The Cookham Plan - Transport and Traffic



1.  Summary of Findings


1.1   Introduction

This report has been produced to address the Traffic and Transport issues for Cookham in the next 5-10 years.


1.2   Scope

The topics covered are:-


·      Road Safety

·       Parking (including the Parade)

·       Flooding (insofar as it affects roads and access)

·       Cycling

·       Public Transport

·       The Pound


Full reports are attached.


A review of schools parking and related congestion will be undertaken in September.


1.3   Key Assumptions

The Group has not adopted a specific target for traffic growth but it is assumed that traffic volumes will not grow substantially. The Parish Council, however, felt that there would be an increase in through traffic as a result of extra homes planned for Maidenhead.


1.4   Key Issues

It is widely accepted that there should be a switch from private to public transport. It is also widely accepted that climate change is likely to increase the likelihood of flooding.


1.5        Conclusions and Recommendations

1.5.1       Road Safety

The purchase of an electronic Speed Indicator Detector for use in Cookham, which could be moved around the area speed “hot spots” – Sutton Road, Whyteladyes Lane, Dean Lane and Maidenhead Road etc.


1.5.2       Parking

Optimise current parking (additional capacity is potentially available in Cookham Village and Cookham Rise).


Set up groups to organise funding for and implement refurbishment of the Cookham Moor and Parade car parks.


Investigate ways of reducing long term parking on Lower Road.


Establish the legal position with regard to the Station car park, in order to understand whether car park charges could be introduced.


1.5.3       Flooding

Ensure that in the event of flooding the Causeway can be used by light vehicles for emergency access to Cookham Village.  This requires maintaining the Fleet Bridge, carrying out any remedial work, having contingency plans in place to manage traffic flows and keeping the channel clear so that water can flow under the bridge.


1.5.4       Cycling

The Group examined whether it would be possible to extend the cycle way from Lightlands Lane to the Bourne End railway bridge.  There are problems with all the potential routes and there are no plans for a cycle track from Bourne End.  The Group concluded that it is not feasible to extend the route until the current problems can be overcome.


The Group recommends providing cyclists with lock-up facilities in the Parade/Cookham station area and improving the access point to the Cookham-Maidenhead cycle path.


1.5.5       Public Transport

The Group recognises that the Parish has a limited role in developing public transport.  However, it can lobby on behalf of Cookham.


There needs to be encouragement to switch to public transport.  This could be achieved by publicising routes and fares.  In the future, the bus and train companies need to work together to provide complementary services rather than competing with each other.  The existing public transport provision in Cookham Rise and Cookham Village is not adequate to achieve the switch and is virtually non-existent in Cookham Dean.


The Parish Council should liaise with the Marlow-Maidenhead Passengers’ Association about public transport.


1.5.6       The Pound

A traffic survey was carried out which showed that traffic volumes in The Pound are high and that the current humps are successful in limiting traffic speeds.


After reviewing several options, the Group recommends that a feasibility study be carried out on widening the pavement at its narrowest points, allowing easier passage for pedestrians without narrowing the road itself.  This is the best compromise.  The Group also recommends that the slope up to the pedestrian crossing (known as the attack angle) is restored and the installation of a fourth hump to further restrict traffic speeds (the fourth hump proposal is not recommended by some members of the Group).

The Parish Council concurs with the recommendation concerning widening the footpath. However, the Parish Council is assured by RBWM that the pedestrian crossing is a legal and legitimate piece of street “hardware”. The Parish Council does not consider that a fourth hump is required.


1.6   Implementation


The Group recommends that a permanent Traffic and Transport Group be set up to implement the recommendations and to monitor traffic in Cookham.  This Group could either have a Parish Councillor at its head or could report to a nominated Parish Councillor.


This Group could:-


·      Progress the detailed recommendations contained in this report.

·       Work with other organisations to improve aspects of Traffic and Transport.

·     Assist in practical ways with improving car parks.