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Crime: 28 August 2014


We are having bikes stolen right across the Borough,
predominantly from shed breaks, but also from bike racks.  Most bikes are locked with chains etc, but the thieves have bolt croppers hidden in rucksacks.  They simply kneel down beside a bike, pull out their bolt croppers and cut off the locks in full public view.  We have CCTV footage of them doing this while members of the public watch and walk by.  This would be a 999 call in every case – a potential crime in progress.  If the owner has lost their keys and it is their bike, I am sure they would not object to a visit from the police.
We are happy to mark your bike for you – FOR FREE – using the ‘Bike Register system’.  We etch a serial number on your bike, which we register with Bike register and add a warning sticker.  If you want this done, simply email the Neighbourhood Team - their group email address is below - they will make arrangements with you.
If you have a more valuable bike – some that have been stolen recently were valued at more than £3,000 – you may also consider installing a Tracker system inside / on the bike.  These are similar to the Trackers on mobile phones and tablets.  These are hidden in / on the bike and activated whenever you leave it.  There are many on the market and a Google search, will reveal several.  A place to start, to get an idea of how they work is:
If anyone has any experience of these devices, would they please let me have feedback ?  We have a tracker device used in our Trap bike – it is very simple to operate, shows exactly on a google map where the bike is located as well as a continuous flow map, if it is moved.
The following incident happened in Windsor – but it could happen anywhere:
26/8  Tuesday 8.50 p.m.  Shop, Clarence Road.  I report this incident as a warning to us all – we must never become complacent about crime and drop our guard – particularly when we are shopping and distracted.  I am sure all of us have seen people doing things that if they were not shopping – would never do.  A woman put her mobile phone on the counter, while she got her purse out, to pay for her shopping.  A woman in the queue grabbed the phone, passed it to a male accomplice and they both ran out of the shop !  Just know this ‘Opportunist Crime’ happens, purses are stolen in supermarkets, while women are thinking about other things, leaving their handbags unguarded.  Ladies handbags are fashionably very large at the moment and tucked under the arm, they usually project behind the wearer, making them very vulnerable to thieves.  Just to emphasise this point – a visitor was on a tour of the Castle – she had her bag over her shoulder.  While wandering around, someone has simply reached in and stolen her purse
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26/8  Tuesday 9 a.m. / 5 p.m.  Cordwallis Road.  The owner of a bike returned home, put his bike i the sitting room and went to bed.  Later when he woke up – it was gone and the back door was wide open.  NO SIGNS OF FORCED ENTRY.
28/8  Thursday 1 a.m.  Antique Hypermarket, Market Street.  A black Audi was seen to reverse into the shop door smashing it.  Thieves then entered the shop. Forced the locks on several jewellery cabinets and stole the contents.  This is not an isolated incident and there have been several other attempts to break into similar antiques emporiums across the area.  If you are connected to any such organisation, can you take additional precautions at this time.
27/8  Wednesday 10.25 p.m.  Builders Merchants Reform Road.  The alarm monitoring company had an intruder confirmation and called the key holders.  When they attended they found the property insecure.  An area search was carried out, but no-one located.  A Bosch GKF600 router and a Paslode Nailgun stolen.
27/8  Wednesday 2.30 a.m.  Public Library, St. Ives Road.  Thieves broke into side gate doors to the library and carried out a tidy search taking whatever they could as the alarm was sounding.  iPAD, Boxes of unDVD all marked RBWM, X box controllers and a Samsung 32” TV stolen.
26/8  Tuesday 7.30 p.m. / 11 p.m.  Queen Street.  Someone has kicked the wing mirror from a car and placed it on the bonnet.
26/8 – 27/8  Tuesday 9 p.m. / Wednesday 9.15 a.m.  North Town moor.  Car ENTERED BY UNKNOWN MEANS – Tidy search, Computer dongle, IBM LAPTOP, A half full bottle of Bulgari perfume, PASSPORTS, a Samsonite grey laptop bag with a orange lining and a Garmin SAT NAV stolen.
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25/8 – 26/8  Monday 8.30 p.m. / Tuesday 9 a.m.  Westwood Green, Cookham.  Garage break – door POSSIBLY LEFT INSECURE.  The owners returned from holiday and put some bikes they taken with them back into the garage – that is when they may have inadvertently left it unlocked. Two bikes stolen.  1.  A very valuable white, Whyte M101 bike – with Frame number.  2.  A valuable white Santa Cruz Superlight mountain bike.
27/8  Wednesday 2.45 p.m. / 6.10 p.m.  Grubwood Lane, Cookham.  Burglary.  Thieves broke into a detached garage by forcing the door, they then threw a garden ornament through a rear patio door.  Once inside they have completely trashed and vandalised the interior.  To exit the house, they used the key to the back door – left in the lock.  They went via the back garden gate to a bridleway at the back.  Euros, Villeroy & Boch cutlery, jewellery, a pocket watch and a free standing safe stolen.  A lot of valuable simply portable property was just smashed rather than stolen.
12/8 – 26/8  Ostler Gate.  Offenders have knocked on the front door very loudly on at least 3 occasions then vanished.  On the last occasion, they have covered the door with what looks like yoghurt.
26/8 – 27/8  Tuesday 6.45 p.m. / Wednesday 4.50 a.m.  Sandringham Road.  Car ENTERED BY UNKNOWN MEANS – HANDBAG stolen.
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27/8 – 28/8  Wednesday 5 p.m. / Thursday 9 a.m.  Purssell Close.  Hanging baskets have been removed from outside a house and scattered along the road.
John has received an email from the ‘National Lottery’ website.  He must update his details within a very short time, or miss out on large lottery wins !  If he has forgotten his password – he has never had one – he needs to click on the link IMMEDIATELY.
Another John has had a warning from Paypal that unless he responds immediately confirming his details, his account will be suspended !

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