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Crime: 19 November 2014

Heating Oil.
I sent out a reminder recently re heating oil, now our first crime in the Thames Valley – fortunately in Bicester:
17/11 – Main Street, Bicester, Oxfordshire
Overnight around 1,000 litres of domestic heating oil were stolen from a large tank situated next to the garage.  The offenders replaced the cap after removing the oil.
Always dip check after every delivery and keep your eye on the tank.  Mrs. Chalmers produced a handout for us, which is really useful.
NOTTINGHAM POLICE HAVE JUST SENT OUT A USEFUL REMINDER ABOUT ‘CYBER CRIME’.  I thought you may find it useful – why re-invent the wheel ???
I have checked out the site and found it contains a lot of useful information and links.
Nottinghamshire Police is taking on the fight against cyber crime, launching a new webpage
The aim is to provide the public with the tools to prevent them becoming a victim
The webpage, also contains advice on what to do if you are already a victim, or if you suspect that someone else is a victim.
Superintendent Mark Pollock, the force lead on cyber crime, said: “Many people think that the term ‘cyber crime’ only refers to hacking, but in reality it is much broader.  We are seeing more and more criminals, moving over from traditional forms of crime, into cyber crime.
“Cyber crime, generally refers to any offence that takes place online.  It can be anything from being coaxed into sending someone money after meeting them on an online dating website, to a criminal accessing your smart phone data and apps through an intercepted public wifi area.
“Our key message to the public, is that a large majority of cyber crime, is easily preventable, by making small and simple changes, to the way we use internet technology. The new webpage will help you do this.”
In August and September in Nottinghamshire, there were over 100 victims of cyber crime, compared to 38 victims in March and April 2014.
The youngest victim was 13 years old, the oldest 87 years old, with the average victim age being 52 years old.
Nationally, it is anticipated that cyber crime, costs the UK economy............ £27bn per year.
Supt Pollock continues: “You can see by the statistics above, just how much of a widespread problem cyber crime is.
“We also recently saw the Nottinghamshire Police website hacked for a short time.  It just goes to show that even large organisations, are susceptible to cyber criminals.”
The National Anti-Bullying Week campaign, taking place this week.  It also brings cyber bullying into focus, with recent statistics showing that 7 out of 10 young people, have been victims of cyber bullying.
Supt Pollock continues: “If you are, or know someone who is a victim of cyber bullying, please talk to someone that you can trust – an adult or a friend, Childline also offer help and advice.

