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Crime: 7 November 2014


Bonfire night appears to have gone off without incident !
Thank you for the brilliant response to my message yesterday
I now have loads more day centres to visit !  What it does show is that we have so many elderly and vulnerable residents in the Borough – but they are all very active, so are reachable.
Many of you have suggested the local newspapers.  They have been really helpful and supportive about this issue – thank you all the reporters registered with us – and have featured all the types of Fraud regularly, sometimes on the front page.  Our thanks to them.
Next question for you !
How do we reach those that are housebound, not part of any groups, but who answer the phone and the front door !
District nurses, physios, chiropodists all get my messages, as do home help agencies etc.  Any other suggestions ?  How do I reach volunteer drivers, who ferry people to and from hospital appointments ?
If you are one of those people, I have attached my Fraud handout once again for you to read and inwardly digest, so that you too can spread the message.
This is what we do as part of NHW – the largest volunteering organisation in the country – possibly the world
Just to let you know – two of the RBWM Community Wardens have now been given special responsibility for the elderly and vulnerable who live in the Royal Borough.  Lorraine Rellis and Michelle Simmonds now jointly cover the whole of RBWM.  They would like to make contact with anyone who needs their help / assistance or advice.  I am passing details of all the day centres to them so that they can arrange to pop in at regular intervals.
They are both brilliant at what they do !
More bikes have been stolen.  I had a delightful group of lady cyclists into the police station yesterday at Windsor, to have their bikes properly marked.  All had had bikes stolen in the past, so wanted to do the right thing.
One brought her son back later, to have his new bike marked exactly what we want you all to do !
Several of our PCSOs and RBWM Community Wardens went to The Windsor Boys School to mark bikes and several lads who were unable to get it done, also came into the police station.  Please have your bike properly marked by us ?
Simply email your Neighbourhood Team at their Group email address – it is above every Neighbourhood Report below – they will very happily come out and mark your bike along with all the tools and garden equipment in your shed, while they are there.
After marking their bikes, I showed the ladies the hundreds – I mean hundreds - of unclaimed bikes we have in the rear yard !  They were amazed.  As you see from my reports, many people report their bikes stolen and the most they know about them is .....’I think it was blue’ !  If we recover that bike – there is no way we can track it through the police computers and return it to it’s owner.  At Windsor, there are brand new pink and red children’s bikes – some still have their stabilisers, there is even a reclining bike, that you lay in and pedal !  There can’t be many of those around !  Someone must have missed it ????
If you have lost a bike / had one stolen, in say the last 2 months, please phone us on the 101 number and ask to speak to the property Officer at Maidenhead Police Station,, to make an appointment to come in and have a look – it might be there !  After a few months, when they have not been claimed and completely clog up the parking area in the rear yard, we send them off to ‘Operation Bumblebee’, where they are sold off, on line !!!
An incident re theft of a Porsche at the Leisure Pool in Windsor.  We hope this is not part of a new series across the area:
6/11  Thursday 4 p.m. / 5 p.m.  Leisure Pool.  The aggrieved parked their Porsche 911 index T 4** RMR in the car park and went into the Leisure Pool with their family.  Whilst inside, someone broke into their locker and stole their mobile phone and car keys.  The Porsche was also stolen from the car park.  They did notice on their way in, a man in the car park, who seemed to be hanging around watching them.  CCTV shows 2 white men walk up to the locker, force it open and walk out with the keys.  They had obviously followed the family into the changing rooms.  We had a series of these car thefts a few years ago, where people with performance cars were followed into changing rooms and lockers broken into.  As a result, the locker configuration was changed and the height of the locker stacks, was reduced for open surveillance.  Many leisure facilities, now have individual mobile phone and car key lockers, available beside the main reception desk, in full view. 
