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Crime: 19 October 2011

Yesterday, we had a burglary in Datchet. The owner locked up and went to bed. During the night they heard nothing and the dog didn’t bark. In the morning they came down to find drawers opened and searched. A laptop, IPAD and purse had been stolen. Fortunately, the owner had loaded the Tracker software onto her Laptop on Monday ! Ringmaster works ! I have been doing a lot of work investigating tracker systems. Anyone with a laptop / Ipad, Iphone / Smartphone etc should immediately download one of the many apps available on the internet. It only takes a few moments and most modern products, have them pre loaded. They just need to be activated – a few clicks of a mouse ! If you are purchasing an Apple product over the internet – I am not sure if this service is available at a store, where you will purchase an item and walk away with it – they can engrave your purchase, to make it personal ! The silver metallic surface of their products, is extremely difficult to property mark, but you can always have – ‘X’s Iphone / IPad’ or ‘from mum and dad - love and kisses’ engraved on the back. If it is stolen, this will be an immediately identifiable marker and make it much easier to retrieve. All mobile phones should also be property marked using a UV pen – available free of charge – just email me on – and I will send one to you – on the cover, the inside of the cover and on the battery. The postcoding, is of course your postcode and house number / first 3 letters of your house name – excluding ‘The’. They should then be registered on - -for belt and braces. We want every Laptop / Smartphone in the Borough to have a tracker software installed please – now ! Don’t procrastinate, we can stop phone and laptop theft in the Borough, if we make it too dangerous, un-economic for a thief to steal them !
If you have a child / grandchild with a Smartphone, please make sure they have a ‘Tracker’ system downloaded, as well as a find my friends, type App. With the find my friends App, using the phone or via a computer, they can track and pinpoint anyone in its database onto a Google map. Kids use it, to find where their friends are, at any moment – day or night. They use it to meet up at a particular location and can monitor the progress of those travelling and even get an ETA ! You can use it, to find out exactly where your children and their friends are or have been (at least their phones, which are usually surgically attached to their hands - locate one - locate both) !!!!!!! The only problem – you have to get them, to grant you access. Parents have ways !! IF YOU ARE PAYING THE PHONE BILL - OR PROVIDING THE PHONE - IT COULD BE A PRE-CONDITION !!!!


17/10 – 18/10 Monday 6 p.m. / Tuesday 6 a.m. Scout Camp, Quarrywood Road. Outbuilding used to store fuel broken into and cans of fuel stolen.
18/10 Tuesday 4.30 a.m. Westacott Way. House being renovated. It was broken into last week. Security were checking the building and found the fences damaged and 3 men inside the property. They immediately made off.

17/10 – 18/10 Monday 3 p.m. / Tuesday 2.40 p.m. Albert Street. Bike secured in a bike rack outside the Nicholson Centre stolen.
18/10 Tuesday 9 a.m. / 5 p.m. Loosen Drive. 2 hanging baskets stolen from outside a shop.

11/10 – 18/10 Switchback Road South. Fence panels damaged.


No crime to report

17/10 Monday 11.30 a.m. Chiltern Road. Jemmy marks found around front door – no entry gained. When doing House to House enquiries the police found marks on the house next daoor, but these appeared to be old.

12/10 – 19/10 Oaken Grove Park, Furze Platt. The fences around the tennis courts damaged – ongoing situation.
18/10 – 19/10 Tuesday 6.40 p.m. / Wednesday 5.50 a.m. Shifford Crescent. Garage break – lock removed – nothing stolen.


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