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Crime: 15 October 2014

Scams and Frauds – our No.1 priority at the moment:
As I am sending this, another one has come in from Eton Wick, over the police radio.  It has not yet been investigated. 
Fortunately, it was the bank that phoned us, to say a customer was there, trying to withdraw £4,000 in cash and they could not withhold his money from him, for much longer.
He had given several different excuses, when asked what it was for, which had made them suspicious.  Michelle, the PCSO who covers Eton, has been to see and reassure the aggrieved and convince him, it was a scam.  He was suspicious he says, but the ‘police officer’ who phoned him, was very convincing about fraud taking place on his account at the bank.  He was asked on the phone to cancel all his cards and had apparently done so, immediately after speaking to the officer !  He felt re-assured by that – but was in fact, just speaking to an accomplice, as the line had been held open.
As we all know, we get loads of scam emails / telephone calls and letters every day.  We, on the Alert system, know what to do – BIN THEM / PUT THE PHONE DOWN.  Those not on the system, are completely in the dark, so please encourage everyone you know to go online to and register.  It is the only way we can protect them.
When I did my Fraud Presentation to the group last week – they knew nothing and were completely unaware of the current fraud scenarios !
I had a phone call from my sister over the weekend, who lives in Devon – fraudulent use of her credit card and bank account.  I talked it through with her and we established that a few days before – and she had thought nothing of it – and not mentioned it, until I enquired.....she had received an email from ‘Paypal’ saying that her account may have been compromised, could she please open the attachment and update all her security information .......which she did immediately.
She had given the scammers, everything they needed, to raid her bank account and credit card !  Which they then did.  They purchased mobile phones, international pay as you go minutes cards – you name it.  They were then advertising these and selling them online – huge profits.
We know all about the risks as we share all this information with each other.  Generally, members of the public are completely unaware and opening these attachments every day.  Please get them to sign up !
Tom sent me this one:
‘You have received this email because you or someone had used your account from different locations. For security purpose, we are required to open an internal investigation into this matter’.
‘In order to safeguard your account, we require you to confirm your bank details. To help speed up this process, please access the following link so we can complete the verification of your Natwest Banking Account registration information....’
ALL COMPLETELY BOGUS !  If you weren’t on the Alert system – how would you know !
Thanks Tom
Hi Jeff,
I have just received this email.  All it says is;
‘Kindly review document – you have a pending download via Google docs’.
‘Click to open’.....
That’s it.  The temptation would be to open the attachment to see what it is all about.  RESIST THE TEMPTATION and BIN IT
All the banks do have email reporting address for these scams – Barclays Bank for example have:
Just Google the bank / building society name + fraud department.
RE THE CURRENT Courier Frauds and calls from bogus police officers:
Hi Jeff
I am a serving Met Police Officer currently serving just down the road from Hammersmith Police Station, which sadly appears in many of these scams.
Met Police officers all have a ‘Warrant number’ as well as a ‘Shoulder Number’.
The warrant number consists of the letter ‘P’ followed by 6 digits.
It stays with that officer throughout his career. The officer also will have a ‘Shoulder Number’ usually 3 numbers and 2 letters. This will change when the officer moves boroughs, or departments.
It is the Warrant number that you need to ask for.  Every officer knows this number by heart and if there is ever any delay in giving it to you – you should be suspicious.
This may help the watch members and others.  I advise everyone to ask the scammers for their warrant number.  A genuine officer will not have a problem with this and will provide the number.
This number should always be checked in circumstances like these – it is very simple - ring 101 and asking for the Met Pol on a separate line / mobile, in case the line is being kept open.
Scammers may not provide a real ‘warrant number’ or provide it incorrectly, which will reveal their scam.
I hope this is of use.  Keep up the good work.
A Met Pol Officer
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13/10 – 14/10  Monday 7 p.m. / Tuesday 8.30 a.m.  Library, St Ives Road.  Windsor smashed in the library.
12/10 – 13/10  Sunday 10 p.m. / Monday 6 a.m.  Laggan Square.  Car driver’s door lock forced.  Car searched – loose change stolen.
13/10  Monday 6 a.m.  Wayside Mews.  Car driver’s door lock forced.  Car searched – SAT NAV, paperwork, Euros, Calvin Klein Eternity and WALLET stolen.
12/10 – 13/10  Sunday 4 p.m. / Monday 6 p.m..  Moor Lane.  Car driver’s doorlock forced – loose change stolen.
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11/10 – 13/10 Saturday 3 p.m. / Monday 0.30 a.m.  Nursery, Temple Lane, Bisham.  Tool shed broken into, fuse box found and electricity turned off – disabling the CCTV !.  Water supply turned on and left running all weekend. Nothing stolen.
14/10  Tuesday 0.10 a.m. – 0.25 a.m.  Training centre, Darlings Lane.  The security monitoring company rang the police to say there was a break-in, ‘in progress’.  Offenders had cut a wire fence at the rear of the property to gain access.  They then entered the training block, making directly for the safe, which they moved to rooms next door, while they looked for the keys.  A small amount Euros were stolen.
13/10 – 14/10  Monday 5.30 p.m. / Tuesday 7.15 a.m.  Pinkney’s Drive.  Attempted garage break.  Jemmy marks found of the garage door.  No entry gained and nothing stolen.
13/10 – 14/10  Monday 6 p.m. / Tuesday 9 a.m.  Unit, Gardner Road.  A large object has been removed from a skip and thrown through a second floor window.  Pallets have then been stacked up to enable them to climb in.  They have removed all the glass from the frame to prevent forensic evidence.  Not yet known if anything stolen.
14/10  Tuesday 9.15 p.m.  Courthouse Road.  Car rear window smashed – iPAD, DELL LAPTOP, and rucksack stolen from the boot.
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13/10 – 14/10  Monday 7 p.m. / Tuesday 8.30 a.m.  Polo Centre, Ascot Road.  Quad bike a fuel stolen.
14/10  7 p.m. / 8.20 p.m.  School, Oakley green Road, Oakley Green.  Car rear windscreen smashed and boot searched – Briefcase and contents including cheque books X 2, iPAD Mini, Apple MacBook Pro LAPTOP, Apple iPAD MINI, headphones etc. stolen.

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