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Crime: 5 November 2014


Lots of additional police resources have been allocated for tonight, right across the Borough and patrol plans are in place, in areas where in the past there may have been issues.  If you see groups of youths congregating, or beginning to congregate, throwing fireworks, or acting suspiciously; can you please phone us immediately on the 101 number, so that we can deal with any situation, before it develops.  We have not had a problem on Bonfire Night for many years and we do hope it goes off smoothly.
The other issue we would like you to look out for, are spontaneous / dangerous bonfires.  If you see piles of wood appearing anywhere that may not be appropriate, can you also give us a call on the 101 number, so that we can investigate and make sure everything is safe.
We want everyone to have as enjoyable an evening as possible.
Oil Fired Central Heating Oil.  Many of you will be having central heating oil tanks refilled, ready for the winter.  Traditionally, this is when thefts of heating oil start – you only find out in the depths of winter, when your central heating turns off !  It is then very difficult to identify, when the theft took place.
After every delivery, can you dip the tank, to make sure the oil has in fact been dispensed – it has happened ! Then, check it on a regular basis.  I have attached a Crime Prevention leaflet, prepared by Mrs. Chalmers.
Girl assaulted – Maidenhead
Thames Valley Police, is appealing for witnesses after a teenage girl was sexually assaulted in Maidenhead yesterday.
At around 4pm the girl, aged 17, was walking through an alleyway near Camden Road, in Furze Platt, when a man asked her for directions.
He then touched her inappropriately and went to grab her, but the girl managed to get away.
The man is described as in his forties and wearing a blue waterproof coat with its hood up.
Det Insp Dave Turton said: “We would urge anyone who was in the area at the time and saw anything, or recognises the description of the man to get in touch.
“This appears to be a random attack and is very unusual for the area. We will be increasing patrols in the area this afternoon and asking for witnesses.”
If you have any information please contact Det Insp Turton via the Thames Valley Police Enquiry Centre on 101 and quote URN 1024 4/11.
If you don't want to speak directly to the police you can contact the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 or online at No personal details are taken, information is not traced or recorded and you will not go to court.
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4/11  Tuesday 11.20 a.m.  West Street.  Burglary.  The owner was awoken by loud noises and went to investigate.  He saw 3 men trying to break in to a boarded window in the commercial premises below.  As they had been seen, they then made off.  The police were called and attended immediately.  Descriptions were given and three men were located in the area matching the descriptions were arrested upon suspicion of committing a burglary non dwelling.  Nothing was stolen.
4/11 – 5/11  Tuesday midnight / Wednesday 7 a.m.  Sperling Road.  Car driver’s door lock forced.  Loose change and SAT NAV stolen.
5/11 Wednesday 5.15 a.m.  Belmont Park Avenue.  A witness was awoken by the sound of his front gate rattling and went to investigate.  They saw a man outside trying car door handles.  He had a milk bottle in his hand he had picked up from a doorstep, from which he was drinking.  As he walked on he opened car doors and looked inside.  This is how it happens – PLEASE LOCK YOUR CARS !
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31/10 – 3/11  Surgery, Linden Avenue.  Lead flashing stolen from the roof.
1/11 - 3/11  Saturday noon / Monday 8 a.m.  Camden Road X 2.  1.  Rear index plate stolen.  2.  Front index plate stolen.
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5/11  Wednesday 1.30 a.m.  Heynes Green.  Attempted burglary.  The owner heard a loud noise and went to investigate.  As they came out of the kitchen, they saw a man in the hallway, who immediately made off.  The front door had been left UNLOCKED, but it could not be opened from outside without a key.  The offender had put a device through the letterbox to pull down the bar on the UVPC door.  Nothing stolen.
5/11  Wednesday 2 a.m. – 8.30 a.m.  Fane Way.  Burglary.  The owner went to bed WITHOUT LOCKING the front door.  In the morning they found items were missing.  iPAD, Phantom 2 version 2 and a Playstation and games stolen.
2/11 – 3/11  Sunday 9.30 p.m. / Monday noon  Furrow Way.  Burglary  Entry via forced kitchen window.  Locks and the front and back door had been tampered with.  Cash stolen.
3/11  Monday 9.40 p.m.  Kings Grove.  Warehouse unit broken into.  Access over rear wall and a hole made in the roof.  Building searched and exited via a fire door.  Nothing stolen.
