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Crime: 1 December 2011

Hello it’s Sherise again!

 Good news, no burglaries in the past 24 hours!

 Metal Theft.

Thieves are targeting metal as the price of it is so high at the moment.

Thieves are stealing lead from roofs where it can be pulled away without the occupiers noticing until it rains, or until they take a closer look at their roofs.

A school in Maidenhead was recently targeted.

If you see anyone acting suspiciously please call 999. We would rather check that it is a legitimate workman than someone having their lead stolen.

 Purse / key bells

There has recently been an incident of pick pocketing/ dipping in Windsor town centre. Someone had their wallet stolen from their jeans pocket whilst out shopping.

Our station duty officer has also had quite a few phone calls about potential dipping.

If you keep your wallet/ purse in your pocket, please ensure that it is in a secure zip pocket, not in your back pocket. This is an easy target.

If you keep your purse in you handbag, once again, please ensure that it is in a secure pocket that thieves can not easily access. Open handbags, are another easy target.

Do not keep all of your cards and money in your purse or wallet, especially ID with your address on. Take out cards that you don’t use on a regular basis and leave them at home (in a secure place).

Use separate pockets for keys and purses, spread your belongings about.

At Windsor Police Station, we are offering little bells to put on you keys and purses, so that you can hear if anyone tries to steal your purse, keys or handbag. It is a simple, but very effective way of deterring thieves. Please come into the station to pick up your free bells; they’re very festive too!!

They will also be available soon at Maidenhead Police Station, I have sent over a batch today.

 Garage and shed security

As you can see from the ringmaster messages, sheds and garages are being targeted by thieves.

Before you lock up your shed and garage for the winter:

Lock your bikes, lawn mower and larger tools up, this makes it difficult for thieves to remove them.

Mark it, mark your valuables with your postcode, this can be done with paint or engraved. If you have any problems with this, please e-mail your local neighbourhood team.

Block them out, make sure that the thieves can’t see what’s in your shed or garage paint the windows white, put up bubble wrap, or put up a net curtain.

Make some noise, place tin cans or a wind chime behind the door. If thieves get into your garage or shed it will make noise and alert you.

Garages doors can also be fitted with additional security such as t-bars and alarms. These can be purchased from most DIY stores.



01/12 Sutton Close

Attempted burglary (garage)

Home owner found that thieves had tried to force the lock of the garage. They were unsuccessful.


28/11 – 30/11 Boyn Valley Road

Attempted burglary (garage)

Home owner found that thieves had tried to force the lock of the garage. They were unsuccessful.


No crime to report


No crime to report


30/11 Wednesday 1am-7am Forest Green Road

Theft from car

A mobile phone was stolen from a car over night. UNKNOWN MEANS OF ENTRY.



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