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Crime: 14 November 2014







An example for you, to show when something is suspicious, which should be reported to us – this person did exactly the right thing:
Circulated to members of a Watch
Dear Residents
The daughter of one of our residents, has just circulated this - please be aware!!
My Mum has just told me about a pushy man who came to the door today – in Ascot.
She thinks he rattled the door handle and then rang the bell.  He claimed to be doing roof clearing work on a neighbour’s house and was 'just notifying her'.
He wouldn't let her know which neighbour and he made her feel very uncomfortable.  She called the police on the 101 number and gave a description, white, short, with southern accent and a Trilby hat. There was also a blonde girl, standing waiting at the end of the drive.  There was no visible vehicle.
At the time, there was no car on the drive, so the house would have appeared unoccupied.  My Mum's friend said that the same man called in a nearby street yesterday.
If you see this man please call 101, as the police would like more details - especially any vehicle.  My Mum is concerned for any vulnerable neighbours, as the man was quite intimidating.
Also, if he was rattling the door handle - he was obviously trying to get into to a house he thought was unoccupied !!!
This was added by Malcolm:
Hi Jeff,
This man and woman called here too & was equally evasive.
I have also had Nottingham Knockers at the door.  A man about 35ish.  He went away, when I said I don’t buy at the door !
Thanks Malcolm and David, for spreading the correct message.  This is exactly the kind of thing, we need to be reported to us immediately, so that we can carry out an Area Search, locate the man and have a word with him – same for Nottingham Knockers.
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12/11  Wednesday  8.45 a.m. / 7.10 p.m.  Nicholson Walk.  Car rear windscreen smashed – nothing stolen.
13/11 – 14/11  Thursday midnight / Friday 9.30 a.m.  Blenheim Court, Kingsquarter.  Van entered while parked in the street.  NO SIGNS OF FORCED ENTRY – Van searched – Two toolboxes of tools, refrigeration charging unit, case scales and gas bottles and tools stolen.
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13/11  Thursday midnight / 020 a.m.  Station Parade, Station Hill, Cookham.  Break-in to hardware shop.  A sledge hammer was used to smash the glass in the front door.  The thieves went straight for the till and the safe and stole cash.  Witnesses saw 2 men running off towards Cookham High Street.
12/11  Wednesday 7.45 p.m. / 9.50 p.m.  Pub Car Park, Bath Road, Littlewick Green X 3.  1.  Car rear windscreen smashed – LAPTOP stolen from the boot.  2.  Car passenger window smashed – LAPTOP stolen. 3.  Car rear windscreen smashed – Laptop case stolen
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12/11  Wednesday 11 p.m. / midnight  Braywick Road.  Office broken into via a smashed rear office window – footprints left on a desk.  Messy search – not known if anything stolen.
12/11 – 13/11  Wednesday 6 p.m. / Thursday 8 a.m.  Bray Road.  Rear car window smashed – Gym bag and contents stolen from the boot
Lots of Charities do a brilliant job and are really worth supporting – BUT – if they 'cold call' at your door, you cannot complete a Standing Order / Direct Debit and hand your bank details over to a complete stranger – even if they have an ID, a clip board and some lovely brochures, they could have picked up anywhere.  Thank them and explain - you will have to make your own private arrangements.
Just a brief note that I have just had a smartly dressed and well spoken man at the door, ostensibly collecting for breast cancer.
He was wearing a pink tabard which seemed to have ‘Cancer Research’ written on it, together with an ID badge (couldn't read his name) and a laminated sheet, which I did not read, but assumed it was about breast cancer.
This happened at about 5.10pm Tuesday evening.  I explained politely that I do not speak to charities on the doorstep, to which he suggested it might be good, if he came into the kitchen !!
I clarified that I do not give to, nor talk to, charities who come cold calling at home.
I called Cancer Research and spoke to a call handler.  He did not think they had any collectors in the Maidenhead area currently.  I did not have massive confidence in his response, so they might have collectors out and about.  He did say that the agencies collecting for them, are allowed to call up to 9pm in the evening !
This may be something and nothing, but thought I would let you know - equally I am not sure this area is the best place for charity collectors to cover the most ground, in view of the small number of properties.
Hi Jeff,
I just answered the door to 'Dave', a charming man, selling raffle/lottery tickets in aid of the Thames Valley Hospice.
He appeared  to have all the right credentials, badges, printed folders and so on.
I explained that we don't buy anything at the door, but he then went on to say he didn't want money, but £1 per month by direct debit.
Of course I said that in no circumstance would I agree to that.
He was not at all put out, and very politely and cheerfully wished me good evening.
It amazes me that anyone would give their bank details, and the right to debit an account, to anyone at the door, so  I wonder if this was simply naive or something more serious.
Is it possible to check?  Should I call the hospice, or would it be appropriate for you to speak to them?
All good wishes and many thanks for the excellent work and the support you give to the community.
Many thanks Richard.  This covers several interesting points.  1 – the Charities themselves do no know who is out there, or when collecting on their behalf – it has all been franchised out - and - 2.  They feel knocking on people’s doors up to 9 p.m. when it is dark is acceptable !
