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Crime: 17 November 2014


Something from Windsor, that everyone should know about.  That was a supermarket in Dedworth, but it could happen anywhere.
16/11  Sunday 11.10 a.m.  Supermarket Car Park, Dedworth Road.  The aggrieved came out of the supermarket to go to her car and was approached by three young people – one lad and two girls, who sounded middle European.  They were apparently confused and asked which town they were in and how could they get to the shops etc. etc..  She answered their questions and went to her car.  She opened the car, got in and placed her handbag, in the passenger foot well.  As she reversed out of her parking space, the boy and one of the girls approached again, opened her passenger door and leaned in to ask more questions.  They asked the aggrieved to point out Windsor.  The lad had a large map, which he spread over the dashboard and continued to ask for directions.  He then folded the map and left.  After they had gone, she found her purse missing from the handbag.  £1,000 was removed on the card within hours via cash back and ATMs.  PIN NUMBERS – SHOULD NEVER BE WRITTEN DOWN AND NEVER KEPT IN A PURSE, WITH THE CARDS !
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15/11  Saturday 7 p.m.  Norfolk Road.  Driver’s side wing mirror kicked off of a car.
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16/11  Sunday 10.30 p.m.  Golf Course, Grange Lane, Cookham.  Break-in, back cellar which leads directly to offices and the safe.  Attempt to steal the safe and it was moved by about 2 feet.  The offenders set off the alarm and made off before the police attended, by forcing the rear door.  The police arrived within 4 minutes of the alarm being activated !  Nothing taken.
16/11 – 17/11  Sunday midnight / Monday 8.20 a.m.  Riverside Park, Frogmill Spinney.  Offenders have forced entry to several outbuildings and stolen a hedge trimmer, a strimmer and a chain saw.
16/11  Sunday1.15 p.m.  Farm, Pondwood Lane, White Waltham.  An event took place at the farm and at least 7 cars were broken into.  1.  Car passenger window smashed – nothing stolen.  2.  Set of tools and a SAT NAV stolen.  3.  Snap on tools, clothing iPhone 5s and a Samsung phone stolen.  4.  iPOD stolen.  5.  Replica guns stolen.
14/11 – 15/11  Friday 11 p.m. / Saturday 6.30 a.m.  All Saints Avenue.  Silver Mercedes C200 index RK ** DHX which had been advertised in Auto Trader for the last 4 weeks stolen from a driveway.  It has pinged our ANPR cameras in Wanstead, north of Ilford
15/11  Saturday midnight / 4 a.m.  Beverley Gardens.  Attempted Burglary.  The owner returned to find scratches around the door lock and the lock seems to have been jammed by something.  No entry gained.
13/11 – 14/11  Thursday 7.15 a.m. / Friday 7.15 p.m.  Furze Platt Road.  Car badly keyed from front to back.
16/11 – 17/11  Sunday 8 p.m. / Monday 9 a.m.  Sunderland Road.  Car rear window smashed – no attempt to enter the car.
16/11  Sunday 7 p.m.  Taylor’s Court.  The owner is sure they locked their car.  In the morning they found it searched and an iTouch, Oakley sunglasses and a pair of children’s sunglasses and loose change stolen.
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8/11 – 15/11  Loosen Drive.  Garage break – NO FORCED ENTRY – messy search, power tools stolen.
16/11  Sunday 2.30 a.m. – 4.30 a.m.  Treesmill Drive.  Car driver’s door forced – a BMW 7 Series.  Messy search inside and wiring pulled out of centre console, possibly in an attempt to steal it.  The alarm going off, woke the owner who looked out to see their hazard lights flashing, but no-one running away.
15/11 – 16/11  Saturday midnight / Sunday 3.25 p.m.  Tithe barn Drive X 4.  Garage block break.  Several garages – possibly at least three targeted - targeted.  1.  Something had been forced into the lock – no entry gained.  2.  Westbrook.  Garage door lock forced – something had been forced into it and the opening mechanism was damaged.  Nothing stolen.  3.  Garage door lock forced.  Nothing stolen.  4.  Lock and bolts turned to open the garage – no damage done – Chainsaw stolen.
Hi Jeff
Hope you are well.
Did you watch Crimewatch the other night ?  They had a piece about Solar Energy and the persistence especially with old people to sign up.
I mention it, as we have been targeted and have received at least 2 – 4 calls a day, over the last fortnight.  They always quote the same statistics - saying that it is Government sponsored.
You may well like to say a piece in your Alert Message and advise anyone with elderly parents to tell them, not to sign up. Some of these sales people are getting from £8k -£15k per house !

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