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Crime: 27 October 2014


Just a reminder – Halloween on Friday.  If you see gangs of youths forming or throwing fireworks, please phone the police on the 101 number immediately.  Police operations are complete for the night and the Borough have deployed all their Community Wardens as well.
Over the last 4 or 5 years, we have had no problems, let’s hope it runs as smoothly this year.
I have attached once again the posters / fliers in both A4 and A5 – ‘Please Call’ & ‘Please Don’t Call’
Two crime spikes to talk about – theft from cars and shed / garage breaks.  If everyone is aware that opportunists are out and about both in Windsor and Maidenhead at this very moment – there is something you can do to prevent yourself becoming a victim:
  1. smashing car windows / simply opening unlocked car doors for the loose change / sunglasses, left on display in the centre console / SAT NAV in the glove box – let alone laptops left on back seats, or ‘hidden’ under passenger seats / rear footwell, covered with a jacket – we will all know not to leave anything on display – however insignificant at the moment.  The thief is not paying to have the window fixed, nor suffering the disruption of not having the car for 2 or 3 days, while it is being fixed – all for 2 or 3 pounds / loose change !!!
  2. Re sheds and garages, as I have said many times, your PCSOs / RBWM Community Wardens will come out for free carry out a security survey and property mark everything in your garage / shed.  We do this with a silver / white (permanent felt tip pen) ‘Cree Marker’, so that it is very visible – but neat !  If anyone broke into your shed garage and shone a torch around, everything would light up like Christmas trees – making it very undesirable to steal.  If they got caught with the items on their way home, or during a house search – they would go down.  Handlers of course would not touch them either !!!
I have also attached Mrs Chalmers’ handy hints to protect sheds and garages.
Please email your Neighbourhood Team, at their group emails above each of the following Neighbourhoods.
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25/10  Saturday  1 a.m. / 6 a.m.  College Avenue.  Burglaries X 4 + shed break X 1 Cars broken into X 2.  1.  Offenders accessed the property from the rear and used a small tool / screwdriver, to force open folding doors. – No entry gained.  2.  Attempt to force rear doors with a small tool / screwdriver. – No entry gained.  3.  Entry to garden via forced locked garden gate.  Attempt to force rear patio door – No entry gained.  4.  Bike shed door forced open with a wide implement and 3 bikes stolen.  There was also an attempt to force the rear patio doors – no entry gained.  1.  A Giant Rainer 2009 mountain bike.  A Venture CP 50 mountain bike and 3.  A Venture CP 50 mountain bike.  Garage break  - door forced – the side gate into the garden was found open.  A valuable, black / green, carbon fibre, men’s Be One Bike, stolen.  Car entered BY UNKNOWN MEANS LAPTOP and Gucci sunglasses stolen.  Car LEFT INSECURE – Loose change and SAT NAV stolen.
24/10 – 25/10  Friday 11 p.m. / Saturday 3 a.m.  Wayside Mews.  Car driver’s door lock forced – messy search WALLET stolen.
25/10 – 26/10  Saturday 10 a.m. / Sunday 11.30 p.m.  Surgery, St. Luke’s Road.  Window forced and till stolen.  Once opened, the till may have been abandoned.
26/10  Sunday 6 p.m. – 6.30 p.m.  Cookham Road.  Bike stolen from outside shops – a BMX bike.
24/10 – 25/10  Friday 7 p.m. / Saturday 3.30 p.m.  Ray Mill Road West.  Car LEFT INSECURE – rucksack and contents stolen.
25/10  Saturday 11.15 a.m.  Ray Lea Close.  Garage break – 2 locks removed and an attempt to enter a car using a screwdriver.  No entry gained.  Possible attempt to steal the car.
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26/10 – 27/10  Sunday 10.30 p.m. / Monday 6 a.m.  Activity park, Quarrywood Road.  House entered via front door POSSIBLY LEFT INSECURETwo laptops, 2 handbags and contents including credit cards etc stolen, mobile phones X 2.  A car outside was also searched and a SAT NAV stolen.  The empty handbags were recovered abandoned nearby.
18/10 – 25/10  High Street, Hurley.  Shed break.  Two sheds broken into at the back of the garden  A large amount of fishing equipment, golf equipment a skateboard and tennis equipment and a 3 man kayak stolen
Your Neighbourhood Page on TVP's Website - Click Here
26/10  Sunday 1 a.m. / 5 a.m.  Wootton Way.  Burglary.  Possibly through front door LEFT INSECURE, but there is evidence of a screwdriver forcing it open.  The house was searched despite people sleeping in various rooms.  Handbag and contents, including bank and credit cards, stolen.
26/10  Sunday 5.20 a.m. / 5.40 a.m.  Clare Road.  Car driver’s window smashed.  the owner feels this was pure vandalism, not an attempt to break – in.
26/10 - 27/10  Sunday 5.30 p.m. / Monday 8.50 p.m.  Badger Close.  Car driver’s door lock forced.  No entry gained.
26/10  Sunday  3.15 a.m. / 8 a.m.  Great Hill Crescent X 4.  1.  Car door forced – mobile charger stolen.  2.  Car ENTERED BY UNKNOWN MEANS – SAT NAV and sweets stolen.  3.  Car passenger window smashed – car searched – nothing stolen.  4.  Car LEFT INSECURE – messy search – nothing stolen.
26/10  Sunday  3.30 a.m. / 9 a.m.  Redriff Close.  Car door lock forced – Sunglasses stolen.

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