“No one should have to suffer, as a result of malicious behaviour online – if you are suffering then the key thing to realise, is that you are not alone and that that there a people who can help.”
Again – this re-enforces my message, general crime is falling and criminals are moving into Fraud, where the rewards are much higher, in cash and the chances of being caught are much more remote !
Your Neighbourhood Page on TVP's Website - Click Here
18/11  Tuesday 1.30 p.m. / 7.30 p.m.  Forlease Close.  House window damaged.
17/11  9.20 p.m.  Wayside Mews.  The owner was unloading her car going in and out of her house.  HANDBAG and contents stolen from the front seat.
Your Neighbourhood Page on TVP's Website - Click Here
Due to this sudden spate of crime, additional police patrols have been organised in this area.  If you see anything suspicious, phone it through on the 101 number – a policeman will be patrolling nearby and can respond within minutes.
16/11 – 17/11  Sunday 2 p.m. / Monday 4.15 a.m.  Lower Road, Cookham.  Attempt to force Sash window in shop front.  This is a repeat victim, who strengthened the windows to prevent a re-occurence.
18/11 – 19/11  Tuesday 10 p.m. / Wednesday 6.45 a.m.  Village Hall, Church Road, Cookham.  Double doors at the front forced.  Once inside the thieves targeted cupboards which were searched.  Nothing stolen.
14/11 – 18/11  Bottle Lane, Littlewick Green.  Garage break at building site.  Old shed – front door screwed shut, so the thieves went in through the side.  Stihl strimmer stolen.
19/11  Wednesday  midnight.  Nursery, Temple Lane, Bisham.  Front glass doors smashed, property searched and a fire extinguisher let off to destroy any forensic evidence.  Offenders made off on foot towards the fields at the back.  Nothing stolen.
Stables, Terry’s Lane, beside Winter Hill Golf Club. The thieves approached on foot down the lane.  INSECURE stable entered.  Offenders removed a wheelie bin through an electric fence onto the golf course.  Nothing stolen and valuable tack ignored.  Several stables have been targeted in the last week across the Borough and Bracknell, mostly by very inefficient thieves.  Nothing valuable has been taken.  Can everyone be aware ?
16/11 – 17/11  Driving Range, Golf Club, Grange Lane, Cookham.  Car rear windscreen and driver’s window smashed – Golf clothing, golf cart, full set of 14 Ping Golf Clubs and accessories stolen.
17/11  Monday 6.20 p.m. / 8.10 p.m.Primary School, Bigfrith lane, Cookham.  Car rear windscreen smashed – iPAD, wallet & contents and loose change stolen.
Your Neighbourhood Page on TVP's Website - Click Here
17/11  Monday 6 a.m. / 8.15 p.m.  Northumbria Road.  The owner was sure they had locked their van, but a thief entered and searched the van BY UNKNOWN MEANS – Bosch impact drill, Bosch SDS drillDraper socket set, Hilti angle grinder, Hilti SDS hammer drill, Makita band saw, Makita cordless drill, Makita SDS drill, Stihl petrol saw and hand tools stolen.
18/11  Tuesday noon / 4 p.m.  Larchfield Road.  Car badly keyed.  Third car to be damaged in this way at this location.
Hi Jeff
Suffolk Road, Maidenhead
I see on a local Facebook group that some guys are door-knocking, to tell residents that their phones would be off of a couple of hours.  No IDs were shown and no sign of Openreach logos on any of their vehicles.
I wondered if it was a means of checking who's in the house and if it would be a soft target - any history of this approach??
Phones were out for considerably longer – at least 5 hours.  As the phones did go out of service, the men were more than likely genuine.  A more serious point would be – did their burglar alarms stop functioning for those 5 hours - if they were monitored systems ?
Hi Jeff.
I think this is a new e-mail scam.

November 18, 2014
Gmail Support Service Reporting:
You have 3 missed emails.
The Google team"
"3 missed email" underlined for open. I deleted immediately.
Many thanks
Scam emails are coming thick and fast, in ever newer formats as we circulate details of the old ones.  They are generally getting shorter, with less detail, so that you have to open them, to find out what they are.
As we have seen a sudden blip in car crime recently – new offenders who are not yet very proficient, they prefer just trying car door handles and searching any car they find open, but occasionally they will try – mostly unsuccessfully, to force a car door lock.  My Colleague, Irene Shearer in Slough, put out this advice:

There has been a sudden rise in thefts from cars in the past few weeks.  Please take a moment to read the crime prevention advice below.
Most offences of ‘theft from cars / vans’ are opportunist.  If valuable possessions (eg, handbags, laptops, sat navs, iPods, mobile phones, cameras) are left on show inside a vehicle, it is much more likely to be targeted by thieves.
Even items of little value, such as shopping bags and clothing, may tempt a potential thief to break in, to see whether they contain anything of value / worth stealing.
Offences take place during the day or night, whether a vehicle is parked in a driveway, on the street, or in a public car park.
Typically, thieves will smash windows to gain entry; sometimes they will break door locks or, on older vehicles, prise the door away from the body of the vehicle.
The following sections contain crime prevention advice for motorists and car park owners, as well as tactics that will assist police and partners to reduce this type of crime.

Crime prevention advice
  • When leaving your car, close all windows and lock your car.  If you use a fob, always try a car door handle.
  • Park your car in an attended car park
  • Look for public car parks approved by the ‘Park Mark’ scheme
  • When parking at home, use your garage. If you don't have a garage, park in a well-lit area
  • Don't leave anything on display in your vehicle – even items of little value, like sunglasses / loose coins
  • Take all your personal possessions with you
  • Remove sat nav holders and visible sat nav ring marks from windscreens – do not leave them in glove boxes !
  • Leave the glove box open, to show there's nothing inside – if it has a light inside, ask the garage on your next service to remove the bulb – you do not want a flat battery.
  • Fit an alarm or immobiliser to your car if one is not fitted as standard.  If you car fails to lock using your fob, use the key – but remember, this does not set the alarm nor the immobiliser.
  • Record the details of your property on the website
  • Do not store your car's documents, in the car
  • Secure your wheels using locking wheel nuts

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