 6.20 a.m.  Boyn Hill Close.  Car on the driveway - ENTERED BY UNKNOWN MEANS – white, Voltmetro Electric bike stolen along with its charger, cycle helmet and D lock stolen
I have had an email from John:
Hi jeff,
I have received an email addressed to me from a friend.  It says they are on holiday and been robbed of all their money and passports.  Is it real ?  I have been unable to contact my friend.
Hi John this is a virus, rather than a scam.  The reason it is successful, is the virus searches the infected computer to find the person’s address book and sends emails, to everyone in there – by name.  You can recognise these instantly, as they usually begin – ‘I am writing this with tears in my eyes......everything has been stolen, passports, wallets, cash, everything.....’  It then asks you to send cash asap as they are desperate.  Usually the person whose computer has sent them is the last to know, until they get dozens of calls from their friends.  It is fairly simply to remove, but everyone who receives one of these messages – unfortunately and it is a pain – should immediately change all their passwords, in case their computer has become infected.
NEXT FROM PAUL – generally I say if you get an email from someone about a bad incident with a request – ‘to send it onto everyone you know’ – BIN IT.  9 OUT OF 10 OF THESE, ARE SCAMS.  The horrific things they list, have never in fact, taken place.  These emails are a form of ‘Cyber Terrorism’.  Their intention is to create a continual state of anxiety and unease throughout the population, through their repetitive nature.  People stop going out.  The emails increase the general feeling of fear and unease.  It is the cheapest and most effective form of ‘terrorism’ about.  It is free and we do it to ourselves, to our loved ones, our colleagues and our friends.
This one may be useful:
Hi Jeff,
I have had this alert in from a friend of mine and talks about a ‘pop up’ which tells you your computer is infected with a virus – you need to call tech support on a number in the pop up to remove the malware.  This warning, tells you not to do that, but to ignore the message.
Exactly right, never click on an attachment for any reason if you do not know who the sender is.  I have had several referrals of bank / PayPal / all sorts of people saying your account has been suspended / frozen.  Click on the link for further details.  Again – BIN IT.  Phone whoever it is – your bank for example from a number you obtain – and ask them if there is a problem, before clicking on anything !

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