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Crime: 25 January 2012

First can I put out a witness appeal:
Hi Jeff,
Yesterday there was an assault at the Thames Hotel in Ray Park Road. The aggrieved was chased from Blackamoor Park to the hotel, where he was assaulted in reception – this is currently being investigated as a GBH with Intent. We have been told that the group assaulting him was made up of 8-10 people. This occurred between 12:00 – 12:30 today (Tuesday 24th January 2012).

Can you put a message out to the Maidenhead riverside area asking if anyone saw any of this and encouraging them to come forward? The group went from Blackamoor Lane all the way down Ray Park Road. Following the assault, they either went towards Boulters Lock or towards the Texaco Garage on the A4, so there are lots of opportunities for people to have seen them.

If they did see anything, they should call 101 and quote URN 580 24/01/12 or ask to leave a message for DS Wall.

Second we are sending a PCSO up to a property this morning, because we had a call from an elderly resident that some builders have persuaded him to have his gutters removed and they will be back today, for payment. Dodgy builders are a very tricky problem for us to deal with, as it is generally a civil matter – it is a contract, not crime. If you have elderly or vulnerable neighbours, please keep an eye out on their behalf. If someone turns up and says they have a problem with their roof / guttering etc, there is no way they can verify this and will believe the person is being helpful and let them do the work. If one of your neighbours, who is elderly or vulnerable, really needs this kind of work done, please come through to me and I will put them in touch with Repair With Care who can assist. We will always send a PCSO round to have a discrete word with builders if you are suspicious. Better safe, than an empty bank balance.

Third – Ringmaster / Community Messaging was upgraded over the weekend and new servers installed to speed it up. They also used the opportunity to update a lot of the operating software, bringing it more up to date – without mentioning that to us ! So since Friday – nothing has worked at all ! We are keeping our fingers crossed !

Fourth: !!!
A really good result yesterday thanks to an Tracker system on an IPAD. You will see it mentioned below. The IPAD was stolen, but the owner had activated the free Tracker system. It showed that the IPAD was by then in Windsor. The police went to the street indicated and encountered a young man. The minute he saw the police officers, he threw the IPAD and ran. He was caught and arrested – in his pocket were some of the connection cables ! The Tracker system was brilliant and the whole thing cleared up so quickly. It pinpointed the street very accurately, because presumably we have lots of phone masts in the area to triangulate from. You know our message, if you have a Smart phone / IPAD, investigate Tracker systems asap please.


24/1 Tuesday 3.20 a.m. Pub on the Bath Road. Pub window forced to access the fruit machine. They smashed it open and stole the cash box. They were tracked and left the property via the countryside towards Westacott Way.
23/1 – 24/1 Monday 6 p.m. / Tuesday 7 a.m. Shurlock Row. Shed break – being renovated therefore left unlocked. Hedge trimmer, strimmer and garden tools stolen.
22/1 – 23/1 Sunday 7 p.m. – Monday 9 a.m. Heywood Gardens. 3 fence panels stolen.


25/1 Wednesday 11.20 a.m. Audley Drive. A car battery left on a driveway stolen. A witness saw a grey Ford escort driving away.
23/1 – 24/1 Monday 7 p.m. / Tuesday 8.30 a.m. Hotel, Castle Hill. Locked van door forced – meters and tools stolen.
23/1 – 24/1 Monday / Tuesday Grenfell Road. Petrol cap on a car damaged possibly in an attempt to steal the fuel.
7/1 – 23/1 Thurlby Way. A thief possibly climbed over a garden fence into the rear garden where they broke into a shed removing ladders which they pushed up against the house. They climbed up and forced a bathroom window. The alarm sounded and the thief made off immediately. Nothing stolen.


24/1 Tuesday 5.10 p.m. Norfolk Road. Car passenger window smashed – handbag and contents stolen from the boot.
23/1 Monday 10 p.m. Raymond Road. The owner heard noises outside and looked out. There was a man outside who had opened all their car doors including the boot – The owner shouted and the man immediately made off on a bike, having stolen a SAT NAV. The police attended with the dog team, but the scent was too confused with other dog walkers.
23/1 Monday 2.20 a.m. Marlow Road. An accelerant was poured over the front of an office and set alight.


No crime to report


First a request from your PCSO Matt Wingrove – We have received calls about bogus meter readers in Holyport. Can everyone be on their guard ? If you have a meter inside you home, find your last bill and phone the service provider asap.  Ask to set a password, they all offer this service – that should end this problem, at a stroke.

24/1 Tuesday 7.30 p.m. / 9 p.m. Hotel, High Street, Bray. Car rear window smashed – laptop bag stolen.
23/1 Monday 2.30 a.m. – 4.30 a.m. Forest Green Road. Food delivered to a house stolen.


24/1 Tuesday 10.25 p.m. Oaken Grove. Car entered BY UNKOWN MEANS – Mobile and IPAD stolen. The owner turned on the tracker. The signal pinpointed road in Windsor. Windsor police attended and found a young lad standing exactly where the Tracker indicated ! He made off throwing the IPAD away, but was arrested. The owner got their IPAD back intact – we got the thief. Perfection

Hi Jeff, I have just received this email, can you warn others ?  It was obviously a Scam to me, because I do not bank with Santander:
Dear Customer,

Please note that we are introducing a new payment
authentication procedure in order to protect the private information of all our online banking users.

You are required to confirm your details with us as you will not be able to
have access to your accounts until this has been done.

As you are already registered for online banking all you need to do is to confirm
your account details.

Confirm your details

Once you have completed this you will be able to manage your money whenever you and wherever want,
giving you utmost control of your finances.

Best wishes,

Santander Security Team

Northern Rock online services
Update your online details to allow your next payment be
met on the appropriate date assigned to your payment by
Clicking the link

Next a note about scam direct debits !
Hi Jeff
I don't know if you can give some advice. I am chairman of my local gardening group and we have just been on line checking our bank account. I noticed there were five direct debits, which no one in the gardening group had set up.
I contacted a couple of the companies being paid (they were all publishing companies). It seems someone called XXX XXXX living in London, had taken out one of the direct debits. This was then confirmed by the publisher, who I had just phoned and they said, another direct debit had been set up yesterday, to make six direct debits in all. We have informed the bank, who have now cancelled them all and said they would give us our money back.
They told our Treasurer that this is happening a lot. It seems amazing that if you wrote me a cheque, I could just take the sort code and account number, apply on line for a product direct debit and it is accepted, although the name and address are different.

Our direct debits were applied for on line, according to the two companies I contacted, so I suppose there is no check at the bank end, or from the companies point of view, on name or address.
If you have a trade bank account, or a residents association etc, please keep an eye on your accounts.


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