Re the Hospice Lottery – I will speak to them - again.  I have made contact with all the Charities working out of Windsor and explained that their chances of getting standing orders signed at the door, will be limited; but they simply say, they have no choice – we all need to raise money and this is the best way.  If they leave the forms, the chances of them being completed are remote, so they do try and gently push to have them complteted on the spot.
I have explained that their collectors may well be checked and verified, so that it is fine for a resident to deal with them.  All that will do is make it easier for the thieves to represent themselves as nice collectors, to do exactly the same.  Our aim, is to discourage all ‘cold calling’ in the Borough, as it puts the elderly and vulnerable at risk !
Anyone nowadays can get hold of an ID / clip board / some nice brochures and a tabard !
We have not had a single ‘Courier Fraud’ Incident across the entire Thames Valley, since the 31st October 2014.  In October there were nine, one of which, was in Windsor.  These are the ones we know about and which are reported to us.  From the meetings I am attending, and the discussions I have with people there, very few incidents are actually reported.  The victims feel so foolish, once the scam is discovered, they don’t want anyone to know – let alone their families.  The average amount taken, was between £7,000 / £8,000.  Last year, these started in October, tailed off in November and then climbed until March this year, when they stopped again.
They were:
1/10 Banbury, the potential victim received 2 seperate calls
2/10 Banbury - £8,000 taken
9/10 Banbury
10/10 Banbury
10/10 Marlow
11.10 Windsor
21/10 Oxford £8,500 taken
28/10 Early
31/10 Marlow £7,500 taken
We must not be complacent, this year may be different.
I have also received this message, which was sent out across Devon & Cornwall today – they still use ‘Ringmaster – Community Messaging’:
‘Thank you for your continued support of the Devon and Cornwall Police Community Messaging System.
This message relates to Scam telephone cold calls from scammers purporting to be ‘the police’, or ‘the bank’. The scammer will tell you that your bank account has been compromised and they are able to provide you with details of a new "Safe" bank account.
The scammer will then insist that you transfer everything you have, into this new ‘Safe’ account.
Please note – We - the Police, will NEVER call you and ask for your Bank Cards, PIN number or cash.- Your Bank will NEVER call and ask you for your bank card, PIN or cash.
NEVER give or disclose your PIN no: or any other banking or personal details, to anyone – especially strangers, particularly over the phone.  You have no idea who they are.
If you receive a call and suspect it is a scam - tell the caller, you will be reporting it to the police.
Please report any incidents of this nature to the police using the 101 number.
We would ask all recipients of Community Messaging, to make their more elderly and vulnerable neighbours, friends, relatives and work colleagues aware of this message.
Thank you
I have also today received this from Nottingham Police
Nottinghamshire Police has warned residents to be alert after an elderly couple were targeted by fraudsters.
The Force was called at lunchtime yesterday (Wednesday 12 November 2014) to an address in the Meadows.
The victim, in his 70s, had received a call from a man, claiming to be a police officer, to say he had arrested someone who had committed fraudulent activity on his account.
The victim was then told to ring his bank but the offender did not hang up their side of the phone call and continued the scam.
After being persuaded to empty his and his wife’s account the victim handed over the cash to a man, also claiming to be a police officer and returned home. It was only then he realised it was a scam.
Police are reiterating their advice about this type of fraud and asking everyone who has elderly or vulnerable family members, friends or neighbours, to let them know about the scam.
Officers are investigating similar incidents in Keyworth and Kinoulton where a similar scam was used but no money was taken.
The offender is described as Asian and of a slim build. He was about 5ft-6ft tall and was wearing a dark navy coat that came down to his waist and dark trousers. He had medium length dark hair and a medium, unkempt beard. He had a slightly hooked nose.
Police Sergeant Jon Kerry said: “This type of fraud is known as courier fraud or phishing and often targets the elderly and vulnerable. It is unfortunately a countrywide scheme being used by criminals so want the public to be aware and alert if they receive any suspicious phone calls. It is hugely distressing for the victims and we want to ensure no one else becomes a target. The most important three things to remember are:
  • Your bank and/or the police will never ask for your PIN.
  • Your bank will never attend your home to deliver a replacement card or to collect cash.
  • Your bank and/or the police will never collect your bank card.
  • If someone calls and says they are a police officer, ask for their shoulder number, hang up, and call 101 from a different phone to check they are who they say they are.
“If you know anything about this incident or you recognise the description of the man please get in touch. If you receive this type of call or something similar, report it to police on 101 or Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040. In an emergency, dial 999.”
We are all singing from the same hymn sheet !!!
Hi Jeff
We had a ‘Windows’ scam telephone call today from a woman with a heavy Asian accent.
She said she was calling from the ‘Computer Maintenance Company’ so I thought I would see what they wanted me to do !
She thought she had me hooked and talked me through how to call up the ‘run programme’.  She wanted me to type in “eventvwr” and press ‘run’.
At that point, I told her that I knew she was trying to scam me and that I was going to report it to the police.  “Can I talk to your police then” ? was her reply !
Talk about cheeky.
They have been so successful, they are now very blasé and arrogant.  ALSO, as the calls are generated in India, International Law is involved and they know, we cannot pursue them and they will never be caught.  There is always someone else to ring and scam – that is their day job.

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