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posted 26 May 2016

with thanks to Becky Pinnegar




What a difference a month makes.

Sun and warmth have arrived at last, on some days the wind has eased and we have had a real drenching of rain. What more could any gardener ask? As a result everything has started to grow like mad, including the weeds of course, and the rain has encouraged our arch enemy, the slugs!


Planting Up the School Bed for Cookham Rise

May has been full of sowing, planting, hoeing, netting, supporting and protecting flowers and produce on our plot. Like the sun, more gardeners have appeared and joined our ranks of enthusiastic passive and active gardeners, and often on Saturday the plot is a hive of activity with people of all ages working and chatting together.

Rhubarb Harvesting

Nettles have been cut down and put to stew in a container (with a lid!) with water added. Over the weeks it will rot and release nutrients. We can use this to feed the vegetables and improve their yield. It does smell though, hence the lid!

Gardener in Training

The Arabica potatoes ( see April news report) have only just started to grow, fingers crossed!

We have created a small, grandly named ‘heritage bed’ which will be planted up with more unusual vegetables. We have started with Skirret, and Salsify. Perhaps we will discover why they are not as popular to grow today?

Beginning of May

In the coming month our plot should look a picture with the flowers planted to attract wildlife showing their best. The rhubarb is already providing ingredients for our cake, try rhubarb crumble cake or rhubarb and custard muffins…delicious. The bees are already humming, the ladybirds eating the greenfly, and we all agree there is no better place to be when the sun is shining. Do come and join us any *Saturday or Tuesday morning on the Alfred Major allotment site

Collecting Wood Chip to Use as Mulch

*Saturday 18th June the allotment will not be open as we will be having a stand at the Village Fair.

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