Please make use of them and be aware when you park up, if anyone is watching you, following you in and noticing which locker you use, to store your belongings !  Cars like this often have Tracker systems fitted.  The thieves will drive it via side roads to avoid our ANPR (Automatic Number Plate recognition) cameras and park it up quietly in an area where performance cars are already parked – so that it won’t stand out.  If it is still there 24 hours later – not recovered by the tracker company – it is safe to drive away.  They will attach some ‘mirror plates’ (index plates made up, with an identical car’s real index) with blu tack – and drive it away !
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6/11  Thursday 1.10 a.m.  St Marks Road.  The owner was awoken by the sound of breaking glass and then footsteps running off.  They went to investigate and found a window had been smashed.
5/11 – 6/11 Wednesday midnight / Thursday noon.  Forlease Close.  Someone has caused a window to be damaged – a small hole has appeared, possibly a BB gun or a catapult.
4/11 – 5/11  Tuesday midnight / Wednesday 7 a.m.  Sperling Road.  2nd offence reported.  Car entered and a messy search has taken place – LAPTOP, paperwork, Rayban sunglasses anad an iPOD stolen.
5/11 – 6/11  Wednesday 8 p.m. / Thursday 7.20 a.m.  Moor Lane.  Car driver’s door lock forced – pens etc and loose change stolen.
5/11  Wednesday 3 a.m. / 5 a.m.  Collier Close.  Van left UNLOCKED, entered and searched.  Nothing stolen.  CCTV has caught a man sitting inside the van searching it with a torch.  He then went to try the door handle of a second car.
5/11 – 6/11  Wednesday 10.30 p.m. / Thursday 7.30 a.m.  North Town Mead.  Lights around communal fencing damaged.  This has been an ongoing problem since the summer.
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5/11 – 6/11 Wednesday noon / Thursday 12,35 p.m.  Cookham Reach Sailing Club, Berries Road, Cookham.  Thieves forced a window into the bar and then kicked in internal doors.  They are then believed to have used a garden fork to force open the safe.  Fire extinguisher used to try and force open a door to a garage causing damage and bending the shutter.  They then made for a hole in the roof, made on a previous offence, enlarged it to get inside.  Cash and floor safe stolen.  Has the safe been forced open and abandoned somewhere ?
6/11  Thursday 11.10 p.m.  Burchetts Green Infants School.  Report from neighbour that the school alarm was sounding and a crime was in progress.  The police attended immediately.  They found a rear door into the kitchen area forced.  A messy search had taken place of the cupboards.  They then went into the main school area and removed a safe, which they carried out in a wheelbarrow.  The wheelbarrow was located by the police dog unit a short distance down the road.  Has anyone found the safe opened and discarded ??
This is the 3rd School break-in in a week where safes have been targeted.  If you work in a school can you make sure they take extra precautions at this time and do not keep large sums of cash on the premises.
5/11  Wednesday 9.12 a.m.  Queen’s Lane.  2 men fighting in the road over a parking space – a car was damaged.
6/11  Thursday 3.45 a.m.  Queensway.  The owner of a car was awoken by noises outside and went to investigate.  When he looked out, he saw 2 men.  One crouched down beside this car and appeared to be removing the indicator light, the other was keeping watch standing leaning on the car.  The owner shouted and the 2 men immediately made off.  He gave chase but lost them in Malvin Road.  The part was stolen.
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5/11 Wednesday 1 a.m. / 8 a.m.  Highfield Lane.  The owner is sure they locked the car, but in the morning it had been opened and a messy search carried out.  LAPTOP, Burberry coat, Nokia mobile phone and  Garmin SAT NAV stolen.
5/11 – 6/11  Wednesday 9.30 p.m. / Thursday 8.10 a.m.  Wessex Way.  Thieves have entered 2 cars on the driveway – Left Insecure.  They were left unlocked with nothing in them to avoind damage to windows and door locks !  Sometimes that makes sense – as long as there is nothing inside to steal !!!
6/11 – 7/11 Thursday 4.45 p.m. / Friday 6.50 a.m.  Office, Larchfield Road.  Door forced – electrical showers and keys stolen

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