1/8 – 3/11  Braywick Cemetery.  Several incidents reported from this cemetery recently.  The aggrieved had left flowers on her mother’s grave.  All the heads had been cut off and thrown around.  Is anyone aware of anything suspicious happening in the cemetery recently ?
3/11 – 4/11  Monday 5 p.m. / Tuesday 6.30 a.m.  School Development, Bray Road.  Thieves have pulled the fence down to enter the car park and stolen roofing insulation sheets.
Everyone out there should know not to deal with anyone that cold calls either at the door, by letter or by phone.  YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHO THEY ARE AND WHETHER OR NOT THEY ARE GENUINE.
I have had this in from Celia:
Hi Jeff,
I have had a ‘cold caller’ at my door who works for a security company.  The gentleman handed me a leaflet, which looks genuine – but who knows and said that his company is recommended by the Police.
You have warned us about security firms, so I told him that Police do not recommend any individual firms and sent him away !
I do not intend to contact them and I hope my neighbours, are not taken in by his claims, re working with the Police.
Many thanks Celia – exactly right.  SEND THEM PACKING !
Another similar message from David and Madeleine – this time phone calls:
Hi Jeff,
I've just received a 'phone call from someone claiming to represent Securicor, asking if I was was aware of their local crime and security campaign.
I told him that I dealt with the police regarding such matters and put the 'phone down. Are you aware of such a campaign ?
I have just had a call from someone claiming to be from Securicor !
Number withheld of course !
This just shows, they are calling and targeting dozens of people in RBWM at this time and everyone needs to be on their guard.  As I said in my previous message – we do not work with / support or recommend individual security companies – WHATEVER THEY MAY SAY !
New simple tracking system:
I have had this in from one of our members, re new tracking system for keys, mobile phones, anything – including pets !!
Click here for details of 'Trackr'
I receive a lot of emails from members, which contain some disturbing facts – horrible crimes etc.
You will all have received them – ‘I was driving along and was flashed twice by a car, within the next 100 yards, this or that will happen’ or ‘I was in a DIY store car park and a man was selling perfumes – it is in fact chloroform – one sniff and you pass out and then.....happens’  with a request ‘to send it on to everyone you know’.
I have just had yet another one in from Mike.
Anything like these, that has an unpleasant crime context, with a request to SEND IT ON TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW should be BINNED IMMEDIATLEY.  Don’t even bother to read it, past those words which are usually in the first few lines.
These types of emails continually circulate the globe.  They are a form of ‘cyber terrorism’.  They cost nothing to send and their aim, is to keep us in a heightened state of fear and anxiety.  Along with everything else we hear about terrorism and crime, it re-enforces the message that we are never safe.
This is a form of terrorism that we inflict upon ourselves, our friends, relatives and work colleagues by doing as requested and ‘sending it on to everyone you know’.  We do it to ourselves !
Whenever you get one of these – BIN IT.
These are still going strong in RBWM – please do not fall for them or even speak to the person calling.  They have no idea what software you are running and are just cold calling on the offchance.
This one, took a nasty turn:
Hi Jeff,
I have had several calls lately from someone purporting to be Windows support, they never identify me, nor ask who they are speaking to, but when I tell them - I don't have a computer - they usually ring off.
Yesterday at around 4pm I had yet another call and I enquired why they were calling me ?  The caller insisted that I must have a computer.  When I said no, he asked my age. I asked what that had to do with anything, to which he replied - "In case I want to come round and be intimate with you tonight" !
To my shock and horror, he repeated this again !  I told him, he was a filthy little rat and hung up.
I then checked the number, which was an outer London number and was tempted to call it, but I didn't want to encourage anymore calls.
The caller had an Asian accent and I can't remember what he called himself, it's usually Darren or John.
As you can guess, this has upset me a lot, but I don't want to make a fuss.  What really makes me mad is I would hate to think this idiot, might do this to other women.
If anything helps you nail him, please let me know what I can do to help.
Generally these calls are generated from India, but they can – to fool you – front the call, with a local fake number.  As the calls are generated abroad, the threats are meaningless, but will cause alarm.
If you get one of these calls, which goes beyond the usual message, please report them to Action Fraud – you can do this online at:

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