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  Sutton Road Proposed Vodaphone Mast

29 September 2003


Below is a letter regarding the proposed Vodaphone mast on the corner of Sutton Road and Sutton Close that has caused a great deal of interest and disquiet within Cookham.


A draft letter that can be sent to the Borough Council is available, click here. Also two other items of information can be seen as follows:

27 September 2003

To all residents of Cookham Village


Many of you will have received Reg Willsher’s letter last week telling you about Vodaphone’s application to erect a mobile telephone mast on the side of Sutton Road just north west of the junction with Sutton Close.  Since then, the campaign to stop the mast has received very welcome publicity in this week’s Maidenhead Advertiser and support from our local councillors, the Cookham Society and from Theresa May MP.

A number of residents from Sutton Road / Blackbutts Cottages / Sutton Close met today to discuss the next steps and, as a result, we are writing to you to seek your active support in opposing this development.  It is by no means certain that the Royal Borough will refuse the application unless we can generate a great deal of opposition.  We therefore need you to help by writing to the council to object to Vodaphone’s application.  Your letters need to be with the planning department by 6 October 2003 which is only just over 1 week away.

Vodaphone’s application states that they undertook consultation about the development over the summer and that no local objections were received.  Their planning application implies that our silence means we are all happy with their proposal - now is the time to correct that view.  We have been advised that when the government granted the mobile phone companies their 3G licences, they gave them rights to use roadside verges for masts and that the highway authorities cannot therefore block these developments.  As a result, the only way to stop this mast and the others that may come after it is to object to the planners now.

Letters should be sent to Mr Peter Carey, Planning & Environment, Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead, Aston House, York Road, Maidenhead SL6 1PS.  Mr Carey can be contacted on 01628 796000 or by email at  It would be very helpful if you could also copy your letters to all of the councillors on the planning committee and to Cookham Parish Council, High Road, Cookham SL6 9JF.

The planning committee members are:

Chairman: Cllr Richards
Vice-Chairman: Cllr Mrs Cubley
Cllrs Adams, Burbage, Iles, Ricardo and Walters

All of whom can be contacted via the  Town Hall, St Ives Road, Maidenhead, Berkshire SL6 1RF Tel: 01628 798888.

We enclose a model letter which you may wish to use but, if possible, please compose your own setting out your specific concerns about this development.

Possible grounds for objection include:

·                The appearance of the mast and its impact on the area, particularly given its proximity to the conservation area and effect of views of Cliveden from footpaths and the surrounding countryside.

·                The siting of the mast near to houses and Holy Trinity School.  As well as planning concerns, this has raised many fears about the safety implications of radiofrequency radiation from the mast.

·                The lack of suitable parking for vehicles servicing the mast and associated equipment.

·                Conflict with the council’s policy with regard to the siting of masts.  In a press release dated 20 November 2002, the Royal Borough announced that ‘if a planning application does not comply with the code it will not be registered for consideration.’  The code referred to is that issued by the government and states (amongst many other things) that there should be:

  •     Proper assessment of the character of the area concerned.  This can protect and enhance positive features which contribute to  the sense of the place.  It can also identify poor quality elements and seek out opportunities to achieve discernible improvements in these cases. A Landscape Character Assessment may be useful;

  •     Design should be holistic and three dimensional showing an appreciation of context;

  •     Analysis of the near and far views of the proposal and to what extent these will be experienced by the public and any residents;

  •     Proposals should respect views in relation to existing landmarks and distant vistas;

  •     Proposals should seek to preserve the skyline and any roofscapes visible from streets and spaces;

  •     Choice of sustainable materials in the construction of the development; and

  •     Choice of complementary designs, materials and colours to produce a harmonious development and to minimise contrast between equipment and its surroundings.

  •     Consultation with local people on individual design proposals at the pre-application stage.

  •     Consideration given to mast or site sharing with other operators (e.g. at White Place / Widbrook).

Please make the time to write to the council, the more objections sent, the more weight will be given to our concerns.

Thank you very much for your support.

Roger Davies

Wynn McCabe


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